The main aim of any service is customer satisfaction. Let it be simple grocery shopping or you buying a car, the result of that service should leave you satisfied. This includes various factors, like the shopping experience, the choices you had, the way the management behaved, and so forth.

What are the best Customer Success Software in 2021?

Customer Success Software

However, consistency is of prime importance. If the service isn’t consistent, the satisfaction won’t be either. To know whether the customers are satisfied, there are software called the customer success software. Here are some of the top customer success software.

Client Success

ClientSuccess is a software that helps companies to retain customers and grow their customer base. What’s better is that it reduces the lag time to respond to the customer by keeping the business up to date and eliminating data redundancy. It allows the business to stay updated on customer health and helps them before things go wrong. It processes all this data with utmost efficiency and accuracy.

Here are the salient features of ClientSuccess:

  • The software provides a custom plan, which means that you can tailor the features to suit your needs.
  • It provides a smooth handoff to customer success from sales.
  • It identifies and reveals what the customer’s desires are and how to cater to these needs.
  • It guides the customer through the onboarding process and generates a report on the progress of customer satisfaction.
  • It is one of the best customer success software and essential if you’re thinking of running a business of your own that requires managing and catering to customer needs.


Amity is a customer success platform that has been robust and shows the customers the benefits of using your product. It ensures that the customers feel satisfied to buy your product. Amity tells the user (at the business end) about the selling point the business should capitalize on so as to gain more customer attention. It takes information from various sources, like your website or any application you might have, concatenates and analyzes it to give you the best options to satisfy your customers.

Here are some salient features of Amity:

  • Amity offers a custom plan, which means that the price may vary according to your needs.
  • The software can offer the following features; it keeps all the data in one place to reduce data redundancy. Also, it automates the process and keeps track of the customer reviews.
  • The software also enables collaborations with others in the same business and makes sure the customers leave just satisfied.


ChurnZero is a good customer success software for business. Unlike other customer success software, it does not stop at assessing the customer’s health after using the product but also checks how they’re using the product, especially for subscription businesses. It brings all your data in one place and analyzes it to give you the best output. It’s quite an intuitive software. It even collects the customers’ behavioral data, which can be further used to target a specific demographic.

Here are a few salient features of ChurnZero:

  • ChurnZero provides a custom plan, which means that it caters to your needs and can be priced accordingly.
  • It provides a platform where you can make a command center and provides real-time alerts.
  • There are many walkthroughs and tutorials on the software to notify the user of the optimal usage of the application.
  • It makes customer care easy by including surveys and customer health scores at every corner of the product usage.


Arrows is a highly efficient customer onboarding software that automates the customer onboarding process. It also gives reminders to automate the workflow and makes customers feel satisfied by giving them the topmost priority. Their slogan is “Because your high-touch customers shouldn’t be onboarded by a spreadsheet,” which they take to heart and follow. The software sends personalized onboarding checklists to customers.

The following are the salient features of Arrows:

  • Arrow provides three pricing plans; they cost $39, $99, and $199 per month.
  • The $39 package allows the user to make teams of up to 2 members and 2 templates, along with features like unlimited customers and unlimited onboarding plans.
  • The $99 package allows the users to make teams of up to 5 members and 5 templates with the same features of the $39 package.
  • The $199 package allows the users to make teams of 10 members and 10 templates.


Catalyst is a very aesthetically designed software with a very user-friendly interface apart from the up-to-date technology. It enhances the customer success rate by working seamlessly and efficiently. It also makes onboarding so much easier by streamlining the customer journey. It can be easily integrated with other sales management software so that all the data is unified. It’s a very easy software to use and an essential tool for your organization.

Here are some salient features of Catalyst:

  • Catalyst provides a custom pricing plan, which means the cost is based upon your needs and necessities.
  • It can help with customer segmentation, customer health sources, success reporting, and analytics.
  • It also increases workflow productivity due to its amazing interface and efficient technology.
  • Due to its updated technology, it is very safe to use and provides maximum security and compliance. 


EasyCSM is another customer onboarding software that is very simple to use. It is very easy to use as it uses no code and has a smart cancellation screen. This means that you can tailor each and every step of your customer onboarding according to your business. You can also design the branding according to your company. It also helps track the offboarding flow, through which you can track customer success.

Here are a few salient features of EasyCSM:

  • EasyCSM provides three packages, starter, team, and business.
  • The starter package costs $49 per month and provides dynamic discounts and the ability to pause subscriptions. It also gives email support.
  • The team plan costs $195 per month and provides excellent support and all that is in the starter package, along with the ability to remove the EasyCSM branding.


MetaCX is a free customer success software that is used to manage and optimize shared sales in a business. It makes the business highly efficient by unifying all data and removing all forms of data redundancy. It helps you access every customer touchpoint to personalize the customer onboarding and improve the customers’ health. It also helps gain metrics via customer activity and product impact.

Here are a few salient features of MetaCX:

  • It provides free services to the users and custom services if the needs are to be tailored according to the business.
  • The free version provides customer outcomes and milestones every time you hit a goal to your success. It also gives unlimited bridge shares and engagement analytics. It provides technical support to the users.
  • The custom packages also give the free version and also provide outcome analytics and the ability to give roles and permissions.
  • It can also be integrated with all software, regardless of their nature.

Quality Driven Software

Quality Driven Software(QDS) is a client satisfaction software that helps the company by helping it not get negative reviews online. The software helps create surveys and send them to employees and customers. This helps track employee performance and customer satisfaction, truly two birds in one stone. QDS’ analytics and reporting qualities are really good; it handles it all with due elegance. 

Here are some salient features of QDS:

  • There are 4 packages that QDS can provide: $29 per month (Starter package), $49 per month (Intermediate package), $79 per month (Executive package), and $118 per month (Enterprise level).
  • The starter package lets users have up to 100 surveys, unlimited users, clients, and employees. It also lets the user have email and phone surveys.
  • The intermediate package lets the user have 350 surveys and other features the starter package provides along with reports and reviews models.
  • The executive package lets the user have up to 1000 surveys and other features the previous packages provide. This comes with dedicated email and mobile support.


Customer success software has become an essential part of all businesses, be it big or small. Customer satisfaction has always been of utmost importance, and knowing how satisfied the customers are is really important. This promotes business growth on an exponential level and makes sure that you build a loyal customer base. This software also identify any kind of obstacles you might face while running a business due to customer dissatisfaction. That might be a leading cause for the downfall of your business.

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