Event Management Software (EMS) is one of the best ways to ensure that your events are a success. This software comes with all the necessary features, such as event registration, check-in, event promotion, reporting and analytics, and more. EMS helps you to automate most of these event-related processes, thus, ensuring that you have an impactful and memorable event.

When it comes to EMS, one software that stands out is Eventbrite. This is a generalized event management platform with a number of features and benefits. However, this event management software may not be suitable for your business. Hence, it is recommended that you look at some of the alternatives to Eventbrite which will match your business and event requirements. 

In this post, we have listed down the top five Eventbrite alternatives for 2021. All these alternatives are superior in their own right and come with features and benefits which can aid you in creating the best events anytime, every time!

1. Eventzilla

Eventzilla is one of the best alternatives to Eventbrite and it is loaded with several benefits that allow you to create successful events. This software is suitable for conducting different types of events, such as online classes, webinars, fundraisers, conferences, training events, sports events, and more. You can also use this software to configure personalized email campaigns, export reports in CSV file formats, write integrations on your own, etc.


Agenda Management

Attendee Profiles and Tracking

Barcode/Ticket Screening

Class Registration

Calendar Management


Contact Management

Customer Data Management

Customizable Branding and Forms


Social Promotions


Eventzilla is free for free events.

– Daily payout option is available.

– Easy to set up.


– Reports are received via email and cannot be opened in the platform.

– Zapier account is required to export data to other apps.

– The refund and cancellation processes should be simpler.


Apart from the free plan, you can choose the 

– Basic Plan which is priced at $1.25 per registration

– Pro Plan is priced at 1.9% + $1.50 per registration.

– Plus Plan which is priced at $2.9% + $1.50 per registration.

2. Splash

Splash is an event management software used for creating fantastic events. This software comes with a number of features that make it a popular Eventbrite alternative. From creating visually appealing marketing templates to adding live-streaming to creating pre-and post-event stages, you can do a lot with this tool. Another great benefit of this software is that you can automatically sync data with their existing tech stack.


Event Creation

Mobile Check-in

On-site Tickets and Registration

Attendee Survey

Social Media Promotion

Multiple Event Management

Contact Management

Reporting and Dashboards

Event Website Creation


– Easy to set up and use.

– Easy integrations into CRM tools.

– Compatibility with different platforms

– Amazing customization options.


– Better training modules are required.

– More flexibility in terms of branding is required.

– No drag-and-drop function.

– Better customer support needed.


Apart from the free plan, you can choose the

– Basic Plan which starts from $9,500/year

– Pro Plan which starts from $19,500/year

– Enterprise which has custom pricing

3. Ticket Tailor

If you are looking for an easy-to-use cloud-based event management and ticketing software, then Ticket Tailor is a good option. You can use this tool to schedule amazing events, such as conferences, B2Bs, private parties, venue ticketing, fundraisers, etc. One of the USPs of this software is that there is no charge on any ticket booking fee which enables you to save money. There are several benefits and features offered by Ticket Tailor which makes it an ideal alternative to Eventbrite.


Event Creation

User Registration

On-site Tickets and Registration

Contact Management

Social Media Promotion

Email Customization

Lead Generation

Mobile Check-in

Email Automation


– Easy to set up and add or edit information as required.

– Option to set up different payment options.

– Easy link-up between Stripe and personal PayPal accounts.

– Customize email or text while creating and selling digital tickets.


– The record-keeping system needs to be improved.

– Reports are not well-detailed and need to be more intuitive.

– Better report analysis is required.


Ticket Tailor does not offer any free plan. It offers one paid plan which is Pay-as-you-go at $0.65.

4. ePly

ePly is an online event management software that allows its users to create successful events with minimal effort. This software can be used by different audiences, such as associates, businesses, and universities. One of the key USPs of this software is that it can be easily adjusted and customized to suit your needs. This software is suitable for companies of all sizes-small, medium, and large. 


Event Registration

Attendee Management

Attendee Data

Event Promotion


Event Check-in App

Conference App

SSL Encryption

Registration Form Builder

Built-in Templates

Customizable Email Templates

Custom Report

Badge Management


– It is an amazing do-it-yourself tool.

– Top-notch customer support.

– Easy to set up and use.

– Compatible with Android and iPhone.


– There is no audit log.

– Individual invoice numbers are not created.

– Mistakes after entering payments cannot be deleted.


ePly offers its users a free trial and three paid plans:

– Event registration is priced at $4.00.

– Conference website which is priced at $550/year.

– Conference app which is priced at $2,500/year.

5. TicketLeap

Another great Eventbrite alternative that suits businesses of different sizes-small, medium, and large is TicketLeap. This amazing event management software allows you to perform several functions, such as adding taglines, logos, images, monitoring events in calendar format, etc., which ensures that you create successful and impactful events. Similar to the other alternatives listed in this post, TicketLeap also is loaded with various features and benefits which help in making their users’ lives easier.


Attendee Management

Customer Data Management

Event Calendar

Kiosk Ticketing

Online and On-site Ticketing

Mobile Ticketing

Online Registration

Concessions Management

Marketing Automation

Registration Management


– Quick check-in system.

– Competitive and reasonable pricing.

– Easy to use and navigate.

– Recurring event support

– Drag-and-drop event page editor.

– Bar codes can be scanned.


– Needs to be more robust.

– Suitable mostly for events that are on one specific date.


Apart from its free plan which comes with limited features, TicketLeap offers only one paid plan which is priced at $1.00 + 2% per ticket + 3% credit card processing.


When it comes to event management software, there is truly no dearth of options in the market. Though most of this software offers the same features and benefits, some of them might not fit your business requirements. Hence, it is recommended that you conduct thorough research about the available event marketing software, understand their features and benefits in detail, check their pricing, and then make a uniform decision.

Eventbrite is undoubtedly one of the best event management software available in the market today; however, the top five alternatives mentioned in this post will definitely get those things done which are not offered by Eventbrite. Make sure to use these fantastic event management software to create unique and visually appealing events and take complete advantage of their features to ensure that you have successful events!


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