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Interview with Kate Pascucci, Vice President of Marketing at STRATUS VIDEO

Kate Pascucci is a marketing executive with six years of B2B experience specializing in digital... read more

Interview with Nick Portlance, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Aqqaint

Nick Portlance is a Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Aqqaint. Aqqaint is a trust... read more

Interview with Latha Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer at Deqode

Latha Sharma is the chief marketing officer of Deqode who has driven growth for all the... read more

Interview with Tom Butta, Chief Marketing Officer at SignalFx

Your Journey as a Marketing Professional.Marketing and advertising are in my DNA. My Dad owned a... read more

Interview with Marissa Ryan, Co-Founder of VisualFizz

Marissa Ryan is the Co-Founder of VisualFizz, a digital marketing agency, and is also on the... read more

Interview with Lucia Fontaina-Powell, Marketing Director at Quuu

My Journey as a Marketing ProfessionalI’ve always loved reading and writing, so it was a... read more