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Gen GST: The Safest GST Software

Although being the simplest form of taxation, GST yet requires attention owing to a few complications like different tax slabs and such. However, the greener side of the entire scene is that we have Gen GST software which is there to keep track and help you manage all your transactions with utmost safety.

India got its new tax regime Goods and Services Tax (GST) on July 1, 2017. It replaced all the previous and complicated indirect taxes of central and state governments that were, till then, more or less had been the hurdle to efficient taxation. GST is imposed at every stage of production but is refunded back to the parties to expect the final consumer of the product. This brings the necessity of bookkeeping in order to keep proper financial records. Besides being a legal compulsion, it is also mandatory for the stakeholders to record each and every transaction to receive GST returns.

Although being the simplest form of taxation, GST yet requires attention owing to a few complications like different tax slabs and such. However, the greener side of the entire scene is that we have something called GST software that let the taxpayer make his/her account GST compliant. A GST software uses pre-defined algorithms, which are based on the protocols created by GSTN. Also, most of GST softwares are web-based and use cloud storage to store data and information. This hauls the suspicion of it being prone to cyber attacks. Rest assured, Gen GST is there to keep track and help you manage all your transactions with utmost safety.


Gen GST is complete GST solution package developed by SAG Infotech. It is offered as both computer and web variants and allows unlimited filing of GST return for any number of clients. The tool is made in compliance with all legal norms and government rules. Using Gen GST, one can file all sort of GST returns, GSTR 1, GSTR 3B, GSTR 4, GSTR 5, GSTR 5A, GSTR 6, GSTR 7, GSTR 8, GSTR 9, GSTR 9A, 9B and 9C. The UI is simple and ergonomic, which displays each and every feature of the software right on to the home screen. An enterprise can generate all types of invoice, payment vouchers, e-way bills, credit/debit note, etc. It also comes with a built-in error detection that finds error report Zip files and checks GST numbers in bulk. On top of everything, the element that sets apart Gen GST and puts in on to the highest peak of the industry is its robust safety features. This not only means proper encryption but also practical and relevant settings that can be customised in the workplace. Let us have a look at the best from the bucket.

What makes Gen GST the safest GST software?

Admin’s control on user’s rights: Operating in a workplace with a single and centralised accounting platform undoubtedly has a plethora of benefits. However, an office has a hierarchical structure, which includes division of work and allocation of power. This is also known as vertical power division. Keeping this in mind, Gen GST has been designed in such a way that an admin can grant/permit usage access to particular persons while restricting it for others. This also means promoting and demoting permissions of employees and managers according to the needs. Gen GST’s customisable user permission module is not offered by all other players of the industry.

Periodic Reports

The feature of generating refunds is standard across the GST software industry. But how many of this kind create reports per week, month and year? Well, Gen GST is one of them. It generates data wise reports of all entered invoices during a particular period. It offers such a flexible option that the user can even avail weekly and monthly reports. Additionally, there is also the option have date wise reports so that you can crosscheck them against User wise Rights, Return and Invoice status report, different ledgers, etc.

Log Tracker

What makes Gen GST a complete manageable GST solution is its ability to create logs of even the minutest activity. Be it an employee having the required access, a manager or any other person, all their activities are automatically recorded in the software. The administrator can view the usage statistics and all the activities of login individuals who used the software and deployed any moderation to it. This deliberately helps in the audit of the workforce’s performance and enables identification of the reason behind any blunder.

JAVA language

Gen GST is coded with advanced and highly secured JAVA language. This ensures uncompromising protection of all the safety aspects of tax data and each and every entry made into the software.

Return Lock Facility

After preparation of final return status, one cannot take the risk to leave the report prone to alterations by mistake. The Return Lock Facility feature in Gen GST expedites locking of preferred return status as designated by your CA.

Backup and Restore

One of the key features of Gen GST is that it facilitates the backup of all tax data. This avoids catastrophes in an event of system failure that may result in complete or partial data loss.


Filing GST returns is the inalienable component of today’s business environment in India. Although an important, creating entries and preparing return status is largely a mundane task. Softwares like Gen GST helps you to overcome from this tedious and repetitive work so that you can focus entirely on the growth of your business. The laudable set of security features makes Gen GST probably the best in the industry, at least when it comes to securing your privacy and offering you the ability to customise security.

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