The SaaS distribution mechanism has become increasingly popular in recent years. Therefore, why not also leverage it for your CRM deployment?

In comparison to conventional on-premise deployment, Software as a Service, or SaaS CRM, offers a number of benefits, including improved scalability, increased flexibility, and lower maintenance costs. Finding the right technology for your business needs, though, is the hardest obstacle. 

Where we can help is in this situation!

To assist you in making an informed choice, we have produced a list of the top 9 SaaS CRM programs and evaluated their functionalities. Examine how their features compare to your unique business needs, and choose a viable option that will increase your profits.

What is Saas CRM and Who Needs It? 


Tools for managing customer relationships, or CRM, compile client data in one location, making it simpler to use for more individualized interactions and higher satisfaction. SaaS, or software as a service, technology is made online accessible via cloud providers. Applications that incorporate both of these qualities are SaaS CRM solutions.

Simply put, SaaS CRM technologies are hosted in the cloud and made accessible to enterprises who don’t want to install the software on-premise from outside suppliers. Such a licensing strategy has the benefit of not requiring the installation or upkeep of a substantial IT infrastructure. Because of this, companies are turning more and more to SaaS, which is currently worth about $172 billion.

According to a poll by the Harvey Nash Group, 38% of respondents said they thought SaaS technology was very significant, and over 73% said they trusted it. 

The plethora of advantages offered by SaaS or on-demand CRM solutions is the reason for their popularity. These comprise: 

  • Cost Savings

SaaS-based CRM provides a low up-front cost because there aren’t any significant installation or acquisition costs. They also feature a pay-as-you-go basis and do away with the cost of routine maintenance. 

  • Simple Installation

Quick and simple deployment is one of the benefits of SaaS. You don’t need to set up a complex system or have access to special gear. A vendor that provides implementation consulting and training support will also make it simple for you to get going.

  • Maintenance is less

The vendor is in charge of hosting, maintaining, and updating the cloud-based CRM software. This simplifies operations for the company and helps to conserve time and resources. Additionally, it decreases downtime and boosts workplace efficiency.

  • More Individualization

SaaS applications are incredibly adaptable tools that may be customized to meet your unique demands. SaaS technologies are a great option for firms that want to be nimble and keep up with a dynamic business environment because of the vast customization they offer.

  • Enhancing Accessibility 

Users of SaaS can utilize any mobile device to obtain crucial company information from any location. Better personalization results from the increased accessibility to the company afforded by web-based CRM software.

Top 5 Best CRM Software 

The key characteristics, costs, advantages, and disadvantages of the top 9 cloud-based CRM systems are listed here. Find the best software for your company by comparing them to your requirements.


BIGContacts is a user-friendly SaaS CRM tool that combines efficiency and automation to promote business expansion. To help you operate more effectively, this user-friendly CRM tool can consolidate all of your team members’ information and company data onto one platform. You can manage tasks, create custom processes, automate repetitive operations, and track business success with ease using BIGContacts. 

Important Characteristics:

  • View every aspect of a contact’s information in one location, including emails, tasks, transaction history, notes, social network accounts, etc.
  • Create bespoke reports or select from pre-made reporting templates. 
  • Create customized drip email campaigns to increase business outreach. 
  • To be more productive, automate workflows, activities, and reminders. 
  • Utilise shared team or individual calendar views to keep track of events and meetings.

What Makes BIGContacts Special

  • Access a thorough activity dashboard that includes recent touches, scheduled meetings, birthdays, and more. 
  • Utilise BIGContacts’ mobile application to work while on the go.


Big: $5 per user/month

Bigger: $15 per user per month

Biggest: $25 per user each month 

Business-Custom price


HubSpot is a well-known supplier of business management tools, including a strong CRM platform that aids in increasing productivity and client happiness. This program allows you to handle sales possibilities utilizing a thorough pipeline and automating repetitive processes. By monitoring pertinent KPIs, HubSpot also enables you to gain insights into business performance.

Important Characteristics:

  • Select from a library of pre-made email templates or use a drag-and-drop builder to construct your own. 
  • Utilize a global inbox to keep track of all interactions in one location. 
  • Using the CRM tool, you may create and manage tickets to enhance the customer support experience. 
  • Any OS, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, can be used to access the cloud-based CRM software.
  • Send links to appointment scheduling to potential clients and consumers.

Why and What Makes HubSpot Special?

  • Receive immediate alerts for events like a prospect accessing your website or opening an email.
  • Utilise bespoke forms to generate more leads and automatically add data from various internet sources to each lead’s profile.


Free program is offered 

Paid plans begin at $45 per month.

Microsoft Dynamics 

You can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to extract useful insights from client data and apply them to hasten the expansion of your company. Based on market trends and customer opinion, it enables you to have discussions with clients that are more topical and relevant. You can obtain crucial company information using the tool’s native mobile application from any location. 

Important Characteristics:

  • Rank leads according to the information gleaned from client data.
  • To boost sales performance, use real-time analytics and assisted selling.
  • Utilize a sales pipeline to manage sales prospects and anticipate revenue. 
  • Get recommendations for the best course of action and quickly assess client sentiment. 
  • Without switching between applications, connect with customers using their chosen communication methods.
  • Utilise AI-powered insights to boost organizational effectiveness.
  • Participate in team collaboration without leaving the system. 


begins at $1,500 per user each month.

Zoho CRM 

To help you grow your organization, Zoho CRM delivers robust automation and process management features. This powerful SaaS solution can create individualized client experiences, track company performance, and raise productivity levels across organizations.  Additionally, the solution provides AI-powered predictive analytics and forecasting capabilities so you can use your time and resources more effectively.

Important Characteristics:

  • Adapt layouts, views, filters, fields, and modules to your own business requirements.
  • To make the best use of the time that your sales team has available, gather lead and deal forecasts. 
  • Create automated rules for assignment, escalation, scoring, and other related things.
  • Notes, comments, tags, feeds, and other tools can help in team collaboration. 
  • Improve lead nurturing efforts and client segmentation with automation.

Why and What Makes Zoho CRM Special

  • You can access consumer data from anywhere by using the mobile application.
  • Get alerts in real time regarding client engagement.


Free programme is offered 

Paid plans begin at $14 per user per month.


By facilitating more consistent interactions with clients and improving data accessibility for your team members, SaaS CRM applications can enhance your business’s bottom line. The nine top-rated CRM SaaS systems listed above are excellent options for growing and maximizing your company’s operations. You can successfully manage all areas of your organization from a single location with the help of these solutions, which also perform well for sales, marketing, customer service, and operations. 

By concentrating on the unique requirements of your organization, select the best option from this selection. For instance, BIGContacts might be your best option if you are a small to mid-sized firm seeking for an intuitive product that is simple to install and needs little training. You should also pay attention to the kind of consulting and training support provided for the implementation of the tool you invest in.