Identify the impact of Google search updates on your web traffic

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  • Track Search Updates
  • Impact Analysis
  • Root cause Identification


How does it help you

Plots Google Search updates on the analytics dashboard (Audience and Behavior sections in GA)
Calculates the impact of a particular update on website traffic
Provides recommendations to improve the SEO score of your website

How to use Zeo Tools

  1. Install the chrome extension from here
  2. Head over to your Google Analytics Dashboard
  3. The visualization appears only on Audience - Overview and Behavior - Overview sections
  4. The visualization appears below the default GA graph/plots
  5. Select/Enlarge the date range to view the update impact history for previous times (We have Google algo updates data since 2014)
We don't collect any data. The extension helps in visualizing google search algo updates over one's Google Analytics data/dashboard.