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There’s a popular saying: “man is a social animal”, so as the world is increasingly moving online, it’s evident that the social element needs to be available in the virtual world too. Well, one look at the popularity of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and most recently, TikTok certainly reflects that. But if you had to really gauge how popular these services are, and what’s their impact, then you just need to keep reading as we have curated social media statistics from across the world. We’ll keep updating this page with newer stats, so make sure to bookmark it.

Top Social Media Statistics 2022

1) Before we start this stat-heavy article, we want to share this interactive chart that traces the journey of mobile apps over the past decade. While it’s not limited to social networking apps, you could see that they clearly dominate the chart. (App Annie)

Social Media Usage Statistics

2) 49%

of the world population uses social media. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

3) 59%

of the internet population uses social media services. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

4) 3.8billion

That’s the total number of people using social media services. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

5) 99%

of the people access social media networks through mobile. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

6) 321million

people have joined social media networks versus Jan 2019. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

7) 9.2%

That’s the growth in the number of social media users when compared to January 2020. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

8) 55%

of the social media users are male (Jan 2020, Digital 2020)

9) 50%

of the usage of mobile apps on Android falls in the social and communication category. (App Annie’s The State of Mobile 2020)

10) 2hour 23minutes

That’s the amount of time that users spend on social media services on average. (Q1 2019, Statista)

11) 8.3

That’s the number of social media services that one person uses. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

12) 89%

of the users use chat and social networking apps (January 2020, Digital 2020)

13) 6%

In terms of penetration of social media services, Middle Africa ranks the lowest, while the East Asia region has the highest penetration at 71 percent. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

Social Media Networks Ranking

14) YouTube and Facebook are the most popular social media platforms in the US. (Pew Research 2019)

15) The list of the top social media networking services across the world in terms of users is embedded below. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

16) As far as most popular social media websites are concerned, the list is quite similar to the one above (January 2020, SimilarWeb)

Social Media Marketing Statistics

17) ~90%

marketers say that social media is important to their marketing strategy (by choosing either very important or somewhat important). (Buffer’s State of Social Report 2021)

18) 73%

of the marketers say that social media has been effective for their business (by choosing either very important or somewhat important). (Buffer’s State of Social Report 2019)

19) 50%

of the people follow brands on social media to know more about the brand’s products and services (Sprout Social Index 2019)

Facebook Statistics

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Facebook kickstarted the social revolution, and with its acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp, it’s the de facto social media giant. Here are some Facebook stats that show how popular it really is.

20) 3rd

It’s the third-largest website as per usage. (January 2020, SimilarWeb)

21) 1st

Facebook is the number one Google search query. (October 2019, Google Trends via Ahrefs)

22) India

ranks the highest in terms of Facebook users. (Jan 2020, Digital 2020)

23) 627million

That’s the number of people between the ages 25 and 34, who dominate Facebook usage as compared to other age groups. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

24) 98%

of Facebook users access the service from their mobile phones. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

25) 95%

of mobile users access Facebook via apps. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

26) 96%

of the people in the US (with ages above 12) know about Facebook – the highest for any social media service (The Infinite Dial 2019)

27) 93.7%

of the marketers use Facebook for marketing their business. (Buffer’s State of Social Report 2019)

28) 61%

of the people in the US (with ages above 12) use Facebook, a number which has been dipped from 67 percent in 2017 (The Infinite Dial 2019)

29) 89%

of marketers state they use Facebook as part of the social strategy of their brand. (Sprout Social Index 2020)

30) Facebook

Irony or not – Facebook’s most popular page is of Facebook itself with over 214million likes. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

Instagram Statistics

Thanks to its visual appeal, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms. And with features like the ability to post videos (IGTV) and stories, its usage is rapidly growing. Here are some Instagram stats that prove why it’s the social network to watch out for.

31) Ranks among the top 10

most visited websites as per usage. (January 2020, SimilarWeb)

32) 1billion+

That’s the number of monthly active users on Instagram. (Instagram)

33) 500million

As of January 2019, 500million Instagram stories are posted every day (January 2019, Statista)

34) 200million

people on Instagram visit at least one business profile every day. (Instagram)

35) 6.12million

Instagram posts that will be sponsored by brands and posted by influencers are expected this year. (Statista)

36) 70%

of the marketers say that Instagram has been effective for influencer campaigns… which is twice of Facebook. (Buffer’s State of Social Report 2019)

37) 50.9%

of Instagram users are female. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

38) 274million

of the Instagram users fall in the 25-34 age bracket, making it the largest age group. (Jan 2020, Digital 2020)

39) 13.1

stories are published on an average by an account every month. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

40) Instagram

Just like Facebook, Instagram’s most popular page is of its own with 325million+ followers. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

41) #Love

is the most popular hashtag on Instagram with more than 1.7billion posts. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

Twitter Statistics

What started as a micro-blogging network has now become the quintessential source of following the happenings in the world. So ignore it at your own peril as these Twitter stats would also suggest.

42) 339.6million

people could be reached via ads on Twitter as per the company. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

43) 62%

of the users of the micro-blogging social network are male (January 2020, Digital 2020)

44) 59million

of the people on Twitter are from the USA (January 2020, Digital 2020)

45) 4.2million

That’s the number of retweets the most popular tweet has gotten. (February 2020, Statista)

46) Barack Obama

The former US president is the most followed account on Twitter with more than 111million followers. (January 2020, Digital 2020)


is the most-emoji on the platform. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

YouTube Statistics

While it’s not necessarily a social network, it’s increasingly embracing features like stories, status updates, comments, etc. which allow the fans to connect with creators directly. As the YouTube stats indicate, it already is the dominant video-on-demand platform there.

