Top 5 Zoho CRM Alternatives To Try In 2021

Though Zoho CRM offers maximum features and benefits, there are possibilities that it might not suit your business needs in terms of flexibility, third-party integrations, usability, etc. If that is the case, then here are the top five Zoho CRM alternatives that you should check out.

Top 7 Use Cases of AI in Martech in 2021

We look at the top 7 use cases of AI in marketing that are enabling businesses to improve their efficiency and scale up rapidly. In this article, we talk about instances of how marketers are harnessing the power of AI to execute successful marketing campaigns.

The Best 5 Whiteboard Software In 2021

Whiteboard software offers numerous design tools and design space for people to communicate, share and create. Whiteboard software has turned into a wonderful tool not only for companies but also proves to be very handy for virtual classrooms. Read more to discover some of the best whiteboard software in 2021!

How To Create A Risk Management Plan

Risks are an integral part of any kind of business, and no business owner can avoid it. However, that does not imply that you cannot do anything to curb it. Having a proper risk management plan can be of great help here. Wondering how to make one? Read on to know more.

Time Management Made Easy With Workflow Automation Software

Managing work in a business is an essential skill that all successful business people have. After all, the more efficiently you manage business activities, the more time you get to allot to the urgent and more significant tasks. Therefore, if you want to learn a few tricks to manage activities and save time with Workflow Automation Software, this guide is what you need.