Time Management Made Easy With Workflow Automation Software

Managing work in a business is an essential skill that all successful business people have. After all, the more efficiently you manage business activities, the more time you get to allot to the urgent and more significant tasks. Therefore, if you want to learn a few tricks to manage activities and save time with Workflow Automation Software, this guide is what you need.

An A to Z Guide on ERP vs. CRM

What are the core functionalities of ERP and CRM? What are their main features? Should they be treated as separate, stand-alone systems? What are the benefits of each? What are their similarities and differences? Does your business need both ERP and CRM? Well, find out answers to all these and more in this comprehensive A to Z guide on ERP vs. CRM.

Brainwriting Is The New Brainstorming – Find Out How!

Brainwriting is among the newest team management trends that is catching up. Brainwriting is an exercise to ensure maximum productivity in a group discussion and helps introverted colleagues to speak their minds. In this article, we will find out how is Brainwriting different from Brainstorming!

Top 5 Use Cases of IoT in Smart Cities

Smart cities of the future will use innovative connected technologies to improve municipal services and utilities. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 use cases of IoT in smart cities. Check out this blog to know more.

A Guide To Perfecting The YouTube Thumbnail Size

It is universally acknowledged that first impressions are indeed the most important. And a YouTube thumbnail image is the first impression of your entire video content. That is the reason why it should be engaging, relevant, and should be able to reflect what your video content is all about. Read ahead to know more!