Invoicing software is a billing and accounting software that makes invoice simple by automatically creating bills for products purchased by your clients. This invoicing software for small business generates a list of products along with their respective price tags and transfers them to your clients as an invoice. There are many invoicing software for small business free of cost that offers great features to streamline your process of billing and helps you to focus on growing your business.

Benefits of invoicing software

  • It can assist you in managing the process of billing and invoicing and permit you to get payments on time
  • You can boost your productivity by precisely tracking your billing history
  • By tracking your invoice history, you can make sure that you did not miss any payment
  • An invoice with a professional look will surely improve the reputation of your business and impress the clients as well
  • You can reduce the cost of having an employee for managing the invoice process and also save a lot on papers and stamps.
  • You can get increased cash flow with faster payments if you attach the link of payment in the invoice itself
  • It will help you to save yourself from frauds as it comes equipped with levels of bank-grade security features

Five must-have features in a good invoicing software

  • It must have pre-installed invoice templates and should allow the user to customize it according to there wish.
  • It should have multiple currency options.
  • It should be able to receive and send a piece of information quickly.
  • It should allow credit card procession so that clients do not miss due payments.
  • It should be able to store all the data of the consumer securely.

Here are some of the best invoicing software available in the market

Software Processing of credit card Accounting integration

Functionalities of sales automation

FreshBooks Yes No No
Invoice Ninja  No No No
Invoicely No Yes No
Viewpost No No No No Yes No
InfoFloPay No No Yes
Zoho No No No

1. FreshBooks

Freshbook is the complete solution to small businesses looking for assistance in accounting and invoicing. This software helps to streamline the process of invoicing for small scale business. This software will save your time spent on accounting and invoicing, which will grant you enough time to put on other vital tasks to take your business to another level. It is intuitive and simple at the same time, this will slash the time spent on paperwork. In addition to that, it will also give a professional look to your invoices that will surely impress your clients.

This online invoice maker will not only automate the task of invoicing but also aid you in tracking your time and organizing your expenses. With a few clicks, FreshBooks permits you to follow up with your clients. Moreover, FreshBooks is a cloud-based system, which means there’s no hassle for installation and you can get access with your desktop or phone whenever you want and wherever you are. This software integrates with the common apps used by everyone, which makes operating your business hassle-free. FreshBooks also provides award-winning customer support that will assist you in growing your business and making invoicing a lot more easier and professional.

2. Invoice Ninja 

Invoice Ninja

This is one of the best software for generating invoices in real-time and gives you accurate and professional looking invoices that are ready to be sent to the clients. A payment gateway is one of the most vital things when it comes to invoicing and Invoice Ninja supports more than 45 payment gateways across the world. This aids you in integrating with your service provider for automatic transactions seamlessly. Moreover, the invoice that you send to your clients incorporates links that can be used for quick payments and clients will also find this feature more convenient to use.

Invoice Ninja helps you to save your time by automatically generating and sending invoices to long-term clients, which gives you more time to focus on growing your business. This software allows you to completely customize your invoice and set fixed times to send it. Moreover, it comes with Kanban boards that not only help you to track the status of multiple client projects but also plan tasks more efficiently. It also allows your partners to edit the plans with you in real-time. With a single click, Invoice Ninja allows your clients to convert quotes into invoices also permit them for immediate online payment.

3. Invoicely


If you are tired of paper invoice then you must try Invoicely, which is a cloud-based software that helps you to manage, track and generate invoices from your dashboard. It comes with a plethora of features to make the process of invoicing and accounting easier. Invoicely helps you in building professional and neat looking invoices in the desired language within a few seconds, and send them to your clients without any extra efforts. In addition to that, you can get immediate invoice payments from any client and in any currency from anywhere in the world. With these features, the clients enjoy the convenience of paying directly on your invoice.

Invoicely allows you to customize the control panel according to your desire, which makes it effortless for you to generate invoices according to your business. Moreover, if you are running multiple businesses then you can take advantage of this software to set up multiple businesses. You can find almost everything related to your business’s finances starting from monthly and yearly statements to income and expenditure summaries on the dashboard of Invoicely, which makes tracking your business growth hassle-free.

4. Viewpost


Viewpost is an online invoice generator that makes the process of payments efficient for large companies and provides them with an online gateway for vendors absolutely free of cost to check their payment history and other information related to the finance of their business. Moreover, one can even use this software to send and receive invoices and payments from anywhere across the world. At a fraction of the cost, you can turn the hectic process of bill payment into an effortless task by sending electronic payments. One can stop sharing crucial bank details with their clients and use this software to switch to an electronic payment service, which will make the cost of payments even lesser than the cost of an envelope and safer as well.

With Viewpost, invoicing is easy, swift and paperless. Also, you get the option to customize the online invoice template according to your desire and business, then transfer them to your clients. This will not only enhance the look of the invoice but also make it very professional. The user can invite others to join their Viewpost’s network and grow their business to another level. You get the complete real-time visibility to your cash inflows and outflows, which will help you to focus on your business more.

5. is best invoicing software for small business that uses Intelligent Virtual Assistant that auto-enters the data related to invoicing to create a bill ready for your clients. You can control your incoming money as your clients will get automated and electronic invoices. You can approve and pay from anywhere at any time you want because this software allows you to evaluate and approve bills in no time from any device such as a mobile phone or tablet. In addition to that, it features many payment options such as virtual card, domestic ACH and many more. This software aids you in speeding up the process of account reconciliation and provide a boost to your business.

The data kept is completely safe and secure as this software uses industry-leading Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt the data present in the transit. Moreover, you don’t have to search for your documents as you can get any document at your fingertip, thanks to the effective sorting of the documents.

Invoicing software not only helps to generate invoices faster but also more accurately. With the help of such software, one can generate invoice from anywhere at any time from their remote devices with the help of the internet. It comes with many predefined templates and some software even permits you to customize them according to your business. You can even integrate the invoice generator with your complete accounting system for streamlining all your financial tasks. Moreover, some of the above-mentioned software can even unite directly with e-commerce platforms and with external client databases.

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