Loyalty Management Software for small businesses, as the name itself, suggests that these are the software which is designed to keep the customers intact with the organization. These are basically programs developed in order to encourage customers to not only continue shopping from a particular source but also continue to avail themselves of the particular services. They help the organization in keeping a clear track record of its customers, their needs, and wants. These software help in bridging the gap between the customer and the retailer. Loyalty management software is known to use various means like loyalty cards, stamp cards, rewards, club cards, and various other such means in order to keep the customers engaged with a particular service. However, looking at a picture one comes to realize that these cards or such services are not only for the benefit of the customers but also the owners. 

These software, over time, collect data which in turn is used to form clear statistics in order to understand their customers better. For instance, over a period of time, it will be a cakewalk for the owners to identify what their customer’s favorite brand of clothes is or what kind of food they prefer to eat. Loyalty programs have come out to be the new way of business in this hub of technology. There are various kinds of Loyalty Management software available out there in the market, for all scales of businesses. Below mentioned are a few most used ones. 

  1. Retailgraph 
  2. Hunger rush
  3. POS Express
  4. White label loyalty
  5. Loopy loyalty 
  6. fitdegree
  7. Small improvements
  8. Oappso Loyalty 

Top 10 Loyalty Management Software for Small Business

Loyalty Management Software

This article further goes on to talk about loyalty management software for small businesses in detail for your better understanding. 


Retailgraph is the first and foremost choice for any small business retailer while choosing loyalty management software. This software helps small or medium scaled retail shops in fulfilling their personalized and varied business needs. This loyalty software offers all the services on a single platform; it helps in letting the retailer have complete control of all these stories in a single place. The management software not only helps the retailers in combining the information and presenting it on a single platform but also helps one in understanding the current business statistics extensively and thus makes future decisions beneficial for the overall business. It indeed provides the retails with an open opportunity to explore and experience smart business deals. Further, the business analytics as well as the statistics are not only available online but can also be accessed in hybrid mode. It is also equipped with various add-on services like inventory, customer loyalty management features, accounting as well as GST invoicing. 

Furthermore, the software is also known to multi-function and act as a warehouse management system which in turn helps in improving the streamlined control over the inventories without any causalities. In addition to the same, it also makes sure that the retailers always have an option of reordering products or returning the expired ones or even replacing the damaged ones without any sort of hassle and with promised quality service. And most importantly the software also understands the varied and democratic nature of various retailers across the horizon and thus understands the fact that all the retails function differently and therefore have different needs as well. Therefore it provides the retailers the liberty to customize the software as per their wants and needs thus making itself more user-orientated and flexible in nature.  


Hunger rush as a loyalty software is more inclined towards helping the user understand its customers better in order to serve them better. It is user-orientated and focuses more on making it easy for the customers to avail the services, for instance, its lets the customer use its multi-channel ordering system lookout for various options and thus pick the one with matches their preference. It acts as a uniting bridge between the restaurant’s front offices as well the back offices in ordering to keep the ordering and services intact. Hunger rush is needed an integrated marketing solution that lets the user understand and practice customer retention.

It helps in the overall development of the restaurant. Talking about the software from the hotel’s point of view, hotels can or indeed hotels do use this software in order to secure beneficial solutions in the delivery system along with engaging a better pickup system for delivery entirely based on the customers’ preferences. Along with the built-in agility to work exclusively based on customers’ reviews and preferences the software also provides the customers with a personalized marketing option along with loyalty and varied payment options. Furthermore, talking about the connection aspect, the software lets restaurants in various parts connect with SBA (small business administrator) which helps the organizations in prospering even more. 


