Text Mining Software is software that is used to convert unstructured data into structured data. To get specific information it examines a huge amount of data. It has an algorithm called Natural Language Processing (NPL) to recognize concepts that are similar in the unstructured data set. With the help of an API, this software can be integrated into your system. 

It allows you to monitor your customer conversations which enables you to identify a potential crisis at a very early stage related to your product and services. You can detect fraud, identify emerging trends and improve customer satisfaction by using this software. 

Common features of Text Mining Software

Text Mining Software
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There are applications like Naïve Bayes, Support Vector Machines, and other learning algorithms that are used by organizations to understand the hidden relationship with their structured data. It understands textual patterns and trends in unstructured data with the help of statistics, machine learning, and linguistics. 

It allows companies to improve product user experiences as well as make faster and better business decisions. It provides a complete picture of the operation and functionality of products and machinery. The use of this software is rapidly rising in the biomedical field for obtaining numerous information. To collect the data manually of medical research is very time-consuming and costly whereas when you use text mining, it extracts valuable information for you automatically.

Sometimes there are spams which is an entry point for intruders, and it infect the system with malware, so text mining comes into play here and filter outs the e-mails from inboxes which improves the overall experience of the users. 

It provides insights in the industry trends and financial markets by monitoring shifts in sentiment and by extracting information from analyst reports and whitepapers. 

Top 10 Text Mining Software that can use:-


Inmoment is a powerful tool that allows the users to use advanced analytics by surfacing insights from customer comments. It gathers incoming customer data and provides feedbacks and alerts your employees through a tool called, voice of customers (VoC). 

It gathers greater insights by using employee tuned text analytics through a feature called Employee Engagement. It has an Analytics Overlay feature that extracts maximum information from customer data and updates you continuously. 

It identifies the root cause of your customer’s complaint using its closed loop feature. 


Keatext is an efficient tool which gathers customer feedback to audit customer satisfaction to identify the emerging trends. It has ready-to integrate solution that the user can directly incorporate in your organization.

It doesn’t require any customization because it’s a tailor-made software. It integrates in the system easily as it has API sets that is supported with libraries and code snippets. To handle unstructured customer feedback, it has advanced natural language processing. It has fine-grained analytics to understand customer requirements. 


MonkeyLearn is excellent software for text analysis that automates business workflow to save hours of manual processing with the usage of machine learning capabilities.

It has an interface which is easy to understand, and it is very user friendly where the users get the freedom to create extraction analysis and custom text classification. This is easily accessible by utilizing machine learning models like sentiment analysis, topic detection, keyword extraction and more. 

Actionable data from texts like chat, emails, webpages, tweets and documents can be rapidly extracted and classified. It can be integrated with hundreds of applications without coding and assistance of a developer or data scientist. This integration can be done through Zapier, SDKs and open APIs, Rapidminer, Google Sheets or Zendesk. Product roadmap can be infused from NPS, customer conversations, product reviews and surveys.

 To boost the productivity of the support teams, users can automate routing and ticket tagging. 


Text2data is a powerful software for text analysis for customer management. It uncovers trends even before they take place. It also finds unstructured data in the social data of the users.

It provides an excel add-on that is powered by advanced NLP and Machine Learning services. With the help of this feature, you can receive comprehensive reports about entities, keyword and themes, can execute sentiment analysis of their document and can classify their text document into their respective categories.

There is also a Google Sheet add-on that helps with powerful text analysis, sentiment analysis, classifying documents into custom categories, and more directly in google sheets. 

Users can choose from multiple languages like English, Spanish, German and French and directly deploy their trained models into their API. Sentiment Model Training Tool (SMTT) executes high precision sentiment analysis while training the model for more than 90% accuracy.


DiscoverText software is an amazing to analyze texts. It has a cloud-based software tool that can analyze huge amounts of text and surveys easily. It’s text analysis feature fetches live feeds of text data through an API repeatedly. 

You can discover unexpected concepts and top meta values as this software has a framework that helps you create your own specialized analytics approach. It has a manual training and automation, using which collected data are classified based on some defined criteria.

You can attach memos to datasets and documents, it allows you to generate efficient summaries and detailed reports. It also removes duplicates. 


WordStat is a very smart program that helps you to analyze text and content to make timey business decisions. It can process upto 20 million words per minute to identify the user-defined concepts instantly. 

It can be easily integrated with text mining and visualization tools in order to extract themes and patterns and more. It has a qualitative coding tool which provides in-depth analysis for your research. 

It can import databases and documents as well as, export text analysis results in PDF, HTML and XML with its import-export feature. It can be very useful for content extraction, fraud detection and document classification. 


 Rapidminer is a proficient tool to extract insights from unstructured data. It helps the organization to improve results. You can distinguish customers based on business value with its lifetime value feature.

It allows you to eliminate fraudulent activities. You can resolve quality issues at an early stage with RapidMiner. With its customer segmentation option, you can segregate and group your customers. 

It also has predictive maintenance with which you can predict equipment failure and provide cost-effective maintenance. 

Digital Taxonomy 

Digital Taxonomy is a text mining tool which allows high-end productivity and insight generating. One of the most important components of Digital Taxonomy is artificial intelligence. It enables machine learning and agile development. 

A dedicated team of developers combines practical R&D proficiency with expertise in the theoretical and applicable fundamentals of machine learning. The products that are developed are required to meet the requirements of market research and customer opinion specialists. 

The two main products of Digital Taxonomy are Codeit and Loadit. Codeit facilitates quick analysis of texts at the desired level of granularity and combines Al with collective team intelligence. It also offers unparalleled speed with intact data quality, besides enabling real-time collaborations. Loadit eliminates traditional data handling related tasks. It has three fundamental principles which are simple, transparent and extensible. 


MeaningCloud is a text mining tool which decodes any unstructured data for the users including social conversions, articles, documents, etc.  It helps to analyze all the unstructured customer feedback from any communication channel like email, call center, social media, surveys and use all of it as a voice of customer. 

The data analysts can use their Excel add-in using this software to analyze their comments, surveys and tweets directly from their favorite spreadsheet. However, developers can use inbuilt cloud APIs of the software to add semantic analysis abilities to their applications, using the plug-ins, services and SDKs provided.

You can publish and monetize your content easily with this tool. The interfaces can be customized by the users as well. You can integrate the software without coding through the in-house plug-ins provided by them as it has a very user-friendly interface. It is scalable and cloud-based and has multiple languages to support. 

SAS Text Miner 

SAS Text Miner is a software that analyses text data from different sources. It quickly evaluates data from a large set of data collection with its high-performance feature. You can choose predefined entities or even create custom entities for even extraction.  

Users get to classify analyzed data by using automatic Boolean rule generation feature. It has an interactive interface with which you can import any text document. It enables support for multiple languages. 


Text Mining Software makes your unstructured data into a structured data with its analytical tools. It allows companies to improve product user experiences as well as make faster and better business decisions.  

It reduces the workload of the company as it is difficult to analyze the text manually. It allows companies to improve product user experiences as well as make faster and better business decisions. It provides a complete picture of the operation and functionality of products and machinery.

Text analyst tools can gain data from a number of sources such as phone transcripts, emails, customer reviews, surveys, and other related documents. By collecting data from multiple sources, companies gain the necessary equipment to analyze and understand employee or user sentiment, improve written content, and intelligently differentiate documents. In this article, we talked about the 10 best text analysis software that you can explore in 2022.

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