Call centers are the hub of customer care where all kinds of customer queries, complaints, and requests are handled and sorted. Therefore, it is one of the main forts that help run a business smoothly.

Naturally, a business ought to pay proper attention to this fort, making sure it has the best-updated technology aiding and supporting it to ensure a smooth flow of communication. After all, the better customer service a company provides, the better the customers will be satisfied.

One such tool that helps businesses manage their customer services is call center software. This software is the best tool to effectively manage customer services, improve productivity, and boost customer satisfaction. We have selected our top pick for the best call center software in 2021, so hurry and check them out! 

What is call center software?

Call center software is an effective web-hosted tool used by businesses to better manage customer services. The software helps in managing various channels of communication simultaneously. It also helps set up a helpdesk for monitoring both real-time inbound and outbound calls.

The software also offers recording customer interactions to help evaluate the performance of the agents. Along with multiple in-built features and great integration ability (especially with CRM software), the call center software is a must-have tool that all companies should opt for.

Maintaining good communication with customers is a given, and tools such as call center software helps make call center management easier like none other.

Topped with excellent features, it becomes an indispensable tool for companies who wish to strengthen their customer services to the best of their abilities. Let us now understand in more detail the use and necessity of call center software.

Why use call center software?

Call center software is a very useful application that every business is suggested to adopt and utilize. In this modern era of digital communication, tools such as call center software makes it incredibly easy to facilitate communications. However, if you are still confused as to how this software can be useful to your business, here are a few major reasons –

• Advanced reports and analysis

The more data you have, the better your services become. True to these words, call center software offers detailed reports and analysis on customer experiences and calls. By putting the data together, companies can help reduce call time while boosting customer satisfaction.

• Multi-channel operations

Call center software allows companies to utilize and manage multiple channels of communication simultaneously. This allows customers more than one option to get in touch with the company while allowing the company to easily manage calls on those channels.

• Enhanced customer experience

With better management and improved performance, the call center software allows customers to have better service experiences which, in return, increases customer satisfaction, brand image, and customer loyalty.

• Extremely secure

Lastly, call center software comes with intricate security protocols and measures to protect customer information and interaction data. With cloud backup and advanced security mechanisms, call center software assures that you will never have to worry about losing or leaking any customer data.

Now that you understand the benefits of call center software, let us now quickly go over top call center software.

Top call center software in 2021

There are many amazing call center software out there. In fact, with so many software options, it can get overwhelming for a company to decide on the software that suits them the best. Therefore, to ease your confusion, here are SaaSworthy’s picks for top call center software that you are free to compare and consider. Let us get started.

1. Nextiva

Source: Nextiva

This call center software might as well be the next-level software for customer service management. With the sole intention of revolutionizing the management and operations of customer experience services, it aims to develop further aspects of this field. It is constructed to suit the needs of any business of any size.

Some prominent features are –

  • Centralized management of customer interaction for better understanding and catering to customer queries, demands, and confusions
  • Provides in-depth quick analysis and reports for improved decisions making.
  • Provides automation of calling services in accordance with customer reaction to the brand.
  • Improved customer services due to tracking and personalization features of customer history and activity with the company.
  • Other features include queue management, IVR support, auto-call management, call monitoring, and many more.

2. Talkdesk

Source: Talkdesk

Talkdesk is perhaps one of the most popular call center software on SaaSworthy and in the market. A cloud-based call center software, Talkdesk is a customer service support platform made for enterprises. If your operations are mainly based on the internet, this software is perfect for you.

Some prominent features are –

  • Provides you with a click-to-call feature that can place calls directly from the website or from your helpdesk.
  • Has an active Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) that allows calls to be routed to designated agents with the help of IVR selection and caller data.
  • Allows hassle-free integration with major e-commerce solutions for better business functions.
  • For easy identification and tracking caller details, it has a tag feature that gives a different tag to each contact.
  • Provides you with blocking features to block and prevent spam calls.

3. CloudTalk

Source: CloudTalk

CloudTalk especially caters to customer service and sales service teams. If you are aiming to maintain a local presence, this software is perfect for you. It will provide you with an international number and allows you to operate virtually from anywhere. It is very flexible in nature and can adapt despite the size and operations of the business.

