2021 had brought out a wave of queries as to whether or not Blogging is still a trend, as a number of other social media influencing platforms such as Instagram, live stream, YouTube, etc., were growing perpetually over the last few years. These platforms became a part of everyone’s daily life, and it became easy for people to collect information and get entertained from a more convenient and lucrative space rather than visit a blog. Well, the answer is Yes. Blogging is still holding its position intact with certain variable changes now.

Blogging Statistics that will Blow your Mind

Blogging Statistics

Initially, blogging did bring fame to personal bloggers and made them big, but it is not so in the present time.  Matters of personal interest and information no longer attract traffic to your site or make music in your pocket. What can create a crowd is your blog becoming a resource of specific information and you become a ‘reach out to get the expert help’ in such areas. 

Increased Use of Content Bots

Content Bots

The improvement in technologies led to the use of bots. Bots use artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. Big businesses have automated the writing process with bots when they want to publish content in leading blogs. A bot is a software program that performs automated, repetitive, predefined tasks. Bots copy or replace human activity and behavior and since they are automated, they operate much faster than human users. There are some limitations with bots that they don’t handle certain types of content because they write based on facts and other factors. 

Number Of Blogs Published 

47 Blogging Statistics (2022): How Many Blogs Are There?
Source: FirstGuide

The data posted on Hosting Tribunal shows that around 600 million blogs, in total, are available online and the count may go higher. And more than 200 million posts are published daily, although the exact calculation is a difficult task. Official stats show that about 409 million people read blog posts on WordPress.com every month. 

Time Duration 

100+ Amazing Blogging Stats & Facts 2022 (Ultimate List)
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The average length of blog posts depends on the pattern and subject of the post. Most content marketers tend to complain that blogging consumes too much time. It takes about 3 hours and 55 minutes to complete writing a blog, is what Orbit Media has to say. Besides the word count, SEOs too put out a constant effort in providing information on the ideal length of a blog post. Bloggers do need to put their effort into writing as the trend lately shows that readers are to be provided with accurate and value-added information. In the span of time, people, in general, have chosen a bit more than 2000 words to be the sweet spot, as in 2021 the average length of a post summed up to 2164. 

Blogging Business Statistics 

53 Blogging Statistics That Prove a Blog Is Worth Your Time
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Blogs are the new way to pave a marketing spree. It is considered a salient feature of most successful business forums. Around 500 big-time companies have accepted blogging to be the vanguard of forwarding march in the coming time. A count of almost 46% public is reported to take suggestions from bloggers. Many such sites, for example, Tumblr, WordPress, and Wix are the face of the best blogging platform. Amongst these, Tumblr has been chosen to be home by more than 450 million blogs. WordPress is the next big name at the forefront of the content management expanse. It manages to encourage and promote about 60 million blogs with the count going ahead every single year. Wix is the other name gaining popularity with freshers, as they find the web design features of this platform to be easier in creating competent microsites. In a nutshell, blogging has become a favorable media forum amongst marketers. HubSpot marketing reports have stated blogging to be the second most common media format in content marketing, right next to video content that gained fame in the past many years. 

Revenue Statistics 

Blogging has been one of the vital income-generating sources for the last couple of years. Almost 25% of bloggers, especially those connected to WordPress, make a full-time living out of writing content. It is believed that a sum of $8,000 is the average monthly salary of a blogger. Food bloggers and personal finance bloggers are the ones to make the most money from blogging with a monthly income of $9169 and $9100, respectively. Lifestyle and ‘mommy’ blogs also earn a lot, as they mostly keep their contents related to personal lifestyles and also parenting and child care, which attracts a huge crowd. 

Research on blog posts shows that more than a 55% hike in revenues of Websites comes through blog visitors and so, businesses looking forward to attracting huge traffic to their sites should consider blogging to be criteria for organic leads. 

Success Rates of Blogs 

Data from Our Study of 1,117 Bloggers (Income, Tactics & More)
Source: GrowthBadger

Patience is the keyword when it comes to any form of business or successful venture. In blogging too, one has to be patient and keep continuing to put effort into writing skills. Blogging definitely is a matter of endurance and many tend to quit prematurely. The success of a blog depends on how you maintain a balance between quality and quantity. Although, only one or two in ten bloggers succeed to thrive in fame and pleasure through blogging and it seems to be a Gordian knot, yet, it can be highly rewarding. 

 Benefits of Blogging 

 Blogging not only helps to drive traffic to your site and promote your business but also helps in building trustworthy communication with your customers. Your blog can also serve as repository content for several other social media platforms. Another benefit that blogging can afford is by becoming a source to share company news and stories. You can also create educational content and take the benefit of monetizing your blogs. 

Creative contents always lead to collective endeavors and this is one reason people connect to such networkings. Now whether you blog to advertise your business or you love to blog on personal interests, building relationships do facilitate the growth of your site. For aspiring authors and freelancers, in order to showcase their expertise in writing, blogging can pave the way to expand their reach and attract new clients. 

Blog Growth

A blogger can easily get content with the size of the audience after successfully reaching the desired milestone. One can stop trying to pursue further growth but if you are truly intending to build blogging as your career, you have to focus on your goal to grow and expand your site on a regular basis. Along with money as a motivator, your passion should play a great role to achieve success. Although a huge number of blogs have thousands of readers on their list, only a few can boast millions of fan followers every month. Below are the blog sites that manage to attract a huge number of readers and gain estimated profits. 

The world of blogging has undergone a visible change over the past few years. Millions of blogging websites have millions of fan followers who remain dedicated to their bloggers and the trend does not seem to show any sign of change any time soon. What might change is the trend that exists today. Blogging, with time, might change its shape and form but will continue to remain in popularity for years to come. 


With the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, bloggers saw an increase in the consumer base that breathed in fresh air to the trade. A clear indication is prompted that blogging does show a good future with SEO professionals executing it in their business strategies and at the same time various platforms using blogs as their creative stage. So, be it for pleasure or for business, blogging looks promising for the future. 

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