You may depend on your sales team to boost business growth but they fell short, and you cannot figure out why. From trying out branding strategies to cold calls, something doesn’t seem to click. Maintaining sales rep motivation, and aligning sales with business functions are long-drawn-out processes. Sales enablement can help you boost sales revenue and customer satisfaction. Here are some statistics you should know. 

Sales Enablement Statistics 

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Sales enablement arms a sales team with the information, tools, and resources required to foster customer engagement and close deals. It facilitates the seller-consumer relationship by the development of comprehensive sales playbooks. Hence your sales reps are aware and informed regarding the product they’re selling and the benefits it offers to buyers before making a sales pitch. Here are some interesting sales enablement numbers showing the impact of this strategic business action. 

  • Recently experiencing a surge in popularity, sales enablement has experienced a 343% increase in adoption over the past 5 years. 
  • Searches for “Sales enablement” on Google rose by around 51.2% year on year. 
  • Sales enablement’s presence correlates with a 31% improvement in supporting changes in sales messaging, with a 15% improvement in improving low-performing salespersons. 
  • Companies with sales enablement achieve a 49% win rate on forecasted deals, as compared to 42.5% for those without.
  • Around 77.1% of firms with a sales force exceeding around 500 people have dedicated sales enablement in place, as compared to 39.3% of firms with 25 or fewer employees. 
  • Companies have observed a significant impact on sales as a result of sales enablement, with around 76% of companies seeing an increase in sales between 6% to 20%. 

Sales Content and Training Statistics

Content is king. Sales and content marketing are closely related with your outbound sales team having a lot to gain from the right kind of quality content. It can help you deliver organic leads, establishing your business as a place of thought leadership.

  • Around 26% of sales reps claim their sales training is ineffective.
  • Only around 35% of sales teams track their content’s effectiveness.
  • Around 84% of sales executives said content search and utilization was their top productivity improvement area.
  • Enterprise organizations lose around $2.3 million each year thanks to opportunity costs of underused or unused marketing content. 
  • Around 84% of sales training is forgotten in the first 3 months.
    Effective sales coaching may improve win rates by as much as 29%. 
  • If your sales reps feel they are not learning or growing in your organization, you risk losing upwards of 60% of your entire workforce within 4 years. 
  • Around 64% of those who transition to remote sales either meet or exceed revenue targets, compared to around 50% that don’t make the transition. 

Sales and Marketing Alignment Statistics

Sales Enablement
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Sales alignment also aligns with sales and marketing processes. As purchasing activities carry on changing, the method of carrying out sales must change too. If you don’t pay attention to the alignment of sales and marketing, your business risks the effectiveness of your sales team and the loss of marketing benefits that you could have realized to reach business goals. 

  • Sales and marketing alignment can help your firm become around 67% better at closing deals. 
  • Around 76% of content marketers forget about sales enablement in their marketing efforts. 
  • Sales and marketing misalignment costs firms around $1 trillion per year in decreased sales productivity and wasted marketing efforts. 
  • Sales teams that work closely with marketing see a 41% increase in growth towards meeting their quotas. 
  • Around 28% of media and marketing salespeople don’t have easy and direct access to their own sales collateral. 

Sales Reps Productivity Statistics

If you want your business to be healthy, maintain the productivity of your sales reps. Productivity metrics in sales can help you understand where the team stands regarding prospect conversion and revenue generation. Sales enablement facilitates the process of understanding these important factors by providing sales reps with tools and information so they can hit the ground running, saving time and money.

  • At around 44.9%, decreasing new salesperson ramp-up to full productivity happens to be the most common sales enablement productivity goal. 
  • Around 58% of pipeline stalls occur as sales reps are unable to add value. 
  • Around 55% of C-suite executives claim that sales enablement solutions are the top technology investment required to boost sales productivity.
  • 440 hours is the average time sales reps spend each year trying to figure out the right content to share with prospects and customers.

Consumer Experience Statistics

Consumer experience may only be improved by a combination of customer success and sales enablement. If equipped with the right content, your customer representatives will be able to provide more value to customers by answering questions and fostering relationships with prospects. Ensure your sales enablement workflow is integrated with the customer success team for a seamless customer experience.

  • Firms with sales enablement teams are around 52% more likely to have a sales process well aligned with the buyer’s journey. 
  • Approximately 74% of buyers chose the company that was the first to add some value. 
  • More than 90% of B2B sellers don’t use sales material deeming it irrelevant, outdated and tough to customize. 

Sales Enablement Strategy Statistics  

Sales enablement is a strategic and ongoing process that guides your salespeople to achieve goals. It streamlines cross-functional teams so they work together effectively to drive sales revenue. Well-documented sales strategies are required if a business is to sustain itself in the future. 

  • About 84% of sales reps hit their targets when their employer incorporates a best-in-class sales enablement strategy. 
  • Firms that execute best practices for sales enablement are ranked best-in-class as a strategy experience around 14% more in their annual contract value and deal size. 
  • The ideal sales onboarding program helps new sales become productive around 3.4 months sooner – a figure that is 37% faster than firms that have low-performing programs.

It is important to prepare your sales team and work hard to create sales enablement resources. Spend time on guaranteeing that these resources, be it brochures, product overviews, etc, are accessible to the sales team. This can have a significant impact on building a sturdy knowledge base and generating sales revenue. 

You should always use a sales platform that helps you align your sales and marketing teams so that they are sale-ready. Marketing teams know what content sales reps need so they can personalize each buyer’s journey. As teams work together, sales reps can achieve quotas faster. 

Sales-Marketing Alignment

One important best practice for any sales enablement strategy to work is that the sales and marketing teams must work in harmony. If knowledge is not routinely shared, sales and morale suffer. This becomes a problem for departments that operate under different definitions of the market or specific products. Two teams should be aligned but that isn’t the case more often than not. In fact, only around 8% of marketing and sales teams of B2-B firms claim to experience strong alignment. These two unique areas have different royals but should share the same goals and a clear roadmap leading to them. Sales enablement can help by

  • Debunking long-held beliefs within a company’s culture that states that sales and marketing and separate entities. 
  • Demonstrate a buy-in by leadership to build an open, collaborative relationship between the two departments. 
  • Establish a modern marketing department that focuses on driving revenue just like sales. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, choosing a sales enablement solution is a personal journey for your firm on the path to overall readiness. If you are considering a technology platform, find one that balances your specific needs for marketing and sales collaboration, sales onboarding and training, content management, and easy use of automation. The sales environment is constantly evolving even as new strategies, markets, and products are introduced, reintroduced, or changed. Around 75% of firms have a refocused sales strategy, with 70% having entered a new market and 82% having introduced a new product or service over the past year. As the sales function is constantly evolving, it is vital for sales teams to have up-to-date support and the tools required to sell. This is where sales enablement is important. 






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