Unexpected disruptions like power outages or natural disasters frequently affect businesses. Other times, market crashes might cause a halt to all activity. Whether you’re a business owner or an operations manager, your responsibility is to ensure that your company has a business contingency plan in place to survive such circumstances.

However, manually determining your company’s risk exposure and devising crisis management plans can be time-consuming and difficult. Fortunately, with the proper business continuity software, you can identify any holes in your contingency plan, examine operational risks by evaluating the market and rivals, and put in place the ideal disaster recovery strategy mitigation plan.

Software for business continuity aids in the creation of plans to maintain business operations during disruptions or crises.

Top 9 Business Continuity Software

Business Continuity Software
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IDrive is a software program for managing business continuity and file restoration.

Multiple devices can be backed up, and the device data can be kept in a centralized cloud system. By connecting their backups to cloud storage, you may also back up external hard drives and sync data and folders between systems.

You can retrieve data from any certain date and generate numerous backup copies. IDrive keeps up to 30 versions of each saved file. If any hardware damage occurs, you can also clone your system and restore it to its original state.

You can use the software’s built-in search function to find the files or data you require. Utilizing a user-defined key that is not saved on the servers, it offers 256-bit AES encryption.


Keepit is a data backup and recovery solution for companies looking for operational resilience.

From a single dashboard, it offers backup and recovery for all of your projects and workloads. The dashboard can be used to monitor systems and develop a disaster recovery strategy. You may quickly access and search for files in your database using rapid search and recovery, restore them to an earlier version, and stick to your recovery time goal.


Data security and business continuity management are handled by Carbonite.

It regularly makes backups and stores them in the cloud to protect the data and files on your systems. If your company runs servers, Carbonite can secure those servers, safeguard the data on them from hacker attacks, and lower operational risks. Additionally, external storage devices can be encrypted.

Using a web-based dashboard and Carbonite, you can keep an eye on online backups and access files from any device. In the event that ransomware compromises your system, the software also enables file recovery.


Comet is a software program for business continuity planning that helps with data backup for sensitive information.

Servers and digital disc partitions housing important company data can be protected and restored thanks to this. You can plan system backups and, if you’d like, exclude particular discs. You can restore the data to a local virtual machine or cloud server after the backup is finished.

The software delivers system encryption through a role-based authentication procedure and warns you of any modifications to disc partitions.


Cohesity is a tool for backup recovery and business continuity planning that promotes corporate resilience.

It streamlines your company’s backup and recovery procedures by centralizing data management with the aid of an easy-to-use dashboard. The dashboard allows you to search for files across systems, view their version histories, and restore them to a previous state if necessary.

To counter ransomware threats, the software includes AI-based risk assessment. You can restore all your files if a PC becomes infected. To safeguard your backup data from illegal access, it also provides data lock security and role-based access control.

A web-based tool called Cohesity provides chat help.


A policy management tool called Onspring automates incident management processes and compliance checks for specific business units.

You may automate the process of tracking compliance initiatives and set compliance initiatives. You can analyze the controls, validations, and tests for compliance rules and add compliance owners using its integrated reports dashboard.

A live dashboard that displays the risk scores, key performance indicators, and audit activity status of each department allows you to gauge and monitor your firm’s success. You can also alter corporate policies to improve business operations based on your results.

Altaro VM Backup

Altaro VM Backup serves as a backup, recovery, and restoration tool for managed service providers.

It produces backups for both real and virtual systems. It speeds up the recovery time of your virtual machines by replicating them to a remote site using WAN-optimized replication. It allows you to run custom backups by setting your own backup schedule rather than performing daily backups.


For MSPs to effectively manage business operations and safeguard their clients’ data, Datto SIRIS was developed.

Backups are stored locally and in the cloud and are automatically verified. Every incremental backup provides a recovery point for your systems thanks to its inverse chain technology, which enables you to recover files in the event of server problems or outages. You may completely recover servers and individual systems as well as virtualize them.

The backup screenshots are automatically taken by the software, which then uploads them to the cloud for offsite backup and recovery.


A data security program called NAKIVO makes backups in order to restore lost data.

To protect all sensitive data and save it in the cloud, you can install the program on your systems and perform an extensive backup and recovery process. In the event that your physical systems are damaged, you can recover your data. Additionally, you may keep track of changes as you add new data by monitoring the backed-up data online.

For your systems, the software produces numerous restore points. Additionally, it makes copies of your existing virtual machines. You can enable automatic monitoring for your virtual systems and receive instant alerts if any problems or faults occur.

A web-based tool called NAKIVO provides chat, email, and phone help.


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