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HDPOS - Top 5 Reasons To Use This Billing Software

The HDPOS Smart is the best invoicing system in India designed to offer an immaculate intuitive interface and easy searching features, with a bird’s eye view to automate retail billing. It is efficient at handling inventory, financial accounting, paperless billing, and much more.

Proper billing and invoicing require utmost caution in order to zero down on possible errors. While a lot of businesses tend to perform these billing functions manually, it makes them vulnerable to unfathomable errors, which are a big NO for bookkeeping purposes. To dodge this problem, modern businesses started welcoming the billing and invoicing software into their arena to perform automated calculations, keeping taxes in mind. This software creates a win-win scenario by oiling the record-keeping process and incorporating advanced features for precise financial data entry. Thus, by investing in the best billing software system, one can have better control over one’s accounting figures and add more gravitas to expansion plans.

The HDPOS Smart is the best invoicing system in India designed to offer an immaculate intuitive interface and easy searching features, with a bird’s eye view to automate retail billing. It is efficient at handling inventory, financial accounting, paperless billing, and much more. HDPOS has left its mark on all types of business avenues and finds use in stores to supermarkets. However, it has shown the most positive of results in organizations like SMEs, mid-market, enterprise, government, PSUs, and startups. Let us delve deeper into the world of automated billing using HDPOS!

Top five reasons to use this billing software

HDPOS Smart is synonymous with a wide array of features like keyboardless checkout for touchscreens, automatic application of discount and price change at the time of billing, fixation of data entry errors by editing, deleting and shifting, acceptance of multiple modes of payment, customized bill printing, and much more. Although the features of this software are numerous, let us analyze the top five reasons to use this billing software-

1. Billing and invoicing 

A billing software entails a lot of functional expectations at the checkout counters of all retail business. One should be prompt in the invoice preparation, check alternatives for all products, successfully apply and suggest existing discounts and promotions to customers, etc. The HDPOS Smart billing and invoicing software, with its all-encompassing feature list, convert your computer being used as a billing machine into a powerful billing system.

2. Stock management

The critical requirement of any business is to successfully manage inventory or a large number of items. HDPOS provides stock management under its umbrella list of key features. Stock management allows one to regularly track, manage, and verify the physical stock to be in accordance with the database. Apart from this, it also takes care of the damages to the stock, which would otherwise slip under the rug. Thus, this stock management not only keeps track of your inventory but also maintains the physical record or location of your products in your warehouse to make identification quick.

3. Financial management

HDPOS smart allows wholesome financial management like auto-generation of certain accounts on initialization of HDPOS software( sales account, petty cash account, supplier account, customer account, etc.), and automatic execution of a financial transaction with credit to a sales account and debit to customer’s account after document creation. HDPOS also allows users to create your own financial account for different activities like electricity bill, water bill account, etc. It is also possible to maintain bank details alongside account numbers.

4. Tax management

HDPOS smart provides the setup for flexible tax definition that can easily be modified by the business owners as per government policy management to suit changes in the tax rates without the hassle of releasing new POS billing software. This billing software provides users with the flexibility of defining complex tax structures like cess, excise, and other additional taxes. Once the tax definitions are fed into the software, all tax transactions are calculated without human intervention, and the software is ready to accommodate more tax changes.

5. Manage exchange and auto offers

HDPOS Smart is exceptionally helpful on occasions where a customer wants to exchange and in return purchase a new item of similar value. Also, this billing software comes handy while automatically displaying auto offers and schemes on the billing screen to notify customers of applicable offers and apply last minute discounts.


HDPOS as a Windows-based billing and invoicing software has really brought about a revolution in the retail industry with fruitful results. Its highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface is enriched with a huge number of features like manufacturing or service delivery, inventory management, product management, barcode generation, smart billing by auto-correction of price, auto accounting; payroll management, sales forecasting, and much more with just primary manual involvement. Its ability to be installed and run on multiple terminals apart from a single computer is highly useful. The price for this sterling software starts with a modest figure with a one-time payment but rewards its users manifold. Modern retail businesses have recognized the software’s efficiency and are using it to maximal effect.

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