Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to keep track of contacts and nurture them to increase client loyalty and repeat purchases. A competent CRM will also make the data it collects useful.

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an abbreviation that stands for customer relationship management. Any technology, method, or process that aids organizations in better organizing and accessing client data is referred to as customer relationship management. It all began with handwritten notes and Rolodexes, but as digital technology became more prevalent, it evolved into databases maintained on individual computers, and the CRM definition morphed into something lot more sophisticated. It wasn’t just noted anymore. Managing your company’s client interactions has become a difficult task. Now, to compete in any business, you must have a dependable CRM software-based system.
So let’s check out some best CRM software of 2022.

Top 10 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software


LinkSquares is the world’s first end-to-end contract lifecycle management platform powered by artificial intelligence. Take command of your contractual process with complete visibility into where things stand, what has to be done next, and everything that has previously been agreed upon. With LinkSquares Analyze, you can use cutting-edge AI to extract essential data from all of your agreements, report in real-time across your entire legal portfolio, and securely store all of your contracts in a single online repository. With “work anywhere” integrations, the LinkSquares platform facilitates collaboration.

Icertis Contract Management

Icertis Contract Management is a prominent software solution for resolving the most difficult enterprise contract management challenges. It has a straightforward user interface and is simple to set up and operate. Intelligent context and risk tracking benefits are aided by a holistic view of the contract, automatic profiling, and automatic tracking. Auto extraction, completion tracking, lifecycle management, digital signature, contract templates, buy-side for suppliers & sell side for customers, version control, government contracts, and specialty contracts are all included in Icertis Contract Management’s beautiful design. It has a full-text search feature.

Contract Logix

Contract Logix is a comprehensive contract management tool used by Fortune 500 companies throughout the world. It enables businesses to utilize an industry-based strategy on the fly, allowing administrators to process role-based security policies as needed. Furthermore, the software’s dynamic template and clause library assist customers in drafting negotiation-based contracts in real-time while also automating their whole contract administration system. Large groups of people working together can easily collaborate. They can also easily automate e-sign agreements and versioning tasks.

Furthermore, Contract Logix’s thorough reports enable firms to obtain advanced data relating to particular contracts. They can also use the software to organize contracts using real-world binders and versioning protocols, as well as monitor child-parent or B2B connections. Contract Logix’s automated updates provide users with real-time alerts and notifications across numerous devices. Contract Logix’s service allows organizations to obtain access to advanced analytics for individual contracts. They can also use the software to organize contracts using real-world binders and versioning protocols, as well as monitor child-parent or B2B connections. Contract Logix’s automated updates provide users with real-time alerts and notifications across numerous devices.


SirionLabs’ Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a multi-national organization-friendly AI-driven contract authoring, governance, and analysis platform. It enables legal and contract management teams to meet users’ complicated requirements by offering seamless functionality from contract creation through termination, beginning with authorship and signature. SirionLabs CLM provides users with an almost limitless set of AI automation possibilities, helping them to get more done in less time. Users can acquire valuable insights on contracts by utilizing unrivaled analytics.
Comparing contract versions, access to deviation and usage data, and the ability to examine similar contracts’ in-life performance trends are among the other features. Users can control risk at any point during the contract’s lifecycle. The technology assists them in ensuring that compliance is satisfied, as well as that templates and approval methods are in sync with the users’ businesses. The platform also suggests that users choose a template and then have data automatically populate it.

Agiloft Contract Management

Agiloft Contract Management takes care of every last detail when it comes to contract management. Such a system provides financial security for the client organization in the form of purchasing savings, enables effective sales cycles, and significantly reduces financial risks. Agiloft Contract Management has been recognized as a leader in the field of contract management, and its AI feature is simple to set up and adjust to meet specific requirements. Furthermore, Agiloft has established itself as one of the leading providers for legal and enterprise, procurement, and sales use cases. The contract management suite includes the best available practice functionality and the entire platform has been developed as a no-code entity

This is all about contract administration on the buying and selling sides, which includes a repository and templates, built-in AI, customizable process approvals, automatic notifications, security and compliance measures, and seamless connection with current systems. Clients may also view all of their organizational contracts via the user-friendly dashboard, which includes pertinent charts, reports, and repository data.


