While Coronavirus concerns were real, it now seems that it’ll affect a lot of things. Stock markets across the world for instance, have taken a sharp dip, and so has the SaaS stocks. Only time will tell how things play out, but we’re here to bring you everything that happened in the world of SaaS in the past week. So without any further delay, let’s begin.

News of the week

SaaStr postpones annual conference as county officials discourage large gatherings

SaaStr – one of the biggest SaaS conferences which was supposed to take place between March 10th and 12th – was canceled. As you could guess, it was due to Coronavirus scare, which has already led to cancellations of several conferences across the world (including SXSW).

Sequoia is giving away $21 million to a payments startup it recently funded as it walks away from deal

Just weeks after featuring it in our newsletter that Sequoia invested $21million in a SaaS payment startup Finix, it’s backing out from the deal. That’s because, the fund believes that it could be in conflict of interest since it’s also a lead investor in Stripe. What’s strange however, is the fact that Sequoia isn’t asking for its money back, which is certainly a gesture of goodwill.

Scoop: Google’s G Suite cracks 2 billion users

Google’s G Suite, which comprises services like Gmail, Hangouts, Drive, and more, has recently crossed an impressive milestone of 2billion users. The info comes courtesy Google’s Javier Soltero, who says that there’s a lot to be done when it comes to features to be added.

Investment quotient

Goodlord, the proptech startup that offers a SaaS for rentals, has raised £10M in Series B funding

London-based Goodlord has raised a Series B funding to grow and expand its team. The company offers software to property agents, landlords and tenants to help them manage contracts, rentals, and more.

Sales automation startup Novocall bags $500k in 500 Startups-led round

Novocall is a sales automation startup that helps companies with their sales and marketing processes by offering features such as capturing leads, personalizing them and then connecting with them. Based out of Singapore, the company has raised $500k from 500 Durians, the SEA-focused fund from 500 Startups.

Ecommerce chatbot startup Omnichat raises $800k in AppWorks-led round

With chatbots becoming more than a buzzword, it’s only a matter of time before they become mainstream. Omnichat is betting on that to happen as it has raised $800k for its e-commerce messaging platform. Along with offering the functionality for websites, Omnichat integrates with various messaging services such as Line and WhatsApp.

SpotOn raises $50 million in Series B funding from former Twitter executives

Taking Square head on, SpotOn has raised $50million funding for providing POS (point of sale) terminals and software to SMBs for handling payments. What’s interesting is that it’s not just offering that as the company aims to deliver a turnkey solution to businesses, and offer marketing, website development, and loyalty management among others.

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