Data scientist was ranked as the top job for 2017 by Glassdoor. The growth potential for folks who can exploit that big data is even more astounding than the six-figure median base wage. It makes sense why there is such a high level of interest in big data certifications.

There are many choices if you want to become certified in dealing with big data. You may navigate the vast volumes of data currently available with the aid of these seven big data certifications.

Top 7 Big Data Certifications

Big Data Certifications

Certificates for Cloudera

These are endorsements from Cloudera that you can utilize their platform to transform unprocessed data into knowledge. Four options from Cloudera are: 

  • The Spark and Hadoop Developer certification from Cloudera is for individuals who can “ingest, manipulate, and process data using Apache Spark and core Cloudera Enterprise tools.” This means that you may perform various tasks, such as data import and export between MySQL and HDFS, format changes for data sets, and data querying for report generation.
  • Your ability to “create dependable, autonomous, scalable data pipelines that result in optimal data sets for a variety of workloads” is recognized by the Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP) Data Engineer designation. To put it another way, CCP Data Engineer shows how to organize data into a clear, usable form that can be used by various people for various purposes.
  • Data preparation, organization, and analysis skills in the Cloudera CDH environment are demonstrated by earning the CCA Data Analyst certification. You’ll be able to construct and modify tables, import data from MySQL into Hadoop, and create reports using select and join queries.
  • CCA Administrator: Validates your proficiency in installing and configuring CDH and Cloudera Manager, performing “basic and advanced configuration needed to efficiently administer a Hadoop cluster,” and regularly managing a company’s Hadoop cluster.

Tests needed: Each certification only needs one test. Every test is given by a remote proctor who monitors you on a camera. Each test consists of five to twelve questions that ask you to respond to various consumer inquiries or professional situations. All other tests take two hours to complete, but the CCP Data Engineer test takes four hours.

Prerequisites: None of the Cloudera certifications have any formal prerequisites. However, Cloudera advises that before taking each of the certs, you have a specific amount of knowledge.

In-depth experience in creating data engineering solutions and a high level of mastery” of data input, data transformation, data storage, and data analysis is recommended for CCP Data Engineer.

Cloudera recommends its own training course as a good starting point for CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer certification.

Cost: $400 per test for CCP Data Engineer

Spark and Hadoop CCA: $295 for each test

Test cost for a CCA Data Analyst: $295

Administrator for CCA: $295 per test

Exam 70-475 for Microsoft Azure Certification

You should take the “Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions” exam, number 70-475, if you especially wish to work with big data on Microsoft Azure.

Creating big data batch processing and interactive solutions, designing big data real-time processing solutions, and operationalizing end-to-end cloud analytics systems are the three main topics covered by exams 70-475.

Exams are provided by Pearson VUE, a testing business that provides exams both online and in person.

Prerequisites: Microsoft advises having “relevant work experience” prior to taking the 70-475.

Cost: $165 for each test.

Certification for Amazon Web Services Big Data Specialty

Your understanding of the AWS environment is demonstrated by your Amazon Web Services certifications. Two categories—role-based and specialty-based—are used to categorize the five available certificates. Big data certification from AWS is categorized as a specialization.

AWS Certified Huge Data evaluates your ability to automate the process of extracting value from a big data source. To put it another way, the test will reveal whether you are a true big data professional.

Prerequisites: You must have the associate level certification for AWS Certified Solution Architect, AWS Certified Developer or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator or AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Additionally, you’ll need to have at least five years of experience in data and analytics, as well as knowledge of how AWS technologies fit into the data life cycle and experience developing data processing architecture.

Tests needed: For the Big Data Certification, there is a three-hour multiple-choice test. The exam plan specifies that there will be multiple choice questions with one correct answer and one or two correct answers, so be prepared to experience the same paralyzing fear as the old SATs did.

Six domains make up the actual exam: data collection, processing, storage, analysis, visualization, and security. With the exception of data security, which receives 20% of the questions, the exam blueprint states that the first five categories are equally split among the questions (17% of questions per category). However, it also states that this information is not “a comprehensive listing of all of the content of this examination.” So, be ready for the unexpected.

Data Management and Analytics Expert Certified by Microsoft

If you work with big data, you should concentrate on the Data Management and Analytics track, one of several that Microsoft provides as part of its Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert program. Exams are provided by Pearson VUE, a testing business that provides exams both online and in person.

Prerequisites: You must have an MCSA in SQL Server 2012/2014 or an MCSA in SQL 2016 Database Administration, BI Development, Machine Learning, or Database Development in order to get the MCSE in Data Management and Analytics.

Tests necessary: From “Designing Database Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server” to “Implementing a Data Warehouse using SQL,” you must choose and pass one test from a list of 12.

Certification for SAS Big Data

SAS’s certification allows you to use its well-known business intelligence software, a software giant. Both classroom-based and blended learning (some classroom work, some online) options for preparatory courses are offered. 

Prerequisites: SAS stipulates that you must have “at least six months of SAS or similar programming language experience” as a prerequisite.

Cost: $180 for each exam. It costs $9,000 for the classroom/in-person version of the SAS Big Data course (exam included), and $4,275 for remote training and both examinations.

Certifications for MongoDB

Actually, there are two certifications: the MongoDB Developer Associate and the Mongo Database Administrator Associate. Both credentials prepare you to work with NoSQL databases and MongoDB, one of the most well-liked NoSQL technologies.

The famous open source database administration technology used by Mongo, known as the Mongo Database Administrator (DBA), validates your proficiency in using it to extract value from loosely organized data. The DB Developer certification demonstrates your ability to develop Mongo apps.

The fact that Mongo is a document-based database as opposed to a relational database sets it apart. Your data is arranged in rows and tables in relational databases. Your data is kept in documents in databases that use documents. This distinction is just one of many reasons why Mongo is suitable for social media data, text and HTML, and location intelligence.

For each of the four credentials, a single 90-minute multiple-choice test is necessary.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites necessary, but the staff at Mongo advise taking their training program. The good news is that you can still study independently even if you don’t have time for a planned training course because registering for the exam includes a free study guide.

Cost: $150 per examination

The 11g Essentials Certification for Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite

Oracle’s certification demonstrates your proficiency with their most recent business intelligence products.

Tests necessary: There is only one, the musically called Exam 1Z0-591. 75 multiple-choice questions must be answered in two hours, and you must receive a score of 63% to pass.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites necessary, but Oracle advises doing their 11g Bootcamp course.

Cost: $245 per examination


This blog talks about the big data certifications that can help you boost your career. However, you don’t always have to have big certifications to be successful in your career. Connect with SaaSworthy to know more. 

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