Recruitment has undergone a significant transformation with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. What used to be a daunting task of sorting through resumes and finding the right candidates has now become streamlined and efficient. AI-powered recruitment tools not only help in identifying suitable candidates for specific roles but also simplify the onboarding process, ensuring new hires seamlessly integrate into their positions. This shift has made recruitment much more manageable and efficient, offering organizations the ability to find the perfect fit for their teams.So are you ready to change the recruitment game? Here are the best AI recruitment tools to try in 2024. 


This HR software solution for small and medium businesses has automated AI-powered tools that help recruitment teams identify and source candidates, make simpler decisions, and boost the talent acquisition process. Workable also gives you capabilities beyond hiring, including onboarding and talent management. More than 27000 companies have hired more than a million candidates through this platform.

Features of Workable

  • Get the power of AI-powered recommendations leveraging 400 million job profiles to find the best-suited individuals. 
  • Target more than 1000 top passive candidates in their social media feeds thanks to automated outreach leveraging job ads. 
  • Anonymous candidate screening and integrated talent assessments to cut down on bias and promote top talent in the hiring process. 
  • See and share actionable hiring and talent management data thanks to advanced, automated reporting and analytics. 
  • Maintain compliance and safeguard sensitive data thanks to integrated compliance tools. 

Workable Pros

  • Robust, powerful software. 
  • Integrated compliance tools. 
  • Single Sign On capabilities
  • Advanced, automated reporting. 
  • Anonymous candidate screening. 

Workable Cons

  • Can get expensive. 
  • Not very stable. 
  • Reporting might show anomalies. 
  • Can have a steep learning curve. 
  • You might not find the right candidate after all. 

Compatible with – Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

System requirements – It is a cloud-based platform and needs an internet connection and web browser. 

Workable Pricing 

Starter Plan$99 per job per month, billed annually
Standard PlanPricing starts at around $199 per job per month, billed annually.
Pro PlanPricing starts at around $299 per job per month, billed annually
Enterprise PlanCustom pricing and features tailored to specific needs

ICIMS Talent Cloud

ICIMS Talent Cloud AI engine helps you search for, opportunity match, and recommend suitable job candidates. It has an AI conversational bot that can do wonders, and it can also create dynamic talent profiles. 

Features of ICIMS Talent Cloud

  • Conversational AI bot. 
  • Search for, match, and recommend suitable job candidates. 
  • Resume parsing. 
  • Create dynamic talent profiles. 
  • Schedule interviews in more than 20 languages. 

ICIMS Talent Cloud Pros

  • Deliver positions for applicants to consider that otherwise may not show up because of spelling inconsistencies, job titles, or acronyms. 
  • An intuitive dashboard. 
  • Easy interview scheduling. 
  • An integrated digital assistant that integrates with communications platforms like SMS, web chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Microsoft Teams. 
  • Robust and reliable platform. 

ICIMS Talent Cloud Cons

  • Not very easy to learn. 
  • There are cheaper options. 
  • AI engines are not very accurate. 
  • Inferior data crunching abilities. 
  • A conversational bot is not always on point. 

Compatible with – Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

System requirements – This is a cloud-based platform, so all you need is the internet and a web browser. 

ICIMS Talent Cloud Pricing

Flexible PlanAccording to client’s need


Manatal is an AI-powered applicant tracking system and recruitment platform that helps HR departments and recruitment agencies source, engage, and hire the best candidates. Designed to democratize hiring, expand candidate reach, accelerate candidate screening, and improve recruitment collaboration. 

Features of Manatal

  • Centralized candidate sourcing from more than 2500 free and premium channels. 
  • AI-powered recommendation engine. 
  • ATS and recruitment CRM to track candidate leads and streamline hiring. 
  • Comprehensive analytics and performance reports to help organizations understand which recruitment drives the best results. 
  • Data privacy and encryption and compliance tools to make sure recruitment operations are in line with local, national, and global regulations. 

Manatal Pros

  • Source, engage, and hire only top talent. 
  • Screening candidates is now a breeze. 
  • Candidate reach is now considerably more. 
  • Recruitment collaboration is better. 
  • Not very expensive.

Manatal Cons

  • Not exactly cheap either. 
  • Steep learning curve. 
  • Not very good customer support. 
  • Data privacy is risky. 
  • Compliance tools sometimes malfunction. 

Compatible with – Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

System requirements – This is a cloud-based platform, so all you need is the internet and a web browser. 

Manatal Pricing

Flexible PlanAccording to the client’s need

Oracle Recruiting

If your company is using Oracle Cloud HCM for core HR, this closely integrated recruiting product makes sense. 

