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5 Best Slack Apps and Integrations in 2019

The Slack App Directory is the best place to find apps and integrations you can link to Slack. But with so many options to choose from, finding the best ones which suit your organization's needs can seem daunting. In order to ease your dilemma, we created a list below of 5 of the best apps and integrations on Slack today.

Collaboration doesn’t only mean working on a document or a spreadsheet and adding comments while working together. It is deliberately far more than that. An enterprise or any other organisation always like to maintain a proclivity of connected environment, where all works, despite their different natures can be integrated on a single platform. For this, they not only need a tool but an entire collaborating ecosystem. This type of platform smoothens the workflow and compliments the growth in productivity.

One such hub is Slack. It is a cloud-based array of proprietary team collaboration tools built by American software company Slack Technologies. It is actually an acronym for "Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge" and features a range of Internet Relay Chat (IRC)-like tools, all which are searchable within the software itself. Moreover, Slack has been improved rampantly over the years and now also brings a robust platform for integrations. One can find these apps from the pool called ‘Slack App Directory’. However, to mitigate your fret and assist you in search, here is the list of 10 best Slack Apps in 2019.

Top 5 Slack Apps in 2019


1. Google Drive

Google Drive needs the least introduction to any tech-savvy folk out there. Store and share files, create docs and spreadsheets right into the platform and a robust range of collaborating tools, Google Drive has it all. Affixing this into Slack will bring all these together. You can share and manage access to files with whoever it may concern. Just like the native Google Drive app, you can add comments, approve requests and create documents, sheets and even folders, all on the cloud. This stacked to Slack means you will be receiving real-time alerts of any changes made to the files shared with you. Slack also integrates all the contents of the Google Drive, hence, enabling their access from its native search box.

2. GitHub

GitHub, as known to us, is one of the major software developing platforms. A paradise for software developers, it offers all distributed version control and source code management functionalities of Git. With a voluminous 37 million users and over 100 million repositories, GitHub is the largest source code hosting hub in the world. When mated to Slack, it keeps you up to date with changes done in the repositories in Slack forums for activities such as new commits, reviews, issues, pulls requests and all deployment statuses. It also enabled taking acting using slash commands on the same platform.

3. GrowthBot


How much Uber spend on PCC? What are the best CRM softwares? And any such questions have answers on GrowthBot. It is practical knowledge and informative tool that helps to boost productivity for marketing and sales people by answering them, managing data and availing crucial notifications. It is assisted by major industry players such as HubSpot CRM, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, etc. to furnish answers of common questions. With the software’s availability on Slack, you don’t need to switch between the two. Ask a question and get the answer right on your fingertips.

4. Slack for Gmail

Who doesn’t want integration of their mail ID on the collaborating platform in use? Well, the most used emailing client Gmail is available for Slack. This is a type of add-on that can be installed from the G Suite Marketplace and any email that you need to share with you Slack team be forwarded directly from the Gmail. Anyone in the channel can access the forwarded emails and can even open the attachments, if any. You can also add message apart from the existing email content. However, there are certain limitations on the size of the email being forwarded.

5. EventBot Calendar

A calendar that can be shared with team! EventBot is one such of this kind. You can create events and manage them without any need of a third-party app. The calendars can be viewed in Slack and one can also invite users, RSVP and schedule meetings. The app also sends timely reminders to the users and the persons who showed interest in a particular event. Taking user’s privacy in account, EventBot doesn’t collect any data without authorisation and its end-to-end encryption is enough to protect your privacy.


Slack is undoubtedly the most welcomed collaboration platform. The level of integration and the titanic of apps that it offers to be used on the platform is unprecedented. Emailing, Calendar, event management and whatnot, Slack brings everything for collaboration. It also offers robust security to all your data stored on the cloud to build a worry-free work environment.

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