Landscape design software enables designers to edit and add interiors and exteriors to their plans digitally. Generally, it is a browser-based tool that facilitates quick and easy design that can make your plans more efficient, user-friendly, and visually compelling. Be it designing a backyard, a deck, or a garden; landscape software can make the entire process much easier as you can sketch your ideas and present them. Now, conveying your design can become effortless with downloadable free landscape design software.

Benefits of landscape design software

It is crucial to plan ahead of the interiors or exteriors before renovating a plan like the swimming pool placement, the play area design, the seating arrangement, the gym set up, the lawn model, etc. Best landscaping design software free has many benefits to offer. 

  • It can aid in transforming ideas into realities by using simulation through Virtual and augmented reality on computer screens. 
  • It efficiently streamlines the entire process of drafting and collaborating on designs
  • It also facilitates the precise representation of indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Landscape design software helps to model the site, document the modifications, and visually comprehend the final completed product. 
  • It greatly helps in the advanced estimation of time and cost.
  • Making changes on the computer screen is easy, and further amendments can be done effortlessly into your natural setting as per your desire. 
  • It becomes easier to share your ideas with your friends, family, or professionals signed up to handle this landscaping job.

Features to look out in landscape design software

Some of the vital features to look out for in a free landscape design software tool are:

a) Integrated CAD Tool

b) 3D Graphics

c) Design Appearance

d) House Wizard

e) Plant Labels

f) Customized Model Design

g) Import Digital Photographs

h) Irrigation Designs

i) Material List and Cost Estimation

Since incurring expenses on professional software is something that the homeowners usually wish to avoid, we have gathered around some of the best selections in landscaping design software that is available free of charge. Let’s dig deeper and find out the top 10 available landscape design software free online.

1) DreamPlan Home Design

Image Source: DreamPlan

DreamPlan Home Design is a free home and landscape design software for homeowners and professionals. It helps to visualize the finished designs before doing a redesign. DreamPlan offers creative designs for homes, landscape floor plans, interior room design, and garden plans. It offers users an easy-to-use interface for anyone, irrespective of their skill level, to draft designs. It has both 3D and 2D rendering features, Blueprint view mode, and is suitable for Windows and Mac operating systems.

2) ConceptDraw

Image Source: ConceptDraw

ConceptDraw is an open-source landscape design software used to showcase your plantation area and the compatibility level of the other elements present within the design space. It possesses a wide-ranging library of elements like outdoor furniture, trees, ponds, patio, gazebo, bushes, etc. It can design a unique landscape as per your desires. The drag and drop feature helps to position the objects easily as you like.

Landscape designs can be printed and exported to different formats like PDF, Powerpoint, HTML, etc. when created with created by ConceptDraw. You can rotate, move, flip the objects with no trouble. Furthermore, you can easily combine and arrange the objects according to your specifications.

3) iScape 

Video Source: iScape

It is a free landscape design software for Mac that can effectively augment reality landscaping. This software is simple to handle, is free for home use, has an augmented reality feature, presently usable by iOS users only. It lacks an export design feature. You can carry your phone and walk around your garden and visualize how your new garden will look with iScape landscape design software. You can further upgrade it to the pro version, utilized mainly by design professionals who wish to promote their services. It does not have a 3D model but can be easily downloaded and installed. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch with iOS 9.0 version or beyond. 

4) SketchUp 

Image Source: SketchUp

SketchUp offers designers, architects, engineers, and builders the necessary tools to model, draft, and deliver their concepts into reality. SketchUp Free is the free version of the modeling tool available online, and a SketchUp Pro is the web-based version of the same. Using SketchUp Free, users can draw 3D figures on any web browser.

Moreover, this free landscape design tool allows sharing and collaboration of design files with Trimble Connect. It is a CAD project management tool that manages and collaborates various projects tailored for the construction business. Landscape designers can make the most out of SketchUp Free to transform their early models into dimension and context-filled design files. SketchUp for Schools is also free. However, one can download it only through the G Suite for Education platform. The respective file storage can only be done only on Google Drive.

5) the Visualizer

Image Source: is a blend of a real estate MLS market and blog furnished with several layouts and design tips. The site provides an online service called the Visualizer, which supports your dream house and garden design. You can also showcase that design in the community forum for constructive tips and consultation.

The Visualizer is a free application installed on Windows OS such as WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x64, Win7 x32, WinOther. There are no paid versions available. 3D Mode is present, and it requires Download and Installation.

6) Gardena Garden planner

Image Source: Gardena

It is a user-friendly landscape designing software for performing planting customizations. It is accessible for both Apple Mac and Windows PC. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easier to position objects anywhere in your space. The objects can be selected from a wide-ranging library and added to the design effortlessly. Once the placement of plants, furniture, and other features are finished, the Garden Planner tool creates notes that include all the items added. 

7) PRO landscape home

Image Source: ProLandscape

This landscaping tool is simple to use and works on Android, iOS, and Kindle devices. It is free and open-source landscape design software used to take photographs of the expanse you wish to renovate. With the photographed images, plants, mulch, grass, pavers, furniture, etc., can be placed as per your necessities. Presently this software is funded through in-app purchases. However, the remaining of it is free for downloading and installation. Charges are applicable only for extended library access of plants, pavers, etc.

8) Realtime landscaping

Image Source: Realtime landscaping

It is the ultimate digital digger and modeling tool with a massive library of objects, costing, and invoices. It provides diverse professional solutions that help designers and homeowners to design the precise model of a house and its adjoining space. The output is professional and stylish. An inbuilt Architect is present for those who work with CAD. The Pro and Plus tools are intended for designers and a simple tool Photo.

9) Lands Design

Image Source: Lands Design

Lands Design is a freely available professional landscape designing software for homeowners and professionals. It helps to visualize the finished designs in the form of 2D and 3D models before doing a project redesign. Lands Design offers creative designs for homes, landscape floor plans, interior room design, and garden plans. It has a 90 day trial period and a free download trial for Rhino and AutoCAD.

10) DynaSCAPE Color

Image Source: DynaScape

The DynaSCAPE Color is a Dynascape product used for bringing out your landscape design’s original colors. It can be used by homeowners and DIY home designers. DynaSCAPE Color has several Photo & Graphics Tools that emphasize on transforming your designs with intense colors. The DynaSCAPE version 1.0 is the most often downloaded free online landscape design tool by the program users. It is online landscape design coloring software that one can run on the browser.

Final thoughts

The landscape design software is cost-effective, saves time, improves productivity, and enhances the design process’s overall efficiency. The design models are highly accurate and do not involve any wastage of resources. More such free landscape design software available online includes Kerkythea, SmartDraw, Terragen, Vizterra, Arborgold, Marshalls Garden Visualizer, etc.

We have curated the best list of free, open-source landscape design software. These design tools are free except Lands design which features limited trial versions for fresh users. They may support only a single user or one project but are truly free of cost. Scaling, on the other hand, might often call for total investments. So, based on your requirement, you can go for the best design software that suits your needs.

In you are looking for detailed insights on the best landscape software then check this out.


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