48) 2billion

users log in to YouTube every month. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

49) 1billion hours

are spent on the platform every day watching content by users. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

50) 171,000

That’s the number of channels that boast 1lakh+ subscribers. (February 2020, YouTube)

51) 55%

of the users on YouTube are male (January 2020, Digital 2020)

52) 70%

Among the top 5 video-streaming apps on Android, YouTube has over 70 percent share. (February 2020, App Annie)

53) 70%

of YouTube watchtime is from mobile devices (YouTube)

54) Song

is the number one query on YouTube (Throughout 2019, Google Trends)

55) Despacito

is the most-viewed video of all the time on YouTube boasting over 6.5billion views. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

56) T-Series

is the most subscribed YouTube channel with over 123million subscribers. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

57) 5th

In terms of consumer spend on mobile apps, YouTube ranks fifth after the likes of Tinder and Netflix (January 2020, App Annie)

58) $15.1billion

That’s the ad revenue that YouTube garnered in 2021.

LinkedIn Statistics

Did you know that LinkedIn was started before Facebook? Well, it still remains strong with its pitch of aiming to connect professionals with businesses. Take a dekko at some LinkedIn stats that showcases its popularity.

59) 675million

people are on LinkedIn. (LinkedIn)

60) 20million+

job offers are there on LinkedIn. (LinkedIn)

61) 57%

of the LinkedIn audience is male. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

62) The USA

is the dominant country in terms of reach on LinkedIn. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

Snapchat statistics

With its features like ephemeral messaging, and lenses, Snapchat is a really popular app among teens. And these Snapchat stats also highlight the same.

63) 381.5million

is the number of people that Snapchat claims could be reached to via advertisements (Jan 2020, Digital 2020)

64) 218million

use Snapchat daily (Snapchat 2019 Annual Letter)

65) 61%

of the Snapchat users are female. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

66) 101million

of the users are from the United States. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

Pinterest Statistics

Yet another social network that focuses on visuals, Pinterest has become really popular by offering a sort of digital scrapbook. In fact, it’s dominated by female, unlike other social networks. Read on for more such interesting Pinterest stats.

67) 335million

is the number of monthly active users on the platform (Q3 2019, Pinterest Letter to Shareholders)

68) 72%

of the people on Pinterest are female… that’s surely an overwhelming number for a social network. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

69) 79million+

users on the platform are from the USA (January 2020, Digital 2020)

70) 64million+

That’s the number of Pinterest users who are between the ages of 25 and 34. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

71) 200billion

pins have been saved on Pinterest. (Pinterest)

72) 84%

of people use Pinterest to decide what to buy. (Pinterest)

TikTok Statistics

If you think that it’s difficult to break into the popularity of social networks mentioned above, then take a look at TikTok. It clearly is the breakout social media service in recent times as the TikTok stats below would also prove.

73) 210%

is the increase in time spent on TikTok on Android phones. (App Annie’s State of Mobile 2020)

74) 800million

is the number of monthly active users on TikTok. (June 2021, TikTok pitch deck via AdAge)

75) 69%

of the users on TikTok are between the ages of 16 and 24. (June 2021, TikTok pitch deck)

76) 4th

In terms of downloads on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store in 2021, TikTok is placed at the fourth spot. (App Annie’s State of Mobile 2021)

77) 2.8x

In comparison to Netflix, users are spending 2.8x more time on consuming videos on TikTok (December 2019, App Annie)

WhatsApp Statistics

Yet another smart acquisition by Facebook, WhatsApp is by far the largest messaging service globally. Check out more such interesting WhatsApp stats.

78) WhatsApp is the most used app across the world (January 2020, Digital 2020 / SimilarWeb)


79) 2billion

That’s the number of WhatsApp users across the world (February 2020, WhatsApp)

80) 500million

As of Q1 2019, the daily active users of WhatsApp Status are 500million. (Q1 2019, Statista)

81) 1st

Unsurprisingly, it’s the number one app in terms of monthly active users (January 2020, App Annie’s State of Mobile 2020)

Reddit Statistics

Touted as “the front page of the internet”, Reddit retains an old-world charm of forums, and that’s what differentiates it from others. And these Reddit stats prove that the company’s strategy is successful.

82) 430million

The number of monthly active users (MAUs) of the platform (January 2020, Digital 2020)

83) 199million

is the number of posts that were published on Reddit during the course of 2019. (January 2020, Digital 2020)

WeChat Statistics

While it started as a messaging service, WeChat now has become a perfect example of a super app. Read on ahead for some interesting WeChat stats.

84) 1.15billion

users use the messaging app every month. (Q3 2019, Tencent Earnings)

85) 300million

That’s the number of daily active users of WeChat’s mini-programs. (2019, China Internet Watch)

86) 79.4%

of small to mid-sized retailers in China use WeChat Pay. (2019, China Internet Watch)

Miscellaneous Social Media Statistics

87) 56%

of the users show concern about misinformation and fake news. (2021, Reuters Digital News)

88) 64%

of the users are concerned about the misuse of their personal data. (Q3 2021, GlobalWebIndex)

89) The growth of hyper-local social apps

Nextdoor and Sharechat are an example of hyper-local social apps which have gained popularity in their respective US and Indian markets. (App Annie’s The State of Mobile 2020)

So that brings us to an end of Social Media Stats 2022. Which fact or statistic caught your attention? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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