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Free and Open Source Softwares

Free and Open Source Live Chat Software to Engage Your Visitors

A Live Chat Software enables communication between the website and its visitors. In addition, these live chat software are equipped with a set of tools and features that will help you in increasing your conversion ratio.

A Live Chat software is used to engage your website visitors in order to increase sales and customer retention. It does so by enabling easy communication between the person sitting behind a website and its visitors. In addition, these live chat software are equipped with a set of tools and features that will help you in increasing your conversion ratio. 

A live chat software also helps you find out ways to improve your product based on customer feedback. It even enables you to send scheduled messages or newsletters to your targeted visitors and customers. Here is a list of some of the best free live chat software:

Free Live Chat Software



Slack is a messaging application used to bring all your communication together on a single platform. It provides a searchable archive of all the conversations that helps every user to stay updated. Slack has a forever free version that will be suitable for small teams.

This software integrates with a number of third-party applications and allows you to build an open API that can be used to streamline your workflows. In addition, it has inbuilt internal and external sharing options that ensure seamless transactions of files between multiple users. It is also compatible with mobile devices and grants you with full functionality to access files from anywhere.


Crisp is one of the best live chat software that make communication with your website visitors a lot more effective. It has an automation feature called the Crisp Trigger, using which you can send automated messages to the customers. Whereas, the Crisp Bot Auto-Responder feature automatically replies to frequently asked questions of the visitors.

It also provides video chat feature, where you can directly contact the customers without using external plugins. This software has smooth integration with mobile applications and it allows you to send audios, videos and GIF files to your customers. Moreover, it has a basic version available for free that you can use forever if your requirement is minimum.   


Drift is a conversational marketing platform with standout features. The built-in Drift Dashboard offers a quick look at the status of important business processes of your company. It also has conversation and agent reporting features that will help you to identify productivity of your agents. 

In addition, its LeadBot automatically redirects your visitors to find answers to the frequently asked questions. You can also send personalized messages to your customers using the playbook feature.

Drift offers a basic free plan that comes with a number of tools suitable for small businesses.

Netrox SC


Netrox is another great live chat application that can track your visitors in real-time. It is a customizable software that provides over 1000 options to make the software exactly suitable to your requirements. Using this software, you can have an instant contact with potential customers that will help to increase sales on your website. 

Netrox automates the initiation of chats with the visitors on your website to increase the customer engagement. Moreover, it provides analytics and reports where all chats are systemized and data are available for analysis.

Open source Live Chat Software


LiveZIlla is a flexible customer support software that is built with reliable open source products. It also has a Live Chat feature that will allow you to get connected to your website visitors instantly. It supports all web browsers and is also compatible with all operating systems.

Livezilla also lets you create customizable online web forms where your visitors can leave a message and get in touch with you, in case you are offline. This software gives full access to it’s PHP source code. However, it ensures security by storing customer data in a single highly secured server with masked IP addresses.

If you are looking for an efficient live chat software, you can choose one from the above-listed software. These free and open source live chat software have ample features to cover the basic requirements and are surely worth a try.

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