The best telemedicine software helps online interactions between doctor and patient via online video setup. It has been conventionally useful for practices with distributed rural populations where gaining access to physicians is far from reach. In such scenarios, traveling to the practice could be problematic, dangerous, and time-consuming for patients with forgoing health conditions.

Currently, due to the COVID pandemic, telemedicine has turned out to be a popular option for patients. It makes ways for immediate accessibility and 24/7 availability for patients seeking care. Thanks to IT and mobile technology developments, telemedicine software platforms have become more capable and accessible. Patients with existing conditions could be monitored from a distance, from home, as social distancing and precautionary approach have become the need of the hour.

Integrations with telemedicine software

At times, telemedicine software is presented as a standalone platform. However, nowadays, it is also offered within prevailing medical practice management software. Telemedicine platforms can integrate with other medical software easily, like the Electronic Health Records (EHR). It becomes effortless to render a diagnosis or treat medical conditions with easy access to patients’ pre-medical history records. It can also be integrated with medical billing software platforms to ensure that the patients and insurers are correctly invoiced and payments are made.

So, whichever telemedicine platform you opt for, it should be capable of working with present medical and health service software. Here we have featured the best free and paid telemedicine software platforms and suggestions also to consider.

1. 1upHealth

Image Source: 1upHealth

1upHealth offers plenty of health systems and health-oriented tech companies with the necessary tools for creating an accessible and easy user experience. The platform allows EHR linking, where millions of patient medical records are securely stored. The FHIR API helps users to build in no time. No authorization is required from providers for integration. Health tech companies and their consumers’ data can be connected and computed almost instantly. Also, the users can view, manage, and perform certain actions on their health records. Payment gateway integration and transactional data interaction between the user and the service provider can be done by FHIR Bulk Data transfers and analytics APIs.

Patients can make use of 1upHealth’s free patient application to bring their data together and share it across various health systems, and apps whenever required. It comes with custom pricing for their software.

2. MyClinic

Image Source: MyClinic

MyClinic is free open source telemedicine software that connects with their patients efficiently. The software provides Video Consultation solutions for patients to consult virtually with the doctor from any smart device. It is a highly secure platform with 2-Factor Authentication for Files, Photo uploads, and to handle personalized patient experiences. You can manage appointment scheduling and virtual shared rooms. It is useful for clinics and Healthcare Professionals to make use of the software.

It has three models – Freemium, Subscription, and Quotation Based model categorized for healthcare professionals, heavy users, clinics with up to 10 team members, and large clinics or hospitals.


Image Source: is a feature-filled telemedicine software designed for healthcare Enterprises and SMEs. It is extremely simple to use for both patients and clinicians. is a free open-source telemedicine software suitable for all. All individual service providers are given a free Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with They meet worldwide security requirements along with HIPAA, PHIPA/PIPEDA, GDPR, & HITECH compliance.

It offers a Free Trial and a Subscription model. It includes Live Chat with unlimited minutes, Alert Notifications, Patient Records Management, File Transfer, Payments, Patient Portal, Patient Queue, Care Summary, Personalized URL, and many more.

4. Teladoc

Image Source: Teladoc

Teladoc software platform is focused on all healthcare professionals from varying specialties like physicians, dietitians, dermatologists, behavioral health to meet up with patients through phone, video, or app. Set up your online account and fill in a brief medical history before entering the virtual consultation room. It also lets you send prescriptions to pharmacies, get reviews of your condition through live chat.

Teladoc provides a custom pricing model for their software. It has features such as Live Chat, Reminders & Alert Notifications, Payments, and is HIPAA Compliant.

5. Amwell

Image Source: Amwell

AmWell is a cloud-based telemedicine management tool designed to suit all medical practitioners and health clinics of all sizes, from urgent care to acute care. It has telemedicine carts that connect remote physicians with the patients in a most reliable, safe, and user‑friendly way. Amwell’s EHR integrations embed into present clinical workflows and patient portals. It offers custom pricing for its software with varied features like alert notifications, file transfer, payments, HIPAA & GDPR compliance, patient portal, care summary, and more. 

6. iCliniq

Image Copy: iCliniq

iCliniq is a telemedicine platform where patients can get a medical second opinion from physicians online. It helps to clarify patient doubts, and it saves them from huge expenses as well. iCliniq has a panel of licensed and fully verified physicians, medical practitioners, and therapists from various countries like the US, UK, Germany, India, etc. So, with a few clicks, one can choose a doctor of their choice, book a lab test, chat with a doctor, etc. 

The software also hosts several health tools and a symptoms checker, which is useful for self-diagnosis and immediate action to treat their ailment. Health and illness-related Q&As are also present for users to gain knowledge on iCliniq’s online portal.


Seamless and latest telemedicine software that complies with the required laws to run a healthcare business is key for any practitioner or healthcare organization. We hope that the above information to free and open-source telemedicine software and paid models would ease choosing the right one for your business. 

Still, suppose you are searching for some freemium or paid options. In that case, you can look at telemedicine software like PrognoCIS EHR, Mendfamily, InTouch Health, eVisit, AMC Health, VSee, SnapMD, My telemedicine, swdMed, and Hale.  Also, have a look at the wide-ranging list of telemedicine software here for more options.

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