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Be it in business or society, people come together as a community to get work done. Such communities and environments are exceptionally important to get the right mindset for achieving goals and making targets. Thus, it is important for businesses to have a similar setup — a space meant for members.

Thanks to technology, you can now achieve that through online platforms and spaces without involving any extra work or trouble. In these spaces, you effectively get work done while tracking and managing your members. Such spaces come in the form of membership management software. Now, you may be wondering how you can afford such tools? Well, the answer is easy — for free!

We have here a list of the best free membership management software that can do wonders for your company. Take a look and pick out the tool that suits your needs the most. While we are at it, take your time to understand the software and its benefits better. Well, if you are ready, let us get started right away!

About membership management software

A business can operate well when they have good control over the organizational activities of the members. Not only that, but there also has to be effective communication and management. All of these can be performed efficiently through digital tools and aids such as membership management software.

This software is a tool that helps manage member activities, boost communication, and improve administration so that there is enhanced productivity and an environment where members can participate seamlessly. It allows you to create a suitable online environment where all members can freely interact with each other and the managers, to make progress with daily tasks.

Open-source membership management software is prominent in various industries and is especially active in industries such as sports, beauty and wellness, education, healthcare, charity, and many more. You may also customize the software to suit the needs of your company. Thus, it is a very effective and versatile aid that companies should consider adopting.

Why use membership management software?

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It is natural for any business to consider the pros and cons of any new tools or systems that they might be investing in. After all, you are spending money on a new tool with hopes that it will bear good results for your company.

The same applies to the membership management software. Before deciding on whether or not you should be investing in it, you need to first understand how it can help your business. So, let us take a look at the prospective benefits that membership management software can have for your organization.

• Quick administrative procedures

For companies that rely on their members, administrative procedures need to be detailed and precise. Thus, the work is meticulous, with double the amount of record-keeping and other activities. However, with such intense and arduous administrative procedures, there is bound to be a slip and error.

What membership management software does is not only simplify the whole system and all administrative procedures, it does it accurately, without any room for errors. Thus, having membership management software is pretty convenient for companies.

• Easy access to company data

The best part about membership management software is that it offers you a centralized platform from where you can control major management and administrative activities. That allows you to have quick access to all your member data and organizational information.

This happens both ways as your members too will get full access to their and other specific organizational information. This helps increase productivity and engagement from the members.

Also, with cloud-based systems, access to such information becomes even easier as both managers and members can access their information anytime and from anywhere. It also ensures that your data is never lost with could-back support.

• Guaranteed return on investment

Look at it this way — membership management software helps you come up with a better administration, allows you to monitor organizational activities better, and regulates members. All these contribute to the betterment of your company.

Therefore, it helps you get a better return on investment over the course of time. With the software taking care of your management and administration, it allows your company to focus on activities that will bring in more profit. Thus, membership management software helps improve your company overall and brings in a better return on investment.

• Accurate analysis and reports

Reports and analysis are some of the biggest contributors to the development of a company, despite its type, kind, or size. Reports and analyses gather data from past events, experiences, and engagements, studies and compiles them into accurate information. This information can help provide helpful insights that can help improve the flaws of the organization and help develop it.

Membership management software allows for automated reports and analysis so that you get the required information with the least bit of effort. Thus, you don’t need to invest time or exert efforts and yet get valuable insights that can help improve your company.

• Increase member attendance

The membership management software allows members to know about ongoing and future events held by your company. In case of future events, it helps in reminding members through emails and notices. This allows members to be well aware of events and meetings, thus ensuring maximum participation.

As you can see, membership management software has abundant benefits that can definitely be of great help to your business or organization. Therefore, if you are thinking of adopting Membership Management Software, our advice is that you go ahead with your plan. Next up, we will finally take a look at our top picks for the best membership management software that is out there in the market right now.

Top free membership management software

Now that you have understood what membership management software is and the kind of benefits it offers, let us now take a look at the best software out there. You may look through and choose the tool that suits your needs the best. Well, if you are ready, let us get started.

1. Vagaro

Source: Vagaro

Vagaro is one of the top membership management software on this list and comes packed with features and facilities to make your business grow and flourish. From managing and scheduling classes, auto-filling forms, tracking of attendees, and more, Vagaro is your perfect membership management software for gyms, health studios, yoga studios, and other such wellness organizations.

Vagaro has the following features –

  • Offers contactless check-ins and outs
  • Vagaro Marketplace allows you to advertise your services and classes
  • Automated notices and reminders allow you to get a high participation rate
  • Are both desktop and mobile-friendly
  • Support various operating systems, Android and iOS

2. WildApricot

Source: WildApricot

If your business is small and you are looking for something robust, WildApricot may very well answer your call. This membership management software allows you the option to get web-based membership forms and automate the process of application filling and sending welcome emails. It also helps by automating various administrative tasks and allows members to cater to self-service. It also helps you by maintaining a database containing all customer information.

Other important features that it offers are as follows –

  • Integration to help with accounting
  • Tracking feature to count members’ participation
  • Management of committee and fundraising
  • Live chat, mail, and phone support
  • Supports both Android and iOS

3. PushPress

Source: PushPress

If you are a fan of dashboards, PushPress will definitely be of your taste. Perfect for gym and wellness studios, PushPress presents all your required information in an easy-to-read dashboard for enhanced productivity. This multi-functional membership management software is your all-rounder administrative solution that can help you manage your business without any issues.

The most prominent features of PushPress are –

  • Management of scheduling and employee calendar
  • Tracking attendance of members
  • Feature to manage events
  • Allows easy online payments
  • Centralized and intuitive dashboard
  • Is mobile-friendly and supports Android and iOS

4. MemberPlanet

Source: MemberPlanet

MemberPlanet believes in keeping things simple, and thus, it will help manage your administrative activities in the simplest way possible. The result is, you get easy to control daily activities while running your organization in the smoothest way possible.

Let us take a look at the features that MemberPlanet offers –

  • API integration allows you a seamless experience with the various features
  • Enables quick communication via emails and texts
  • Has a premium version that you may opt for
  • Supports both iOS and Android interface

5. RhinoFit

Source: RhinoFit

RhinoFit is the perfect free membership management software for you if you own a health and wellness studio, gym establishment, or anything similar to that. It is robust and easy to use and can help you cover any kind of gym-related administrative work through the simplest and easy-to-use interfaces.

Some of its prominent features are –

  • Bill-tracking features
  • Class and event scheduling option
  • All-day gym access
  • Benchmarking workout sessions
  • Intuitive reporting and analyzing tools
  • Offers a built-in CRM system for better member management
  • Manage custom landing pages to get more members

So those are all the free online membership systems that are currently the best of the best. Please keep in mind that when we say free, we mean they either have a free trial available or have a free version. They all can be upgraded to a premium version that you may or may not opt for.

On another note, adopting membership management software for your company can do wonders for your business. Not only will you be able to have better management, but it will also all become well-controlled, efficient, and highly productive. So, if you have decided to opt for membership management software, refer to this article to get the most suitable application for you and your business.

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