Features of Oracle Recruiting

  • Wealth of experience in UI creation. 
  • Comprehensive talent acquisition solution that smoothes the entire recruitment process. 
  • Leveraging AI, this software matches candidates to job openings on the basis of skills, experience, and qualifications. 
  • User friendly.
  • Superb analytics 

Oracle Recruiting Pros

  • Not very expensive. 
  • Easy to learn. 
  • From sourcing to onboarding, streamlined recruitment.
  • Leverages a strong AI engine 
  • Accurate candidate selection. 

Oracle Recruiting Cons

  • Complex features and configurations take time to implement and optimize. 
  • Prohibitive pricing for small and medium businesses. 
  • Integrating this software with existing HR systems may be challenging. 
  • Requires ongoing maintenance and updates. 
  • Support is not very good. 

Compatibility – Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

System requirements – This cloud-based platform needs just an internet connection and a web browser. 

Oracle Recruiting Pricing

Flexible PlanAccording to the client’s need


This talent-sourcing automation solution is great for businesses who want to connect with top talent. Thanks to streamlined sourcing and automation of repetitive tasks, Fetcher enables talent acquisition teams, small business operators and staffing firms to expend more time fostering candidate relationships and augmenting the hiring experience. 

Features of Fetcher

  • Source highly qualified candidates based on specific job requirements. 
  • Integrates with leading applicant tracking systems, calendar apps, email providers, and Slack. 
  • Personalized and automated candidate email campaigns. 
  • Smart recruitment analytics. 
  • SOC 2 Type II compliance. Protect data from unauthorized access. 

Fetcher Pros

  • Robust, crash-free software. 
  • Compliance with almost all national and international laws. 
  • Advanced AI capabilities. 
  • Integration with different AI systems. 
  • Personalized and automated email campaigns. 

Fetcher Cons

  • Steep learning curve. 
  • Not exactly cheap. 
  • Data breaches occur occasionally. 
  • Inaccuracies in recruitment analytics. 
  • Hiring experience leaves much to be desired. 

Compatibility- Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

System requirements – This is a cloud-based platform – all you need is the internet and a web-based browser. 

Fetcher Pricing

Flexible PlanAccording to the client’s need


In the world of recruiting, Phenom is way beyond recruiting to follow-on talent management, including internal mobility support and career pathing. 

Features of Phenom

  • Phenom focuses on automation, giving companies the onus of dictating where hiring processes should be automated. 
  • Candidates engage via chatbot, search for jobs, finish assignments, and submit a video. 
  • For zone 3 roles medium preparedness is required. 

Phenom Pros

  • Zone-based hiring makes recruitment really simple. 
  • Has internal assessment systems. 
  • Has on-the-job psychologists. 
  • Has an AI assistant Phenom X+
  • Has highly intelligent chatbots. 

Phenom Cons

  • Can get a tad bit costly. 
  • Not very novice-friendly. 
  • Too much automation may take away jobs. 
  • Cannot identify skills gaps. 

Compatibility– works with Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

System requirement– Stable internet and a web browser.

Phenom Pricing

Flexible PlanAccording to the client’s need


This software as a service (SaaS) platform assists recruitment teams and hiring managers assess, reaching out to, and hiring skilled talent. This platform has a healthy mix of source-to-hire automation technology and managed services capability to aid in quick recruitment. 

Features of Entelo 

  • Entelo is a SaaS
  • Helps management reach out to skilled talent. 
  • Managed services capability and source-to-hire automation technology help quick recruitment. 
  • Entelo depends on advanced AI algorithms to identify and source top candidates from social networks, databases, and online platforms.
    It gives you a veritable gout of tools and features that help diversity hiring initiatives, so companies can create more diverse and inclusive themes. 

Entelo Pros

  • Accurate candidate selection and sourcing thanks to an AI-driven approach. 
  • Diversity hiring tools promote workplace inclusivity and diversity. 
  • User-friendly interface, facilitates ease of use for HR managers and recruiters. 
  • 24×7 customer support

Entelo Cons 

  • Some users reported that Entelo is expensive compared to other platforms. 
  • Limited flexibility when it comes to customizing workflows. 
  • Advanced features may pose challenges to users. 
  • Integrating Entelo with existing HR systems is challenging. 
  • There have been reports of occasional glitches or technical issues. 

Compatibility – Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

System requirements -This cloud-based platform needs an internet connection and a stable web browser. 

Entelo Pricing

Flexible PlanAccording to the client’s needs


This recruiting software solution assists organizations in quickly hiring qualified talent. Paradox simplifies hiring for companies across a range of industries including restaurants, financial services, retail, and healthcare. A conversational recruitment assistant, Olivia is its main weapon, Paradox automates administrative hiring tasks like common applicant question responses, talent screening, scheduling of interviews, and onboarding. 