Some prominent features are –

  • Offers top-class voice features that support customer services.
  • Includes efficient features such as call masking, recording, queuing, short numbers, and so on.
  • It has an intelligent call routing features that direct customer calls to the right agent based on their needs and queries.
  • Also includes outbound call features such as transfer, click-to-call, agent status, predictive dialer, call notes, and many more, to help increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Has easy to set-up integration features that allow the software to easily integrate with other systems, including Helpdesk, CRM, and other e-commerce solutions.

4. CallHippo

Source: CallHippo

Having trouble finding and managing toll-free phone numbers? This virtual software can easily manage toll-free numbers of more than fifty countries in mere minutes. Perfected for campaigns, this software has all the necessary features to aid a running campaign and provide all the needed aids.

Some prominent features are –

  • Has a Power Dial Function that helps meet daily calling targets through automated calling, saving time and effort. 
  • Has the ability to evaluate long calls of around thirty minutes within a minute by scanning and recording the essential moments.
  • Has features to provide detailed analysis and reports on ongoing campaigns.
  • Has efficient Queue Management measures so that customers are not made to wait longer than necessary on calls.

5. Bright Pattern

Source: Bright Pattern

If you have a multi-channel customer service setup, Bright Pattern might just be the software you are looking for. This software allows easy and efficient management of multichannel communication mediums. Therefore, if that is your top-most criteria for call center software, you can easily rely on Bright Pattern.

Some prominent features are –

  • Provides a desktop management platform for easy control and supervision of the multi-channel communication medium.
  • Has a centralized interface from where you can easily set up and customize workflows.
  • Other useful features include predictive dialer, automated call recording, queue management, progressive dialer, and IVR support, and many more.

6. CallTools

Source: CallTools

This software caters to various types of companies around the globe. Specifically made for both small and large businesses, Call Tools cater to customer service centers, telephone marketers, BPOs, sales service centers, contractors, and so on.

Some prominent features are –

  • Offers a range of features such as preview and predictive dialing to cater to the various needs of companies.
  • Excellent real-time recording features for the purpose of training and evaluating agents.
  • Provides detailed reports and insights on total call numbers, live calls, rejection rate, ongoing campaigns, and so on.
  • Has the ability to gather details about each call made and connected.
  • Offers seamless integration with other applications for better performance.

7. Zendesk Talk

Source: Zendesk

Another cloud-based call center software, Zendesk Talk allows you to easily connect with your customers without any trouble.  With a toll-free number, it allows you to deliver your service as conveniently as possible.

Some prominent features are –

  • Has unlimited inbound call facility, along with outbound call services.
  • Has concurrent call feature that allows you to have multiple conversations using the same number.
  • Its cloud-based and website services allow you to handle your operations through the website without relying on any phone hardware.
  • Allows call recording and monitoring for training and agents’ performance evaluation purpose.

8. CircleLoop

Source: CircleLoop

Lastly, if you are looking for the cheapest call center software that can help you manage your call menus, CircleLoop is the software to look for. Perfect for team operations, this software is another high-rated call center software that businesses can rely on effortlessly. It can easily adapt to all types of businesses, no matter their size.

Some prominent features are –

  • Allows you to add mobile, international, national, and local numbers.
  • Has after hour features that allows you to redirect your incoming calls to voicemails, other numbers, or an external number, along with routing your calls.
  • Team performance tracking features allows you to see notifications regarding team progress in easy and simple steps.
  • Has seamless integration features that allow you to integrate with other e-commerce solutions.


Call center software is an excellent tool to help enhance customer services offered by a company. If you are reluctant to adopt this software, rely on this guide and understand that investing in this software is not a bad investment at all.

If anything, call center software can help you achieve better results when it comes to customer satisfaction. Not only that, with the insights that it offers, you can also help train your agents for betterment.

All in all, the call center software is a handy software to have, and if you are looking for the best software, feel free to refer to this guide and choose your best pick.

Check out SaaSworthy to find out in-depth details about more such useful software that can help your business grow.

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