AODocs is a cloud-based content management tool that aims to modernize the way companies manage their material. Business units have control over how their data is stored, accessed, modified, and discarded. Users may control who has access to which records and how they can access them thanks to centralized content ownership. AOdocs can be readily linked with an organization’s ERP, CRM, or PLM technologies, enabling more efficient operations. It was created for use in areas such as life sciences, where IP registration, compliance, and R&D may all be controlled.
Loan processing, claims administration, and FINRA compliance can all be managed in financial services. The hiring process, employee onboarding, and OHSAS compliance can all be controlled in the HR industry. Digitization and records management can be administered by government entities. AOdocs enables customers to eliminate old tools and systems such as Lotus Notes, Sharepoint, Open Text, and others, resulting in significant administration and infrastructure cost reductions.


Juro is a new type of contract collaboration platform that allows organizations to self-serve, agree on, and manage contracts and associated data all in one place. Every contract is turned into actionable data by Juro’s no-code editor, giving you complete control and visibility at all times and empowering your team to self-serve on contracts. Unlike most legal tech solutions, Juro’s platform is built with the end-user in mind, resulting in a user-friendly interface that saves teams up to 96% of the time. Deliveroo, Reach PLC, Secret Escapes, and Babylon Health are among Juro’s current clients.


Concord CRM is a self-hosted, low-cost CRM platform that allows you to manage all of your company’s contacts, deals, and emails in one place. Individual organizations can use this platform’s deal management features to originate, manage, and track deals through stages that are most suited to the sales workflow. Companies can even construct numerous pipelines with specific tags using Concord CRM. Businesses can also assign transactions to sales agents using the linked tools.
Furthermore, the availability of a 2-way email sync function simplifies communication between agents and clients on the road. Concord CRM also allows users to link personal and shared company accounts, associate emails with multiple firms, contacts, and deals, and convert emails to deals, activities, or contacts, as needed. Furthermore, this platform makes use of complex filters to segregate data and make it simple for sales professionals to schedule the tasks they need to take.


All of your contracts will be managed. It seeks to alleviate the stress of manual contract management by giving tools to effortlessly and quickly organize all of your contracts. Contract Works is a basic contract administration system that is easy to use, adaptable, and helps you to obtain control fast and efficiently. With Contract Works, users may track their milestones to keep track of their progress, track their work completion for easy work management, and manage life cycles. They can also use the software to manage their contacts, enable digital signatures, and perform a full-text search. With Contract Works, users may design contracts, buy and sell sides of suppliers and customers, and automate their operations.
It also includes contract templates and allows users to successfully manage their federal and specialty contracts. Users can take advantage of the software’s free trial, which includes all of its premium features, before committing to a subscription plan; they provide a wide range of premium plans to pick from.


Avokaado is a simple contract automation platform that allows lawyers to easily draught, automate, and manage all of their contracts. The software allows users to easily and rapidly communicate, draught, comment on, and sign any legal documents. By designing their legal content and capturing important knowledge about the contents in a frame of reference, users can form meaningful collaborations. The program makes it simple to put together documents. Avokaado gives its users the ability to cater to their clients’ needs and supply them through a digital service platform.
With the support of built-in contract procedures, users’ clients can profit from the innovative interaction between client and firm each time a deal is made. Users of the business plan software can add members to their corporate accounts, but the new members will not have automatic access to the account’s contents. The corporate account holder can select which members have access to certain folders.


When it comes to selecting the proper CRM for your company, there are several aspects to consider, including the pricing and whether it has all of the features and tools your firm needs. Because there are so many options on the market, we investigated and analyzed over 60 systems to find the ones that we believe are the best for varied business needs. After considering a variety of variables, including how much each CRM costs, how easy it is to use, and how effectively it connects with other popular business programs, we came up with our top selections. 

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