Features of Paradox

  • Match jobs immediately based on candidate location, keywords used during initial chats with Olivia, or resumes. 
  • Off-beat job application options like text-to-apply and QR codes so candidates remain engaged on the go. 
  • Less time is spent on initial phone interviews and manual screening thanks to automated screening by sending questions to prospective candidates via their preferred messaging app. 
  • AI-powered offer and onboarding steps. 
  • Ethical AI and data security to promote fairness and protect data during the hiring process. 

Paradox Pros 

  • Match candidates with job openings using AI, thus improving candidate selection efficiency and accuracy. 
  • Personalized messaging and chatbot interactions ensure automated candidate management, saving recruiters time. 
  • A comprehensive analytics suite helps recruiters keep an eye on important metrics, analyze hiring trends, and optimize their recruitment strategies. 

Paradox Cons

  • Costly
  • Not very novice-friendly.  
  • Not very integration-friendly when it comes to existing HR systems. 
  • Limited flexibility in particular areas of customization for a set workflow. You cannot tailor this software to your needs. 
  • Technical glitches have been reported. 

Compatibility – Works with Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

System Requirements – This cloud-based platform needs just an internet connection and a web-based browser. 

Paradox Pricing  

Flexible PlanAccording to the client’s needs

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ClearCompany is an AI recruitment platform and applicant tracking software that optimises candidate experiences and HR processes to boost efficiency. You can support steps and processes through an employee’s lifecycle, including performance management, applicant tracking and onboarding, employee engagement, and performance management. 

Features of ClearCompany

  • Segment candidate lists, schedule email, and text message sequences, and cadences generate messages that promote job openings and more, using AI-powered recruitment campaigns.
  • New team members have a simple onboarding and a user-friendly experience thanks to virtual onboarding software and automation tools. 
  • SOC 3 Type II compliance you maintain compliance and secure data.  

ClearCompany Pros 

  • Quickly complete hiring tasks. 
  • AI assisted ATS. 
  • Simple onboarding for new team members. 
  • Comprehensive analytics suite.
  • AI-powered recruitment campaigns. 

ClearCompany Cons 

  • Can be a tad bit costly. 
  • The steep learning curve for novices. 
  • AI-assisted ATS is not very accurate. 
  • Virtual onboarding software is not very good. 
  • Compliance leaves a lot to be desired. 

Compatibility- Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

System requirements – This cloud-based platform needs an internet connection and a fast browser. 

ClearCompany Pricing

Flexible PlanAccording to the client’s needs


Textio is an AI-powered platform that depends on machine learning to analyze job descriptions as well as other recruitment and talent management messaging to cut down on bias. HR teams, recruiters, and talent acquisition professionals can copy and paste job descriptions, other materials, and performance reviews directly on the platform’s interface. The algorithm catches language that may turn away job seekers or doesn’t align with the company’s employer brand, tone, and style. 

Features of Textio

  • Textio score that predicts how diverse the talent pipeline will be 
  • A library of optimized job descriptions and templates. 
  • Performance review reports so you can measure feedback quality. 
  • Trackable analytics. 
  • Integrations with LinkedIn, email providers, and other applicant tracking systems. 

Textio Pros

  • The streamlined writing process saves time and effort. 
  • Analytics and feedback so you can track and optimize your messaging strategies. 

Textio Cons

  • Not very cheap at all
  • Steep learning curve. 
  • Limited flexibility in terms of customization for particular writing styles or industries. 

Compatibility– Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

System requirements – This cloud-based platform needs an internet connection and a fast browser. 

Textio Pricing

Flexible PlanAccording to the client’s needs


What are the key features offered by the best AI recruiting tools/software?

The best AI recruiting tools/software offer features such as AI-powered candidate sourcing, resume screening, automated scheduling, candidate matching, and analytics for optimizing recruitment processes.

How do AI recruiting tools/software ensure fair and unbiased hiring practices?

AI recruiting tools/software often incorporate algorithms designed to mitigate bias by focusing on candidate qualifications and skills rather than demographic factors. Additionally, many platforms allow users to monitor and audit the AI’s decision-making process to ensure fairness.

Can AI recruiting tools/software integrate with existing HR systems and platforms?

Yes, the leading AI recruiting tools/software typically offer integration capabilities with popular HR management systems, applicant tracking systems (ATS), and other relevant platforms to streamline data exchange and workflow efficiency.

What level of technical expertise is required to implement and use AI recruiting tools/software?

Most AI recruiting tools/software are designed with user-friendliness in mind, requiring minimal technical expertise for implementation and everyday use. However, some customization and optimization may benefit from HR professionals with a basic understanding of AI technologies.


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