The world has developed a new entity known as AI (Artificial intelligence) which has created a new era of learning for people in the entire world. AI has created a new history of learning for the world and has changed the perspective of people about learning new things. Learning has become so easy that anyone can easily adopt anything in the learning world. At this time AI is so developed and required for the whole of humanity in order to reach the intelligence level of the human mind. It is also helping humans to reach their limits and above for the creation of extraordinary things.

Work reduction of humans is one of the key advantages of AI and anyone can complete the same amount of work in much less time without quality reduction.

The recruitment process has become so complicated and even more difficult for HR and recruiters as people with the right skill for the job is much lesser if compared to people who apply for a particular job . Increase in the competition in every field and each time number of people in a field gradually increases which a hectic competition for everyone. Work becomes more hectic for such job positions for people with the same skills. In order to get rid of hectic work, AI plays an important role for the companies for the better recruitment process.

Use in Recruitment 

The hiring process is complex but by using AI we can simplify it. It can be used for automation, CV/Resume reviews, identifying corrections and errors in documents, and finding proper resumes for a required job.

1. There is a process where man’s work is so repeated it does not make any sense to perform it again and again. AI can work in a way that reduces manpower and is even more efficient and fast in the first part of the interview and even helps in scheduling an interview time, changing time according to the situation.

2. Candidates can easily communicate with AI and can clear all their doubts regarding interviews easily. There is no requirement for the person behind the function of those messages.

3. Documents can be easily verified and checked by using AI. Verification of identity is a major achievement of using AI.

4. Potential candidates for a particular job can be easily verified by scanning their skills and matching skills with the skills that the job requires.

Privileges of using AI 

Reducing workload and improving the hiring process so that the recruitment process is positive and provides candidates with good experiences.

1. Hiring managers can focus on more activities for the recruitment process and easily reduce their workloads.

2. The process of scanning and sorting profiles of candidates can be done in a faster way and can find the real skilled person for the job.

3. In many interviews, candidates face many problems during recruitment such as having no faith in recruiters and thinking whether it’s biased for everyone or not.

4. AI can identify the correct and best candidate for a particular job by having the most accurate skilled person for that job.

How can we use AI in the best possible way

  • AI is built by human only to reduce their workload and make work more efficient so that the best-skilled personality gets hire and get his position according to his learning.
  • Ai can easily identify the areas where time-consuming is a big challenge and can correct those areas to provide a good user experience.
  • Accuracy is the key in an interview, candidates’ profiles can be scanned easily by Ai.
  • There are some values in interviews that HR lacks but Ai can easily work on that.
  • The round 1 and round 2 interviews can easily conducted by AI by creating different tests for different candidates and calculating the result faster and on-spot checking of answers is a good advantage.
  • Cheating can not be done in interview rounds because the process will be so accurate that it will be biased for everyone who came for the interview.
  • Next rounds can also be conducted with the help of Ai and make the interview user-friendly.

How will AI change the recruiter’s responsibility?

Ai won’t remove the actual need for a recruiter, a person will work the same as working without Ai but a recruiter can complete his work easily and faster. Efficiency of work will increase with much faster way. The recruiter will work less on the tools and the work that Ai can easily complete. Ai will also provide skilled candidates for the particular job who have acquired the same skills.

Software and Tool

As AI is advancing on a large scale people are developing an interest in AI and building different tools and software for humanity to decrease their work loads. Interestingly many people came across different skills and developed different AI and engines so as to make the recruitment process efficient and clear for everyone. 

Below are some AI recruitment software that can be used by companies :

  • Paradox – Paradox is the highly developed AI tool that is used by 99% of the hiring companies in order to conduct the screening process.
  • HireVue -It’s simple to scale hiring using HireVue, a platform for talent experience that automates workflows. With the use of text recruiting, tests, and video interviewing technologies, you can better engage, screen, and hire talent.
  • Modern Hire -A web-based recruiting tool called Modern Hire was created to assist hiring managers in automating procedures for finding talent by utilizing predictive analytics. Recruiters can handle every stage of the hiring process using the integrated platform, from pre-employment testing through candidate interviews.
  • Applicant Tracking System – The hiring and recruitment process, including job advertisements and application submissions, is managed by software known as an applicant tracking system (ATS). It arranges and facilitates searching for data on job searchers. A candidate is tracked during the employment process by an ATS, as the name suggests. In addition to assisting with interview scheduling, it sends automatic emails to candidates and staff members, including recruiters and hiring managers, and issues notifications and alerts.
  • Chatbots- Hiring teams can interact, talk to, and schedule applicants at every level with the use of recruiting and HR chat automation. Giving hiring managers hours of time back and allowing them to concentrate on bringing in the appropriate applicants


As Ai is just introduced it may not be fully developed and cannot work efficiently which can create some faults and problems in the Recruitment process.

 Companies using such AI software can be in more problems by selecting those candidates who do not deserve that particular job.

Ai tools never be able to replace human, hiring managers and recruiters. The value of recruiters never be degraded in this process of recruitment. Automation of rounds cannot be just implemented by AI there is always a need for manpower behind it.

For eg; there is always a need for someone to interact with the candidate to know about his personality. Hard skills can easily be judged by AI but Soft skills plays an important role in interview. Speaking skills and personality required for jobs is only be judged by humans in more better way.

Chatbot Problem :

There are many chatbots that just chat in a basic way and cannot solve the issues of the candidate. They do not have the capabilities to solve real-life problem if the candidate expresses in chats. Very simple questions can only be solved by these bots but sometimes cannot solve the real main queries of candidate 

Candidates can be easily be missed who have more skills and can be the best choice for the position. Fault in AI can make documents and verification process more complicated and candidates can be missed out just because of some AI fault.

There are people who are all-rounders in all fields and have other skills written in their resumes.  Ai can miss that resume which has different skills written and a candidate can lose his seat in the company just because of some poorly developed software.

As no one can be so perfect in every field, Ai cannot differentiate skills and even the behaviour of candidates which is more required than skills sometimes. 


Using AI is the best way for recruitment and with the changes in advancement in the world AI recruiting software should be introduced so as to conduct a proper recruiting process in a much faster way. it will not create any problem for recruiters as there is always a need for humans behind software at every step of recruitment. The development of powerful AI is needed so that any deserving candidate should not be left out just because of some underdeveloped AI software 

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