If you want to generate leads efficiently, you need to have efficient tools for the same. There are multiple options available in the market. You cannot make a decision just by looking at the website of the software. 

Which Email Finder Tools Are The Most Handy?

To make your work easier, we have compiled a list of the top email finder tools with all the necessary details so that you can make a decision easily. You can have a look at the tools and compare them and choose one which suits your requirement the best. 


Hiretual is compatible with all the famous sourcing websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. It is a useful Chrome extension that can help you in finding email addresses. Apart from email addresses, you can also find extra information such as seniority level, salary range, and experience. 

You also get an AI sourcing assistant with Hiretual. This feature allows you to give your sourcing tasks to the software, and the AI assistant will then do all your sourcing work for you. You can spend your time doing something more important. 


Snov.io is one of the fastest email extracting tools available in the market. Their plans are very affordable, and they provide a free cold outreach and CRM platform too. You can get your hands on targeted leads in a matter of a few minutes. 

Here are some essential features of the tool that you should know about:

  • A lot of search options. You receive single and bulk email searches about their names, social URL searches, company profile searches, and much more. 
  • It is one of the highest-rated Chrome extensions, and you can collect all the necessary email addresses from any of the sites you have been to. This information can be collected from social media networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. 
  • You can get a full prospect profile. This comprises the name, location, social profile, company details, and the job role and position. 
  • You also receive an API that enables you to integrate the entire email search functionality into your CRM or app. 
  • You can also export the prospect list. This list can be exported in several formats such as XLSX, CSV, and Google Sheets. 
  • Customer care is provided by humans, and the role of bots is minimal. They can take care of all your queries using phone, live chat, or email. 


Sellhack is an email finder tool that was developed for sales teams. You can develop prospects, discover emails and create lead lists as well. Their features are varied and consist of an email verification engine that has 12 steps. This engine can find anyone’s address in real-time. 

Some essential features of Sellhack have been given below:

  • You can prospect seamlessly. The tool was designed for both small and big sales teams and can easily find better leads in very little time. You also have the option to sync with Salesforce. 
  • Get quality data in less time. Their tool has some of the leading features in the industry. Their verification engine eliminates all guesswork and focuses on identifying the best email ID in a matter of a few seconds for your prospect. 
  • Make your sales pipeline completely automated. Manage your entire sales pipeline and its activities to replicate the process that you use in the offline world. These methods include social selling, emails, and phone calls. You won’t forget any follow-ups from now on. 
  • Achieve a jump in sales. You can send cold emails with a personalized touch with the help of one-click email integration. You can also do follow-ups directly from your inbox. You also get drip marketing that is a good option for sales teams to execute their plans. 
  • Verification for bulk emails. You can upload all your data files that are incomplete and give them a ‘First Name.’ You also have to provide the ‘Company Name’ and ‘Last Name.’ This will help you in finding accurate email addresses. 
  • Precise data validation. You can validate your current contacts in your CRM. This leads to a complete absence of bounces, enhances email deliverability, and allows you to spot new sales opportunities. 


Hunter.io is one of the easiest email finder tools that you will discover. It is a component of the lead generation platform of Hunter.io. The other two tools that you get as a part of this platform are MailTracker for Gmail and Email Verifier. 

You can search for emails of all kinds of professionals without any hassle using Hunter.io. Some important features of the email finder tool have been discussed below:

  • You can search for an email address by just entering the name of the person and the company’s site. 
  • The bulk and single domain search are available that can help you in discovering email ids. You also learn about the detailed sources along with the confidence scores. 
  • A chrome extension has also been provided. This extension enables you to discover a list of email addresses related to the website and each of their public sources like Facebook and Twitter. 
  • You can get your hands on an email ID by using an easy API call. 

Datanyze Insider

Datanyze comes with a browser plugin that does something really exciting. It allows you to get someone’s email address just by highlighting their name whenever it comes online. The tool then pings a variety of email IDs and identifies the one that is the most likely among them. 

You can get the detailed contact information of your prospect, which includes their email address and phone numbers. You can gain access to this information from their LinkedIn profile and would not have to leave your browser. All the profiles that you require can be directly exported from Google Chrome. 

The B2B contact information provided by the email finder software is completely accurate and without any errors. Datanyze also gives icebreakers that can result in some fruitful and productive conversations. 

You can explore the prospect’s world with the help of these insightful icebreakers. They are made using their personal social media pages, snippets from the local news, and other data sources. Using Datanyze, you can initiate productive conversations that might result in increased sales figures. 

Find That Lead

Find That Lead is a flexible email finder tool and reduces your stress while it does some advanced searches. It picks some pre-decided audience segments such as keywords and location. 

Here are some key features of Find That Lead:

  • You can perform lead searches just by the prospect’s first name and last name or even their domain. This enables you to get the original business emails of fresh leads of any business or company. 
  • A prospector tool is also available. This tool lets you find leads just by searching for the job role, keywords, and company profile. 
  • There is an option of social media search that allows you to get access to the email addresses of prospects by just entering their Twitter or LinkedIn handles. 
  • Find That Lead has a Chrome extension that can collect email addresses from several websites such as LinkedIn. 
  • It has a freemium plan. If you opt for this plan, you are at the receiving end of 50 monthly credits that can be used to find email addresses. 


Another helpful Chrome extension that helps you in discovering social profiles, phone numbers, and email addresses is Prophet. Due to some issues, it does not work on LinkedIn anymore. However, you can still look for the contact information of various prospects on multiple websites. 


Now, you have enough data that can help you in deciding which email finder tool will be the best pick for you and your company. You can compile a list of your requirements and match them with the features provided by the tool. The tool that best fits your requirements can be considered the winner. 

Lead generation software comes in very handy when you are looking for the contact details of the people you would like to connect with. If you want to find the best leads, you can have a look at the best lead generation software that can make your work easier and more efficient.