Welcome back to SaaS weekly roundup, wherein we summarize the major happenings in the world of SaaS and bring that in one place. We’ve got a lot to unpack this week, so let’s get right into it.

News of the week

Zoom acquires Keybase and announces goal of developing the most broadly used enterprise end-to-end encryption offering

While earlier this week, a report suggested that Google was looking to acquire Zoom two years ago, the hottest company in the world right now, has gone ahead and made its very first acquisition in its nine-year history. Zoom has acquired secure messaging company Keybase, which will help it implement the end-to-end encryption for video calls. It’s certainly commendable how Zoom has accepted the critiques around the security concerns, and how quickly it’s fixing them.

Google unifies all of its messaging and communication apps into a single team

Just a couple of weeks back, Google rebranded its enterprise-focused Hangouts Meet to simply “Meet“. At the time, we highlighted the fact that Google’s messaging strategy is quite confusing, Hopefully that will become more coherent going forward, as the search titan has brought its varied messaging and communication apps under Javier Soltero, who’s the president of G Suite.

Salesforce announces Work.com to help companies reopen amid the pandemic

Salesforce has announced Work.com, a software suite that’s aimed at helping businesses reopen safely amid the ongoing crisis. The features include the ability to manage shifts, manage emergency response procedures, and support for manual contact tracing.

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Freshworks appoints Tyler Sloat as CFO as the company surpasses $200 million in annual recurring revenue

India’s leading SaaS company, Freshworks recently completed an important milestone of crossing $200million in ARR. Even more impressive is the fact that the revenue has doubles within 18 months. Along with that, the company has also announced the appointment of Tyler Sloat as its CFO (Chief Financial Officer), who was earlier with Zuora.

Box makes quick decision to add new collaboration capabilities in face of pandemic

Popular cloud service provider Box is adding new features to make it easier to users to collaborate with each other. Along with a cleaner interface, the service is introducing “Collections” that will allow users to categorize files and folders as per their liking. People would also be able to comment on documents for easier remote collaboration.

GitHub gets a built-in IDE with Codespaces, discussion forums and more

In its virtual conference dubbed GitHub Satellite, the Microsoft-owned company announced several new features. Among those is GitHub Codespaces, a development environment on cloud to make it easier for developers to join and collaborate on projects. The service is currently in Beta and can be used for free. GitHub also unveiled Discussions, which offers forums for projects. For security, the company took covers off Code scanning and Security scanning features. Lastly, it has brought forth GitHub Private Instances for enterprise customers.

Qlik announces general availability of Qlik Alerting, intelligent alerting directly through Qlik Sense

Business intelligence software Qlik has introduced an intelligent alerting platform for Qlik Sense. The feature will allow businesses to monitor their data almost real-time and take appropriate actions accordingly. One can customize the alerts as per their needs, and the company will improving upon them further integrating with workflow and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions.

SaaS companies that got the funding this week

Canadaโ€™s newest unicorn: Edtech startup ApplyBoard raises $75M at $1.4B valuation

The Canadian company ApplyBoard finds itself among the list of unicorns with its latest round of funding. The company helps international students to find opportunities for higher education and apply to them, and has raised $75million to expand its partnerships and improve tech.

Orca Security raises $20M Series A for its multi-cloud security platform

With companies opting for multi-cloud deployments, it’s important for them to have visibility of workloads on each of them. Enter Orca Security, which not only provides this visibility, but also has security tools for identifying vulnerabilities, malware and more. To expand further, it has gotten $20million Series A funding.

Groove raises $12 million to automate sales engagement

Sales engagement software Groove has garnered $12million at the time when the sales strategy is shifting drastically due to COVID-19. The product helps create campaigns that can be personalized and allow teams to collaborate on them. It’ll be using the Series A funding to increase its userbase.

Workstream, a platform for deskless work, raises $10 million to serve local businesses

It seems that deskless workers are in the vogue as there are several companies that have raised money in this space. The latest is Workstream, which makes it easier for hourly, deskless workers to find jobs quickly. Led by Founders Fund and Basis Set Ventures, it has raised $10million Series A round.

Classplus raises $9M to grow its Shopify-like platform for teachers and coaching centers in India

This week another ed-tech startup got cash in the bank. India-based Classplus, which bills itself as a “mobile-first SaaS platform tutors to offer their curriculum and operations completely online” has raised $9million Series A funding.

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