Weddings are such ceremonies where the chances of something going wrong or being missed are very high. How much ever the planning is done makes the wedded couples feel for things that they could have done this way or that. Be it big or small; one could benefit from a streamlined process. From organizing the decorations, keeping track of the guest list to getting the tuxes and wedding gowns ready for the big day, wedding planning software can be of great help to make the entire process hassle-free.

Using the best wedding planning software can save you from tormented emotional and financial disasters from happening. Many hire wedding event planners so that the couple and the families could sit back and enjoy the wedding process. It is a big responsibility for the professionals as it is a massive event for many in their lives, and a small mess up could ruin the reputation. Utilizing wedding planning software for professionals can be of great help, and they can be confident that no minute detail is being missed.

What does wedding planning software do?

A wedding planning software is a feature-filled tool that aids in organizing, collaborating, and communicating through the various aspects of a wedding event. It includes organizing the guest list, budget planning, finalizing and decorating the venue, seating arrangement, floor plan mapping, to-do list, catering, vendor details, and other facets needed for a successful wedding event. It also supports the wedding planners working together and communicating with various team members, bride & groom, vendors, family members, and everybody related to the wedding without a glitch.

Whether it may be about sending guest invitations or accessing the caterer’s list, wedding planning software solutions can be of great help to handle weddings and concurrently saving physical efforts and time.

Here we have a list of free wedding planning software to look out for this 2021.

1. Seating Arrangement

Image Source: Seating Arrangement

Seating Arrangement is a free wedding planning software perfect for DIY brides and grooms, wedding event planners, and professional wedding planning companies. The software is easy to use, and you can work online from any computer device. It offers a seamless experience of handling a wedding by letting you collaborate with everyone related to the wedding. It includes floor plan designing & printing, tracking guest lists and RSVPs, sharing wedding event information, assign seating, and many more.

2. Social Tables

Image Source: Social Tables

Social Tables is a free wedding planning software that offers a 3D wedding design view. It makes sure that all the weddings are handled from beginning to end flawlessly. It is an easy-to-use software, easily learnable by beginners too. It assists in finding the right caterer, meeting deadlines, managing guests, and falling within the budget line. It comes with features like creating 3D diagrams for attracting new clients, data storage with high-end security, collaboration on a real-time basis, information available at a centralized location for easy access, and many more. 

3. The Wedding Planner

Image Source: The Wedding Planner

It is an appealing wedding planner app with guest list management features, floor plan mapping, budget planning, and to-do lists for easy organizing. It is a free Wedding Planner app compatible with Windows devices only – Windows 8 and Windows 10, in computers, smartphones, and tablets. This software is apt for easy, pre-made templates and layouts, Multiple Wedding Plan Management, Customizable To-Do Lists, Guest Management, Budget Planning, Address Book, and Floor Plan Mapping.

4. The Knot

Image Source: the knot

It is an all-in-one wedding planning software free that helps to organize and conduct the wedding seamlessly. It defines specific wedding style, budget handling, wedding day timeline preparation, getting tasks done as per the checklist, and many more. You can perform everything relating to the weddings in an organized manner with this free professional wedding planning software

5. WeddingWire

Image Source: Wedding Wire

WeddingWire is a free wedding planning tool for finding vendors necessary to run the wedding day successfully. One can use it wherever at any time, so you need not worry if you remember making any changes to your guest list or accessing a specific vendor’s information while you are bustling. You can also build customized websites for every wedding to provide impeccable services to all your clients. It includes creating a wedding checklist, creating and handling guest lists, including RSVPs, assigning seats with place cards, keeping your wedding spending on track, finding and managing vendors, and many more. 

6. Wedding Planning Assistant

Image source: Online Wedding Planning Assistant

It is one of the best wedding planning software that lets you plan a perfect wedding. It is free open-source wedding planning software where sign-up is not even required. It is effortless, and anyone can understand functionality quickly. Plus, you can manage multiple wedding projects at one go, thereby helping your wedding planning business to grow and operate flawlessly.

It offers critical features like managing guest lists with RSVPs, meeting dietary restrictions, tracking to-do lists, sending reminders, managing wedding expenses, managing wedding event itineraries with visualization, feeding and storing important information like vows speeches, etc., and many more.

7. RSVPify

Image Source: RSVPify

RSVPify is a powerful free wedding event management tool with all the core features you require to bring together your wedding day. If your RSVP list falls within one hundred attendees, you can use the software for free. So if your event is a relatively smaller wedding, then RSVPify may interest you. The free edition provides guest management, catering management, customization options, email management, floor plans, tracking, and reporting features. It is compatible with iOS and offers Website Customization. 


Generally, planning a wedding is a tedious task irrespective of the size. It requires understanding the couple’s emotions, meeting deadlines, managing guests’ tantrums, and making sure that it begins and ends flawlessly. Having wedding planning software could save you from the unexpected risks involved in planning a perfect wedding event.

If you are looking for more options, you can also consider wedding planning software and event planning software like Cvent, WedPlanner Pro, iDo Software, Pay Panther, WedPlan, Wedding Planner Professional, Planning Pod many more.

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