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What is the price range of email marketing software?

Answered by Parni Rajan | 1 years ago

Email marketing software comes in various price range depending on the features, needs of the buyer etc. For example, MailChimp starts at $10 a month for 500 subscribers and then goes up to $25 for 2,000 subscribers.


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Create targeted email or ad campaigns by connecting with MailChimp, an email marketing software that specializes in making sure that your emails reach the right people at the right time. It targets your customers based on behaviour, preferences, previous purchases and also sends a series of emails with just a single API request. MailChimp enables you to reach a wider audience with its ad campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram. It also provides you with advanced reporting features which lets you access your sales, revenue or any other report from anywhere, anytime. Its mobile app features a number of intent-based templates that lets you create and send campaigns directly from your phone.
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