Businesses can use Security Awareness Training software to deliver online courses for their staff to train and test their security readiness. These tools are used by businesses to outsource security training to specialized providers with experience and courses tailored to a variety of security procedures. Many of these tools use simulated attacks or phishing emails to teach employees how to spot malicious content before they encounter it in real-world situations.

What should Security Awareness Training include?

Security Awareness Training
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While several online course providers provide security awareness training, the courses in this category are focused on workplace cybersecurity and information security.

An ideal Security Awareness Training Software must:

Provide security-related educational opportunities.

Provide online classes or instructional content via the internet.

Provide tools for training and evaluation.

Here are some of the Security Awareness Training Software that is sieved and suggested by tech experts:

Top 10 Security Awareness Training Solutions

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

Enterprises can use KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training as a comprehensive security training platform. The software takes a cutting-edge strategy that can be combined with baseline training, such as simulation attacks, smishing and vishing attacks, and interactive web-based training. As a result, we can assist our clients in becoming more secure and resilient. The software comes with the world’s largest library, which includes interactive movies, courses, newsletters, and games. Within the particular, there are thousands of community phishing templates available, all of which are free to use.

The templates can also be customized to meet the needs of the users. KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training provides detailed reports on the security strength of the organization, including both granular and high-level graphs and stats, as well as personal timelines for individual users. The integrated platform brings together a wide range of essential components in one convenient location. Random attack delivery, exceptional tech support, new risk scoring, powerful corporate reporting, and more are all highlighted by KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training.

Infosec IQ

Infosec IQ is an internet security awareness and phishing simulation that was created to equip company employees with cybersecurity skills and knowledge to protect the company from hostile disasters. With efficient security awareness training, it strives to empower every employee of the client firm and prepare them for real cyber-attacks. It offers customized security awareness and phishing avoidance training and programs to match any need. It performs phishing tests, prepares employees for real-time attacks, and provides highly effective training on how to deal with them.
It tracks trends and identifies knowledge gaps while tracking and reporting your progress during the session. It saves time by automating security awareness training. Users can select from a selection of more than 800 security training resources, modules, infographics, newsletter templates, and assessments to meet their specific needs. The software comes in three different versions to fit any budget.


HoxHunt is an online cyber security training platform designed to improve hundreds of companies’ security awareness training programs. It offers your staff behavior-altering security training programs to reduce risk and establish learning paths that are both effective and intuitive. Individual smart learning packages with an employee-first approach are available through HoxHunt to improve people’s learning efficiency. They provide hands-on training in a real-world setting with individual attention. Instead of broadcasting the material to the full employee crew, they engage the employees to ensure in-depth knowledge and learning. For real-time attacks, users get completely automated operations and simulated phishing attempts that are completely indistinguishable from genuine ones.
Users are taught how to spot dangerous emails in their inboxes and how to handle them with HoxHunt. They also provide an incident response tool that allows users to recognize and classify real threats. On their official website, you may request a free demo version of the software to test and check it out before making a purchase.

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training is a training platform designed to help corporations conduct knowledge exams, alter course content, and produce phishing duplicates all in one centralized suite via its training administration tool. It’s a good way to turn the organization’s employees into a strong last line of defense and make them feel like they’re a part of the team. When users are confronted with sophisticated phishing assaults, the Proofpoint Security solution guarantees that they respond correctly. Furthermore, managers can use this software assessment dashboard to track a user’s average completion time, progress, substandard categories, and other vital indicators.

It enables cyber security specialists to assign training to team members depending on the results of a phishing duplication and evaluation. It also allows group members to mimic link-based, data entry-based, and attachment-based assaults from within an integrated platform to gain insights regarding employee security knowledge. Organizers can use this solution to set up two-factor authentication, manage password rules, and maintain the security and protection of their users’ data. Proofpoint security awareness training software comes with a free trial and is priced on a quote basis.

Webroot Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training is continual education that gives relevant knowledge to employees and assesses their cyber-consciousness by covering all aspects of data security and regulatory compliance. The most prevalent strategies employed in breaches are phishing and credential theft, with user mistakes being more often than malware as the cause. Employee attention and the overall effectiveness of cybersecurity education programs are improved by short, easily digested courses.


ThreatCop is a cybersecurity awareness tool that is used to assess real-time threats of organizations and reduce any cyber risk. The solution can run an unlimited number of dummy attack campaigns to build cyber awareness among employees. The LMS feature helps in creating awareness about different cyber-attacks. Employees are assessed through questionnaires that are based on simulated cyber-attacks and awareness modules. The software runs simulated phishing attacks that are deployed via emails so that the level of awareness amongst employees can be analyzed. Users can customize and even import email templates that help to deploy realistic phishing attacks. The tool allows users to schedule attack campaigns for any date and time as per convenience. With the hack record of employee features, users can extract all hack history of employees to get an in-depth analysis of their employee’s vulnerability level. The tool replicates the most popular phishing attacks so that it can get the most accurate risk posture of the organization.


Defendify is a multi-award-winning, all-in-one cybersecurity platform for small and mid-sized organizations. At a glance, see your cybersecurity data, including health scores, alerts, reports, recommendations, goods and services, users, and devices. The regular examinations provide you with a current cybersecurity health score. Keep track of what’s going on with your people, systems, and devices, as well as new risks. Real-time alerts provide you with the ability to react quickly. Timely insights and recommendations help you understand your cybersecurity posture, areas for development, and organizational and employee-level actionable next steps.


PhishingBox software provides a set of security tools for phishing simulation and security awareness training. The LMS is an integrated learning management system (LMS) that is used to develop training courses, content providers, and more. The phishing simulator performs realistic phishing tests to assess the success of its security awareness training. NRS monitors the organization’s security awareness posture to automate procedures, and KillPhish is an email plugin that evaluates emails.


CyberVista is a fast-growing cybersecurity training, education, and workforce development organization. The ability of senior leadership to make rapid judgments based on limited real-time knowledge is tested in this interactive cyber crisis tabletop exercise. Executive and board-focused seminars are available both on-site and on-demand and provide the knowledge needed to identify, monitor, and manage cyber risk. Cybersecurity awareness training, either online or in-person, focuses on critical themes that help protect both the firm and the individual from cyber-related risk.


Haekka is the first training platform that allows employees to embed organizational knowledge in their daily job. Haekka can even renew training on its own. It also includes useful features such as a training catalog, quizzes, auto-renewal, employee assignment, graded training, and more.


Cyber risks that take advantage of human nature or plain inattention are protected by security awareness training. Phishing, as well as ransomware and other behavior-based vulnerabilities, are among the most common threats. Instructional materials live to teach, and realistic phishing simulations are all examples of cyber security awareness training services. Security awareness training vendors provide ongoing training and updates to keep up with evolving attack methods.

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