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If you’re the owner of a small business, then you might require administrative and management staff. To find such people, though, is a hassle. A highly competitive society barely leaves any efficient workers in the mix.

But there is always a software available as a solution to your troubles. To manage the troublesome efficiency of your company, we’re introducing to you: POS software. POS software (Point-of-Sale) makes sure that all the sectors of your company work without a hitch.

Let’s check out the top free POS software in 2021.

1. Toast

Source: Toast

Toast is a restaurant management POS software that helps increase their revenue and improve services. It is a free POS software that is quite helpful in running the restaurant. This includes tips for the waiters, digital and real-time reports, and many more customizations that make management a simpler task. Various restaurants use it for multiple purposes, like processing payment transactions and gift cards.

The salient features of Toast include –

  • It has a cloud-based point of sale, which means the records can be accessed from anywhere around the world.
  • It helps process payment in restaurants in a matter of a few clicks.
  • It provides top-quality customer care by looking into the customer’s needs and demands.
  • It also monitors fraud in real-time. This means that it won’t let your data get stolen easily.
  • It also offers a premium service which has many more options like takeout and online ordering and delivery.

Having a POS software is definitely recommended for any business, be it big or small. Restaurants are the lifeline of many people, so the fact that this software helps manage such an institution is a necessity in many cases.

2. Square POS

Source: Square POS

Square POS is a mobile point of sale software that’s quite advanced in its making. It also gets the transactions done with utmost proficiency. Although it has advanced uses and complex working, it is very user-friendly and is very easy to use. It makes it so that you don’t need any extra hardware. It is completely free to use except for some services that are paid, but those are optional, and you need not worry about them if you have a small business.

Here are some of Square POS’ salient features –

  • It’s a very easy-to-use platform, so almost no training is required for your team to operate it.
  • You can customize your point-of-sale according to your choice and the scale of your business.
  • You can accept any form of payment from any client from anywhere in the world.
  • They even create custom pricing packages for bigger companies.

Square POS is arguably one of the best free pos software in the market as of now. It is an invaluable asset to your company, no matter what the scale of your business is.

3. Kudigo

Kudigo is a retail management software that you can access from your phone from anywhere around the world. This means that you can be out for a vacation or a trip, and you can manage your retail store from just a tap or two. You can download it from the Google Play Store on your Android. It includes retail management, inventory management, customer management, and sales management. It also makes sure that all your sales are recorded in your accounting software.

Here are some of its salient features –

  • It allows up to 50 items in your stock in the free version and allows up to 5000 items in stock in the premium version.
  • It only lets you manage one store at a time and 10 stores in the premium version.
  • It does not let you integrate your accounts in the free version.
  • It has a premium version worth $14 per month, which has a lot of extra features.

Although it is free pos software for windows to download, it has some premium features you can access along with the sage business cloud accounting.

4. Ignite POS

Source: Ignite

Ignite POS is a cloud-based system that provides solutions for optimizing businesses. It helps you manage and analyze sales and lets you browse the history of your transaction. It is very easy to use and boosts customer engagement. It helps you optimize your business via simple methods like inventory management, order viewing, reducing errors, and increasing the speed of service.

Ignite POS offers the following services for free –

  • It offers a kitchen display system and an order status screen.
  • It offers delivery and insight support and gives all this in two languages.
  • It has an automated data backup system, so it doesn’t let you lose your data.

It is a POS software that can be used for both online and offline platforms. It can be used for freelancing, small, medium, and large businesses. It is especially good for restaurants, much like Toast. It is a free POS software for mac.

5. HorecaFox

Source: HorecaFox

HorecaFox is another restaurant management software that works on a cloud-based system. It configures everything via a centralized admin module, lets customers reserve tables, and monitors all transactions. It integrates a lot of applications like RazorPay and Tally. It is an India-based POS software, which shows the client the menu and makes sure you receive the order without a hitch.

HorecaFox makes the user experience really easy because of these features –

  • The free version lets you manage one outlet and prints bills on WhatsApp.
  • It also offers a custom offer where it generates an email bill and guest feedback for free.
  •  It also enables digital payments and contactless payment.
  • It keeps all the records on other software in sync with your current data.

HorecaFox is a very powerful tool for any kind of business. Before starting a business, a solid plan for dealing with customers is very much necessary. HorecaFox is a very good option to deal with this issue.

6. CloudWaitress

Source: CloudWaitress

CloudWaitress is an amazing all-in-one reservation software paired with online ordering. They help you manage drive-ins, pick-ups, deliveries, and table reservations. It works for all kinds of restaurants, ranging from a small cafe to a big restaurant chain. You can enter the menu of your eatery, give in the opening and closing details of the same in this application. It is cloud-based and is also available on Android. This means there are absolutely no restrictions regarding the platform where you’re using this POS software.

CloudWaitress gives the following benefits if you use it –

  • It can make up to 100 reservations and orders on a monthly basis.
  • It gives you a landing page website and also provides free online services.
  • It gives you a performance report regarding your business and integrates all the accounting systems.
  • It also provides a premium version, especially if you are looking to incorporate it at a larger scale.

CloudWaitress is one of the best POS software you can use if you want to manage a food delivery-based business; it’s got a very user-friendly UI and is quite simple to use. So, definitely opt for it if you’re planning to aim for the top in this line of business.

7. MoneyCache POS

Source: MoneyCache POS

MoneyCache POS is a Philippines-based software that lets you manage your business. It’s quite a versatile software that lets you manage a lot for free. It is made specifically for small businesses which need support to thrive. It is supported by both Android and iOS and lets customers filter based on the cost of your product, categories of the products, and their various sub-categories.

MoneyCache has a long list of benefits. Some of these include –

  • It’s very easy to use and has a very user-friendly interface.
  • It calculates your daily profit and gives you barcode support.
  • It lets you create multiple users and manage your accounting systems.
  • It has multiple themes and has amazing responsiveness.

MoneyCache is the best POS software you can use if you are an owner of a small business. It provides all the features for free, which makes it very affordable and makes sure you won’t be let down by the experience.

8. eHopper POS

Source: eHopper

eHopper POS is a software that gets you to enhance your sales and service. It makes sure that your orders are taken care of, and your sales don’t drop. Instead, it helps you figure out a way to increase your sales. The management of offline transactions and multilingual transactions are all possible using this software. It is compatible with a lot of operating software and devices.

It provides a lot of premium packages, but this is what the free version offers –

  • It provides free processing charges, although it only lets you use one POS.
  • It works on Android, PC, iPad, and Mac.
  • It makes customer and inventory management easy, doable in a couple of clicks or taps.
  • You can also make it include or exclude taxes depending on your needs.

It is a really good software to use if you’re looking to manage a small business. For bigger businesses, it is much preferred that you buy the premium version depending on your needs.

9. Loyverse POS

Source: Loyverse POS

Loyverse POS is a POS software specially designed for cafes, pubs, and such organizations. It can be run on both Android and iOS and helps generate reports on your phone. It can also handle multiple stores from the same account and can be used to increase your sales. It’s quite a handy software that’s readily and freely available.

Here are some of the salient features –

  • It can hand out printed or electronic receipts, depending on what you want.
  • It also provides discounts and refunds on your products.
  • It has a dark theme for those who like to customize their UI.


POS software are the heart and soul of businesses nowadays, especially because of the pandemic and the meta shifting online. It is a necessity if you are looking to build a brand from the ground up, and especially if you’re a business looking to expand your domain of customers. So, use it wisely, and you’ll be halfway there to success.

If you want to find more such POS software, check out this list of free POS software.

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