The past marketing has been focused on communicating brand messaging in a way that can reach an appropriate target audience. The main goal was to deliver relevant messages at the right moment to the appropriate people to create high-quality leads or maintain current customers. 

This was at Level 1 marketing. Personalization should also be considered in the next level of 2 marketing. Marketing’s goal isn’t solely to focus on the appropriate people but also to take the next step. Marketing should enhance the purchase experience of consumers and ensure the loyalty of customers and clients through making connections for customers. 

The lack of operating models, small budgets, the advent of more advanced technologies and lack of expertise and skills in the company has forced companies to reconsider how they market. Instead of spending limited funds on the latest technologies and equipment, businesses are embracing the most innovative and novel method of marketing- marketing through managed services. Read on to discover how to use Marketing as a Service (MaaS), how it operates, and why you should consider it in your company. Let’s get going.

What is Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS)?

The customizable, responsive marketing tool supports your business strategies with value-based service-based marketing on demand. By partnering with a MaaS firm, you receive help from your service provider during the development of your marketing plan and the implementation and execution of your campaign. Marketing firms evaluate your marketing strategy to identify gaps, like a lack of staff, outdated technology, or issues with the marketing skill teams within your internal staff. Then, they design solutions to fill the gap and deliver strategies aligned with the business strategy and requirements. Your marketing service provider is an expert team that can implement your marketing plan efficiently and effectively to yield higher profits. They start by looking at the needs of your business and its performance in the marketplace before establishing an effective marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals.

MaaS is a modern, innovative technology; MaaS is gaining popularity in delivering high-impact marketing at a low cost. Through data-driven decision-making and tactics, your business can adopt the best practices for marketing in the market. Outsourcing your marketing needs lets you benefit from the latest technologies that might be expensive for your company to buy. The service provider provides the technologies at a reduced cost, allowing you to utilize what your company wants and grow when your business expands. 

A marketing agency could ensure continuous growth through long-term strategies. This can also assist in aligning your company with the most current demands in the marketing field.

How does MaaS work?

In the past, marketing departments needed to develop and submit a budget proposal for the executive while soliciting more employees to join their teams. Once the manager approves, it would take them approximately two months to recruit and get the ideal person on the team. 

After that, they’ll need to do it again if the employee gains a promotion or is transferred to a new position. However, with MaaS marketing, they can tap into the knowledge they need at any moment to execute successful and efficient campaigns swiftly. The software is designed to combine strategy and execution to aid the marketing effort based on the goals of your campaign. MaaS firms develop custom-made marketing strategies and products to aid you in reaching the goals of your marketing and business targets.

They can become a part of the marketing department. They provide services tailored to meet your specific marketing requirements and market demands. MaaS provides high-impact marketing for less cost. They use data to inform decisions using the latest marketing technology and industry-leading practices. 

To reap the advantages of MaaS, you must:

  • Spend money on collecting cross-device data: Generally, marketing depends on data for making decisions and effective campaigns. In the MaaS age, consumer data is even more crucial to executing successful marketing campaigns. Understanding who your customers are and collecting data to ensure you know them at different touch points is essential.
  • Develop functional teams that are cross-agency: Many businesses collaborate with multiple agencies to manage customer relations, digital marketing and creative agencies. It is helpful when you urge all the partners in your team to work together for knowledge sharing so you can collectively comprehend the audience you want to reach and how the marketing services you offer should be focused on.
  • Consider customer experience at the design stage: MaaS is about enhancing the customer experience by providing specific moments that can be utilized at each funnel phase. So, you must examine and study the customer’s journey from the beginning and provide individualized marketing services.
  • Include marketing innovations as part of the product you offer: New technologies like chatbots and virtual reality (AR), and VR (VR) can change how marketing is conducted. These technologies should be thought of as something other than new ideas. However, they should be integrated into your offering of products as a vital part of the strategy for CRM and user experience.

Suppose you want to engage customers and stand out from the competition. In that case, it is essential to be more than just a personalized website and offer experiences that permit customers to take action on the information. That’s the advantage that MaaS provides.

Do You Need Marketing as a Service For Your Business?

MaaS is a comprehensive marketing strategy that provides companies with limited resources and access to professional branding. The program is tailored to the specific needs of a business that can be one option or even a combination of services to provide a comprehensive marketing experience. A few of the advantages of using MaaS comprise:

1. Make available resources for use for strategic investments

If you’re working on the tightest budget, with only a few resources (technology or skills as well as time), You must think strategically about the things you invest your time and effort in… and you need to produce results as well! It is a problem that many companies focus their marketing strategies on the execution of their plans instead of strategic planning. 

Although they can score quick wins, their final targets could be more sustainable. And, of course, they are rarely able to make strategic decisions. To be successful in today’s online marketing environment, There is no place for gamblers. Your marketing plan should be informed by data-driven research and expert advice. MaaS helps in both. 

As a firm, MaaS, you only make the investments in marketing which you’ll need. Additionally, you get consistent, high-quality performance that has growth possibilities.

2. Scalability

Marketing is very competitive. Creating a successful, cost-effective marketing campaign could be a challenge. But, MaaS makes it possible to expand your marketing activities with lower costs than in-house marketing. 

This allows you to finance other marketing projects or initiatives. It allows resources to be rapidly and easily shifted to the areas where they are needed most, for example, launching a brand-new product or extending a campaign. Additionally, it gives access to valuable marketing information, which will help you identify potential opportunities.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Paying for the services you require and skipping those you do not need will cut costs while keeping your budget within reach. MaaS companies also get massive discounts when you purchase large quantities of marketing tools they offer. They can pass on these savings to the customer by paying a lower cost for access to these tools. You also avoid purchasing the complete tool to only access a specific element.

4. You can rapidly adapt to changes in business requirements.

Businesses, specifically those in the eCommerce industry, must stay abreast of trends in marketing and digital. However, keeping pace with the latest developments and adjusting to rapid changes that occur in real-time is challenging. It costs money, energy, and time-consuming to create an entirely new strategy for marketing each when a new trend pops out. 

This is only possible if you have small resources. That’s why MaaS can be very rewarding. The service you choose will stay up-to-date with the latest developments, so you don’t have to consider keeping up with the latest trends or constantly making a fresh start. The service providers also grant you access to the most recent marketing technologies and tools, allowing your business to remain at the forefront of trends.

5. A better concentration for Your marketing staff

Ultimately, outsourcing your marketing requirements to a MaaS service allows your staff to focus on higher-value and enjoyable tasks, such as ensuring your brand’s message is consistent. It enhances your process and efficiency. In addition, your team in-house learns about industry-leading techniques and the latest trends from the industry’s experts. These skills can be applied in their work when their contract with their service provider is up. It eases the burden of having to train your employees regularly.


But it’s essential to know that marketing as a service can take a lot of work. This won’t be a viable option if you use marketing services to tackle an unplanned project or for quick success. This collaboration is designed to ensure continuous growth while providing flexibility, agility, and data-driven decisions. 

It’s only possible when your marketing strategies are consistent. Avoid stressing out and spending your time and resources on activities that can be outsourced. Your marketing team must concentrate on more practical tasks while professional experts handle your marketing needs. Whether you’re starting or have an established company, MaaS is for you to assist you with related functions to marketing and digital.

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