Product Lifecycle Management refers to the process that is used for managing the entire lifecycle of a product from the very beginning till the end. PLM software can be considered an application used for managing the data associated with the entire lifecycle and for combining the concerned data. 

Product Lifecycle Management Software is capable of managing all the data related to a product. It also has the potential to integrate the data with MES, ERP, CAD, and much more. There are several advantages associated with the usage of PLM software. You will witness an enhancement in the product output. 

Which Are The Top Product Lifecycle Management Software?

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The product’s quality will become much better if you utilize PLM software. You can also use an amalgamation of PLM and objectives and key results software for better results. The process will also happen much faster and in an accelerated manner. The revenue also rises, and the data management process becomes more centralized. Let us have a look at the best PLM software. 

Arena PLM 

Arena PLM allows companies to create, design, and provide unique products with the help of their integrated cloud-based QMS and PLM software. They offer their services keeping in mind that new-age enterprises are dependent on distributed and diverse teams and international supply chains for creating products and making sure that there is complete regulatory compliance for ISO, EAR, FDA, ITAR, along with environmental compliance. 

Arena PLM offers support for over 1300 complicated and advanced high-tech electronics. Their services are also suitable for medical device customers globally so that mechanical, software and electrical designs work together in a single solution. 

With the help of Arena, all participants of the complete product lifecycle can work and collaborate, which leads to enhanced traceability and visibility. Due to this, the process of new product development or NPD is boosted along with the process of NPI or new product introduction. 

Arena does a good job when it comes to streamlining procedures, decreasing errors, and making review cycles automated to enhance the profitability of the company. The product lifecycle management software has reputed cloud solutions that empower your external partners and internal teams to utilize one of the most unified product development software for boosting product launches. 

Using the excellent capabilities of Arena, you can decrease expenses, enhance the overall profitability and spend less time while getting the product to the final market. 

Upchain PLM

Upchain is a cloud product lifecycle management software developed for assisting small and medium-scale companies to work on engineering production, maintenance procedures, and design existing on the complete value chain. 

Some features of Upchain have been listed below:

  • KPIs have been given along with project dashboards. 
  • Management of BOM
  • The parts numbering is completely automated. 
  • Change management
  • 3D or 2D CAD viewer and the necessary markup for it. 
  • Agile project management
  • Integrations for API and CAD plugins

If you are a single user, Upchain will cost you 20 USD per user. If you work in a team, it will cost you 50 USD per user. However, for professionals, the cost is 150 USD per user. You can get in touch with them to learn the detailed pricing information. 

If your work is primarily focused on built-in workflow management, cloud deployment, and project dashboards, Upchain is a good option. It has been developed in such a way that it can easily overlay the current legacy technology to pull and push data whenever it is required with the help of integrations and plugins. 


Teamcenter is a new age and modifiable product lifecycle management or PLM software that allows people to connect on different processes for functional silos with an added element of innovation. 

Teamcenter offers a vast depth and breadth that is not provided by any other software. This enables you to come up with a solution for the impossible-seeming problems necessary to create products that are an instant success. 

Teamcenter has an easy-to-use and good user interface which empowers all the stakeholders in the company to participate in the product development process without any hassle. You have the option to deploy the software both on-premise, SaaS-delivered, and on the cloud as well. 

The deployment is accelerated owing to the functionality of Teamcenter X.  Teamcenter X allows you to receive the same trusted solutions and help you in executing a speedy innovation. 

Some of the features of Teamcenter are as follows:

  • Change management
  • Management and engineering of requirements
  • Process management
  • Data related to manufacturing and process management. 

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle is one of the best product lifecycle management software. It allows you to automate and define procedures which in turn ensures that work never stops and the product development never falters. 

The software has features such as Bill of Materials, Quality Management, Supplier Collaboration, New Product Information, Product Data Management, and Change Management. 

Some features of Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle have been discussed below:

  • You are free to develop configurable and adaptable round-the-clock collaboration connected to your international supply chain. 
  • It allows your engineering department to manage, track and organize product releases, data, and data. 
  • The software also provides a robust and simple-to-use centralized system for managing and configuring a structured form of a bill of materials and items. 
  • Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle also has easily configurable project templates for New Product Introduction that are capable of standardizing deliverables, milestones, and other tasks by product line, business unit, etc. 
  • The software offers capabilities and features for quality management and change management. 

You can acquire Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle in two editions. The first edition is the Pro edition that has a cost of 965 USD per user per year. The enterprise version has a cost of 1935 USD per user per year. You can also get a free trial for the software if you wish to try it out first. 

The Pro edition offers a total of storage of 25 GB per user. The licenses would not be third-party with the Pro edition. You will get limitless storage along with third-party licenses if you opt for the enterprise edition. 

You gain real-time access to all the data related to the product. The product data is also shown graphically so that you can grasp it easily. The software has been made available for three sectors. These are Automotive Components and Suppliers, Industrial Products and Machinery, and High Tech and Consumer Electronics. 


Propel has enterprise cloud software. The companies of the future can use it to their benefit and utilize it as a platform for innovation. No other company in the world except Propel offers an integrated product lifecycle management or PLM, Quality Management Systems or QMS, and Product Information Management or PIM solutions that are useful for customers, partners, and employers and help in providing the best services to the market. 

Propel is credited with creating the only integrated PLM, QMS, and PIM software developed on the platform of Salesforce. Salesforce is renowned for being the most secure, adaptable, and trustworthy cloud platform in the world. 

Propel’s PIM, QMS, and PLM software allows each individual to develop better collaboration associated with the product information. This goes a long way in ensuring that the company is successful in the market. You do not need much time to initiate the process, and it will take very few weeks to start running it. 

Oracle Agile PLM

Oracle Agile PLM allows you to streamline all procedures, centralize the data, and develop products that have above-par quality. The software is also crucial in increasing profit to a large extent. 

Some features of Oracle Agile PLM have been discussed below:

  • It provides a quality management feature that provides you with instant visibility for any issue. 
  • The portfolio management feature is also useful for the management of schedules, resources, and a lot of other stuff that is required to launch a new product. 
  • The cost management feature can provide assistance when it comes to the RFQ or Request for Quote procedure. 

To know the exact pricing, you can get in touch with the team at Oracle Agile PLM. It has exceptional features to offer, and the functionalities are also amazing. It is one of the best product lifecycle management software available in the market. If you are searching for a cost-effective solution for your PLM needs, then Oracle Agile PLM is the answer. 


If we were to shorten the information provided above in a few lines, it could be said that Arena is a good option if you are looking to work with complex products, Teamcenter is a suitable choice for a company of any size. Vault is the perfect choice for designers and engineers. If you are looking for cost-effectiveness, then Oracle Agile PLM is an option worth considering since it has an excellent set of functionalities and features. 

If you are a working professional, you would have a fair idea that projects can get frustrating if they start piling up. It also gets tough to manage them at a point. If you are at such a point, you can go for project management software. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of some of the best project management software