Labels can be helpful for specific tasks like organizing files. However, they are crucial in branding products. The design of your brands can affect the likelihood that a buyer will purchase your product or that of a competitor.

Online applications allow you to create and print attractive labels if you are skilled in producing products instead of designing brands for them. Software for designing labels can range from free to costly with different capabilities and tools.

Below, we offer additional details about the top label software for 2022 and how they could aid you during designing and printing. Let’s get started.

What is Label Printing Software?

label printing software
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Label Printing software has built-in tools for managing labels, allowing users to create tags, design, and print any label. This kind of software could allow you to design different types of barcodes. It can also alter the look and appearance of brands or even print several tags in batches. Software for printing labels produces and designs for various business tasks such as inventory management or shipping. This software lets companies make customized labels that conform to the customer’s requirements and laws and regulations.

Departments for inventory and warehouses, as well as logistic professionals, utilize the software for printing labels. Hardware providers for label printing or software vendors can provide this software.

When sold separately, label printing software must be compatible with most label printers. Since most labels require barcodes, printing solutions for brands are compatible with barcode programs. Let’s have a look.

Why Use Label Printing Software?

Labels are an essential source used by companies to relay important information regarding their product to their clients. These vital communication points comprise the product’s contents, instructions for the product and product information, warnings for the product pricing, and the company’s branding.

Everything related to how companies present their brand to customers is achieved with the help of printed labels. This means that manufacturers and retailers must utilize efficient software for printing labels to create labels effectively and cost-effectively.

Top 5 Free Label Printing Software

Label LIVE

Our list starts with Label LIVE. Label LIVE is a universal printer and design application that is compatible with Mac as well as Windows. It was designed to alleviate the difficulties that come when printing labels.

Are you looking to print dynamically-generated data? Utilize Label LIVE to swiftly and effortlessly create crystal clear labels using images, text and barcodes. This program can import data from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV and print labels for every line of data.

The app comes with various tools that aid users in completing labelling work as quickly as possible Create serial numbers that will automatically increase and calculate pricing, and print the quantity dependent on a column on an Excel spreadsheet.

Because Label LIVE generates PNG/PDFs, it works with full-colour laser and inkjet printers by sending the print jobs directly to the printer. Users can also choose to have the created label PDFs or PNGs saved to an appropriate folder on their computers in a “batch.”

Users can find the most popular features simply by browsing the application. Menus aren’t hidden, and everything is available with only a few clicks.

  • Deployment – Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based.
  • Platform Mac, Windows.
  • Top Features – API, Barcode / Ticket Scanning, Barcode Printing, Barcode/Label Management, Barcoding/RFID, Batch Printing, Customizable Fields, Customizable Templates, Customization, Data Import/Export, Inventory Labels, Label Designer, Label Printing, Label Templates, Labeling, Multiple File Format Support, Product Labels, QR Code Printing, Shipping Labels.
  • Free Trial Available 
  • Prize $47.95/ One-time.
  • Best for – Barcode/Label Management, Batch Printing, Inventory Labels, Label Designer, Label Templates, Multiple File Format Support, Product Labels, QR Code Printing, Shipping Labels.
  • Support – Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support.
  • Overall Rating – 5/5 Stars


The second that comes on the list is ShippingEasy. ShippingEasy is explicitly designed for online sellers and eCommerce company that wishes to eliminate the burden of back-end fulfilment processes, such as printing shipping labels that are accurate and printing them in batches and applying shipping rules to assign postage to typical orders, sending status updates to customers, easing returns as well as managing inventory and many more.

ShippingEasy is integrated with websites you sell on and instantly downloads orders so that they can process orders quickly and precisely and automatically send order status back to the platforms after the order has been fulfilled.

However, they are more comprehensive than just sites such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, Paypal and many others.

In addition to simplifying automation and reducing and eliminating the hassle of shipping, ShippingEasy immediately gives you access to the lowest USPS shipping costs, regardless of the shipping volume.

  • Deployment – Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based.
  • Platform Mac, Windows.
  • Top Features – API, Air Shipping, Alerts/Notifications, Barcode / Ticket Scanning, Barcode Recognition, Barcode/Label Management, Barcoding/RFID, Campaign Management, Campaign Planning, Carrier Management, Cataloging/Categorization, Channel Management, Contact Database, Contact Management, Customer Segmentation, Customizable Branding.
  • Free Trial Available 
  • Prize Price not provided by the vendor.
  • Best for – Barcode/Label Management, Shipping Labels.
  • Support – Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, Chat.
  • Overall Rating – 4.8/5 Stars

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship is third on the list. Pirate Ship is a cloud-based service allowing small businesses to purchase shipping labels and postage for international and domestic parcels using USPS. It allows users to print and purchase shipping labels using ZPL or PDF format. They can share the titles with customers via an encrypted link.