POS express is trustworthy retail management software used by large numbers of retailers in order to add security as well as systemization to one’s system. The software is completely reliable and is proven to be beneficial for not only small-scale retailers but also big companies. It is powered by an SQL server and is built extensively on Microsoft. The software not only ensures the security of your transactions but also makes the process less time-consuming, hence making it user-friendly. The tool is yet attractive retail management software with fantastic sale features. It is known to offer inventory control, accounting interface, integrated loyalty programs as well an enhanced version of customer management. This too is not only focused on securing a secured and safe environment for its users but also helps in maximizing the profitability along with adding efficiency. 

 White Label Loyalty  

White label loyalty is customer orientated software in the retailing market. This software not only helps the retailers in acquiring as well as retaining customers it also provides the customers with remarkable reward experiences; which in turn helps in retaining their loyalty overall. The app is not just about the economic transactions or business plans, it is a wider picture of learning about your customer’s activities like the wants or needs, or preferences even. This software can also be integrated effortlessly via an API thus helping in running data-driven campaigns without any hurdles.  

Further, this particular software is best for all business uses; its flexible modular technology helps it fit in anywhere effortlessly. It can serve various fortes like e-commerce, retailers, consumers, and B2B along with other such industries.  

Pricing- The software does not have a free version available and does not offer a free trial as well. The monthly charges start from $1999.00 per month. 

Loopy Loyalty 

Loopy Loyalty is one of the world’s leading web applications preferred by thousands of retailers. The software has it all, from creating and managing digital stamp cards for apple wallet and goggle pay to designing your cards online. It is a hassle-free easy to use software that saves you from the unnecessary troubles of creating an app or having in-depth knowledge about technological advancements.

The software lets you send messages to customers or view their insights or even capture their respective transaction history with the bare minimum steps. These easy-to-operate steps make this software the most suitable for places like bars, gyms, shops, coffee shops, salons, restaurants, massage parlors, fitness centers, and many other daily use stores. Talking about the economical aspect, the software comes with a monthly cost of $15 per feature and also has a free version along with a free trial available. No wonder why this software is indeed the leading web application worldwide. 


Fitdegree is the ultimate harness for the ultimate customer loyalty. This software is the all-in-one package that you have been looking for. The software is not only customer-orientated but also makes the entire process of backup, sharing, or storing of data an easy cakewalk. From scheduling to punching passes, from retails to payrolls, from reports to memberships this software offers it all at a single platform.

It also lets one create a personalized onboarding experience with a customized customer service rep. Further talking about the easy sharing part, the software lets your share your schedules, posts, or messages hassle-free. You are one click away from connecting with your clients and customers. This platform is not just business software; it is also another class of social media where people can connect to one another from various backgrounds. It lets the members share their fitness experiences along with making new friends online. Fitdegree is hence very easy to use and incredibly suitable software for small business budgets. 

 Small Improvements

Small improvements are the most suitable loyalty management software for small as well as medium scaled companies. This software makes transparent pricing and one on one support easily accessible. It is extremely configurable and is extremely easy to admin as well as rollout. With its 360 degrees feedback, this software is not only appropriate for tech-based companies but is also highly suitable for other sectors like financial services, education, health care, or design. Its easy applicability and varied features make it even more attractive. At present more than 700 companies worldwide prefer using small improvements for their businesses. Further, although this management software dies not to have a free version available they do offer a free trial. The monthly cost adds up to $5.00 per feature, making it affordable enough.

Oappso Loyalty

Oappso loyalty management software is suitable for small as well as medium-sized companies. This software lets you create and customize your loyalty stamp cards as per your requirements hassle-free. The stamp cards thus created can be accessed by the customers in their phone wallets on the Oappso stamp app; which in turn not only helps keep a clear record of stats but also makes the market directly accessible and available to the customers.

This app lets the retailer stay in direct contact with the customer’s activities. This app is suitable for all sorts of businesses in varied fields. Further, it also offers a free trial and the monthly cost adds up to $8 per feature, pre month. No free version is available. 


Therefore it must not be wrong to say that having loyalty management software for your business is a must-have tool. We hope this list helped you sort your options out and pick only the best for your company. 

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