What is Zoom?

Zoom is the top video conferencing software app today. It allows you to connect with co-workers when in-person meetings are not feasible. It has been hugely successful during the pandemic and continues to grow. Zoom users communicate and connect via audio, video, phone, and chat. All you must have is an internet connection and a supported device. New users must make an account and download the Zoom Client for Meetings. You can check the variety of solutions proposed by the Zoom platform and decide which one would best fit your needs.

Why Zoom is Best for Video Conference?

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Several video conferencing solutions are now available, and many top web conferencing competitors offer the same components at similar prices. It can take time to choose among them. Yet, when you look closely, Zoom is the best choice. The following are eight reasons why Zoom is the #1 video conferencing medium.

1. Screen Sharing on Mobile

Many webs and video conferencing solutions equip users with desktop or laptop screen sharing but not on mobile. Zoom’s mobile screen sharing abilities allow running a mobile meeting as effectually as you would from your desktop, an important feature that helps when you are on the move.

2. Works with Video Conference Rooms 

Zoom’s Room Connector fetches traditional room systems to the cloud, connecting H.323/SIP room systems with desktop, tablet, and mobile gadgets. The RC has diverse deployment choices to have a unified communications platform:

  • The Personal Room Connector helps to connect inside your internal network.
  • The Virtual Room Connector runs in DMZ.
  • The Cloud Room Connector runs in the public cloud hosted by Zoom.

The above three features are unique and affordable since this is free with all Zoom accounts. Other web conferencing solutions either do not have these elements or only offer them at a costly price point.

Therefore, Zoom is the finest solution for any room size. You can have Zoom everywhere, whether in a small meeting room, boardroom, or large classroom. You must follow the steps and have the equipment needed to set up your video conference room based on its size and your needs.

3. On-premise Deployment Option

Zoom’s on-premise stationing option with the Zoom Meeting Connector extends Zoom’s cloud support infrastructure. It allows video, voice, and content-sharing data to be stored on your private cloud. Other web conferencing solutions either do not offer this segment or only offer it at a costly price point, and Zoom offers it for free to paid users.

4. Affordable and Easy Services at a Reasonable Price

Zoom is $9.99/month per host for business customers and other web meeting providers command about five times more than that. Video conferencing competitors can cost a fortune which may not also include ongoing maintenance costs.

5. Smooth switch to video

Some people do not like video conferencing, and many try to hide behind the camera. When the world switched to Zoom, it almost brought a culture change and gave people a choice between audio and video conferencing options. Zoom offered a seamless experience in switching from a call to a video.

6. Easy Zoom Phone Porting Function

When you think about switching service providers, porting those numbers is the primary thing. Porting customers’ experiences from your old provider to Zoom is easy and done quicker than anticipated, and the process is simple.

7. A Strong Organizational Dashboard

The organizer has a dashboard to see everyone’s CPU usage and adjust the sound quality if there’s any delay or jitter on audio or video. Easy to track down issues and find the systems built in. You can manage everything centrally, view everything going on, and maintain statistics that help identify where the problem is.

8. User-friendly Management of Zoom

Setting up a phone on Zoom is like a piece of cake. You do not require technical competence to do it, and you need not call for support or file a ticket; you can do it yourself and be done with it. With Zoom, you do not procure another license; you can add it, and it’s immediately available. From an IT admin perspective, this is the best.


Zoom began trading in the stock market in April 2019. When it was considered a rarity: a recent public tech company that spun a profit. And one year later, the coronavirus pandemic hit the world. Zoom leaped from being a niche business software popular with tech companies to how users did almost everything with it.

It changed the entire scenario. There was a sharp rise in Zoom meetings for the millions of workers who are working from home. And for others, it has offered Zoom birthdays and baby showers. For many, it has become a salvation, a lifeline to the outside world. It offers a free option that allows free calls up to 40 minutes and an unlimited paid option that allows users to do many things they used to do in person or missed out on. 

 Different companies are opting for the videoconferencing space, and Zoom must keep up with the pace and continue to distinguish itself from others. Zoom’s founder has submitted that Zoom would soon be the center of a more human communications system.

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