The most critical aspects of Pirate Ship include shipment tracking and tracking, estimates/quotes and parcel shipping, as well as online payment and import/export. Batch shippers can connect to various e-commerce sites, including Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, eBay and more, to gather order information and keep track of the delivery of products. It lets companies send out emails with pre-designed templates to follow scheduled timeframes and inform clients of the status of packages, providing transparency throughout the entire pipeline.

Additionally, the central platform keeps information on often shipped packages in a single repository that can be used for future review. 

Pirate Ship helps generate purchase returns and postage labels and allows online payment via quick transfer of funds or credit cards.

  • Deployment – Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based.
  • Top Features – Activity Tracking, Air Shipping, Alerts/Notifications, Carrier Management, Customer Database, Data Import/Export, Delivery Tracking, Dispatch Management, Ground Shipping, Import/Export Management, Label Printing, Labeling.
  • Free Trial Available 
  • Prize Price not provided by the vendor.
  • Best for – Shipping Labels.
  • Support – Email/Help Desk, Chat.
  • Overall Rating – 4.7/5 Stars


Fishbowl is a complete software for managing inventory and manufacturing that can help large and medium businesses to keep track of the changing demands and address supply problems. The idea behind Fishbowl is to automatize the process of manufacturing. Fishbowl’s features include order management and work-planning tools that improve production efficiency. Change your manufacturing using Fishbowl’s total production and inventory control software. Fishbowl’s inventory-centric method enhances efficiency through automated strategies that give your growing business the management it requires to cut expenses and boost productivity.

Fishbowl’s software provides real-time insight and data gathering to offer business owners complete transparency at each stage of operation and empowers them to take precise and accurate pricing decisions.

With Fishbowl, your company will benefit from greater automation thanks to integration. Fishbowl’s system was created to integrate seamlessly with the most well-known CRM systems and other business applications like QuickBooks, Amazon, Adobe, Salesforce, and Shopify.

  • Deployment – Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based.
  • Platform Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad.
  • Top Features – 3PL Management, API, Access Controls/Permissions, Accounting, Accounting Integration, Alerts / Escalation, Alerts/Notifications, Asset Lifecycle Management, Audit Trail, Automated Scheduling, Backorder Management, Barcode / Ticket Scanning, Barcode Printing Barcoding/RFID, Barrel Management, Billing & Invoicing, Bills of Material, CRM, Capacity Planning, Cataloging/Categorization, Cellar Management, Channel Management.
  • Free Trial & Version Available 
  • Prize Price not provided by the vendor.
  • Best for – Label Templates, Shipping Labels.
  • Support – Email/Help Desk FAQs/Forum Knowledge Base Phone Support, Chat.
  • Overall Rating – 4.7/5 Stars


Manage your entire supply chain on one central dashboard with complete control from order confirmation to delivery. You can track shipments coming from multiple destinations to any region worldwide. 

eShipz lets you connect with more than 120 international and domestic shipping companies in just 20 minutes. Enter all your orders through your sales channel, or upload an Excel file containing your demands. Print all labels simultaneously to save costs and time and decrease the risk of making mistakes.

  • Deployment – Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based.
  • Top Features – Barcode / Ticket Scanning, Barcode/Label Management, Batch Printing, Cash on Delivery, Data Synchronization, Delivery Tracking, Dispatch Management, Geographic Maps, Label Printing, Label Templates, Labeling, Multiple File Format Support, Order Management, Predictive Analytics, Proof of Delivery, Real Time Data.
  • Free Trial Available 
  • Prize Price not provided by the vendor.
  • Best for – Access Controls/Permissions, Archiving & Retention, Collaboration Tools, Commenting/Notes, Compliance Management.
  • Support – Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Phone Support.
  • Overall Rating – 4.4/5 Stars


Here are our top software selections to manage your projects in Label Printing Software. With the help of these tools for printing labels, you will have everything you need to begin your search.

Make sure you consider your financial budget, the kind of integrations offered by your agency, and the features available on the device before you select the program you decide on to ensure that you make the right choice.

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