The internet is a very vast virtual place in this generation and the footfall (read “traffic”) is on an exponential growth scale. It is filled with information, services and products, all waiting to be visited and purchased.

With this, the user experience is a huge thing. Websites need to create a stunning virtual environment that the visitors would feel good about. It also serves as the first impression that visitors have for the website before they can buy their products or services.

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are web pages that the visitors are directed to once they click on a particular link or an advertisement copy when they are intrigued by the same. These pages contain as much information and as many details as the prospective buyers need to know before buying a product or service.

Generally, landing pages are well-thought-of and designed and are focused on having a very smooth and clean layout. It generally does not contain any disturbing element that might drive the visitor away. And keeping this in mind, there are many landing page builders that offer smooth page-building for great lead generation and sales conversion.

Feature comparison


Name Mobile-friendly Easy-to-use Form integration


Unbounce Yes Yes No Yes
InstaPage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lander Yes Yes Yes Yes
MainChimp Landing Page Yes Yes Yes Yes
BitBlox Yes Yes Yes Yes
LeadPages Yes Yes Yes Yes
GetResponse Yes Yes Yes Yes
PageWiz Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landingi Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Sites Yes Yes Yes Yes


1. Unbounce

Unbounce is undoubtedly one of the best landing page builders and offers the users with over 100 templates for the same. It has the feature that allows the users to create many pages of the same type with the help of duplication. Every landing page created with Unbounce has an SSL security certificate. The presence of the drag-and-drop feature lets the users create the pages without any difficulty.

2. InstaPage

InstaPage is a very user-friendly landing page builder and the outputs are extremely reader-friendly. It has a very smooth interface and makes it easy for users to create landing pages that are SEO-optimised. It allows form integration that can be of various fields and alignments and can have drop-down menus too.

3. Lander

Lander lets the users create stunning landing pages that are SEO-optimised and would create a good impression about the business to the visitor. It supports various plugins, which make it more efficient and one such tool is Google Analytics. It can integrate Google Maps seamlessly and provide visitors with information on the location regarding any upcoming events. It can even handle the PayPal payment gateway seamlessly.

4. MailChimp Landing Page

Since MailChimp is a very popular name when it comes to website building and several other utility things, the landing page segment is well-known too. With the help of this, the users can create very interactive landing pages that are mobile-friendly by default. Additionally, all the pages built with it are highly SEO-optimised and with proper tips and trick, can rank on the top search results of Google.

5. BitBlox

BitBlox is a very simple and easy-to-use landing page builder and has several integrations and features to create stunning landing pages. It has over 100 pre-built templates to make the page-building process a lot easier than some of the other builders. It even allows the users to seamlessly integrate forms to facilitate lead generation.

6. LeadPages

LeadPages is one of the best landing page builders out there and is extremely versatile. Each of the landing pages built with it is mobile-friendly and does not disturb the visitor irrespective of what device he/she uses. If the user has the website on WordPress CMS, LeadPages can be installed as a plugin to simplify things more. It does not need the users to have any technical coding knowledge but if the user does know the codes, the pages can be taken to a whole new level.

7. GetResponse

GetResponse is focused on making landing page-building very easy. It has pre-built templates for easier creation and even a gallery with over 5,000 Shutterstock images for easy image insertion. The easy pick-and-drop feature makes the entire building process very easy altogether. Users can integrate forms to help in leads generation too. Hence, overall, GetResponse is a great option for custom landing page building.

8. PageWiz

PageWiz is a very flexible page builder and is highly optimised for every device used by visitors or readers. The setup is extremely easy with the pixel-perfect drag-and-drop feature and over 100 pre-built templates. It offers many page building blocks like drop-down menus, text boxes, radio buttons, etc. Moreover, if the users can manage coding languages of JavaScript, HTML and CSS, the page builder brings even more customisation.

9. Landingi

Just like any other landing page builder, Landingi too is best-known for its easy setup and mobile-friendliness. It does not require any knowledge in coding and everything can be done with the easy drag-and-drop feature. Plus, with more than 200 templates, the campaign can be started in a very quick time. Landingi also has a host of icons and images in a pre-built gallery so that the users can have utmost convenience while using them.

10. Google Sites

Google Sites is probably the most easily accessible landing page builder and is available for free. The basic requirement for using Google Sites is having a Google account. It is a part of the entire G Suite that includes Google forms as well. Hence, each time the user wants to create a new landing page, all the resources would be present right at hand’s reach. Plus, it is customisable as well and can be used to create amazing landing pages to boost lead generation and sales conversion.


Creating a very reader-friendly and attractive landing page with a clean layout is utmost important. Even if the user lacks the technical coding knowledge to get things done, it can be done with the help of certain landing page builders that have pre-built templates and drag-and-drop elements.

All of the options here are exceptional and would make your work extremely easy. And though Unbounce does not have form integration, you can use other form builders, like Google Forms, anytime to cover for the miss.

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