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Education Technology or simply EdTech saw a massive growth during the pandemic when students couldn’t go to schools to attend classes. The investment in EdTech is now likely to double in the next 5 years to about $404 billion.

In the past few years, many new EdTech startups have made a name for themselves. These startups are shaping the future of the new generation. They are revolutionizing the way education is imparted for K-12, college, or at the professional level.

It’s no longer only about flipping books and taking notes. Education is now aided with technology, development tools, better software, and improved hardware, paving the way for a completely new style of learning.

In this article, we’ll talk about the top 10 SaaS EdTech companies that are changing the face of education. But first, let’s discuss the benefits of EdTech platforms.

Benefits offered by EdTech platforms

Since the way students are learning has evolved, the components required to teach have seen a change too. There are reading materials, computer-based training, e-learning, mobile-based learning, teacher training, and several other parameters that have come into being due to the evolution of EdTech.

Let’s discuss the key benefits offered by EdTech platforms – 

• Scalability With SaaS-based EdTech platforms, courses and learning material can be made available to students in any geographical location. The platforms designed by EdTech companies are easy to use and can be used without any training. 

Engaged learning – SaaS-based EdTech companies have taught students to learn things without worrying about their grades. These companies devise games, virtual reality learning, and more to impart the best education to students in an engaging way. 

Education management – SaaS-based education has made it easier to manage the faculty, infrastructure, and students. EdTech startups like Kreedo are providing SaaS-based school and learning management systems to teaching platforms. 

Faculty training – Teaching experience and qualifications are no longer the only criteria for teaching on EdTech platforms. To convey knowledge effectively, EdTech startups like flipClass are designed to track teachers’ performance and teach them relevant things to improve their teaching skills. 

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Top 10 SaaS EdTech companies

Now, let’s talk about the top 10 SaaS EdTech companies that are changing the face of education. Many of these were launched post the pandemic. 

1. Kahoot

Kahoot is an EdTech startup based in Norway, offering a game-based learning platform. They have designed micro and trivia quiz games in minutes for any subject, in many languages, and for students of all ages. This makes learning fun and gives it a competitive flavor as students earn points on answering the questions right. 

2. Coursmos

Based in San Francisco, Coursmos is a micro-learning platform for learning and teaching micro-courses to students. The courses offer lessons in business, technology, personal development, startups, and much more. These courses are as small as 3 minutes each, power-packed with a lot of information. 

3. Clever

Clever is a San Francisco-based single-sign-on (SSO) platform for K-12 education. They are a third party between the school’s student information system and other online learning applications. On their portal, students can sign in for a single cloud-based data storage facility. The platform is secure and manages to allow districts and schools to grant access and deliver data to even third-party applications.

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4. Open Sesame

This is a Portland-based company, offering e-learning and training courses for people in businesses. Open Sesame helps other companies find courses, link them to their core applications, and sync them to their learning management systems (LMS). They have more than 20,000 courses on subjects spreading across manufacturing to healthcare. OpenSesame is dedicated to providing companies with e-learning courses that skill up their employees. 

5. RevWork

RevWork is a San Diego-based startup, founded by women. It is a SaaS platform to harness AI and behavior change science to enhance development needs in the workplace. This platform is driven by science and technology and machine learning to enable people to learn and transform as per the industry needs. RevWork has an optimizing learning model that helps adapt to a user’s learning style, preferences, and progress.

6. Atorika 

Atorika, a French EdTech startup, specializes in transforming child education. Still in the inception stage, Atorika plans to create “Atorika Spaces” as dedicated rooms to hold workshops for children aged between 5 and 15. The company plans to conduct supervised and group workshops where children can learn in a high-tech environment. Through their slogan, “art and science through experience”, they make the idea of child education very interesting and exciting. 

7. Byju’s

Founded in India, Byju’s started as Think and Learn Pvt Ltd in 2011. They encompass the complete K-12 segment for the school curriculum, focusing mainly on Maths and Science. Students can take video lessons on their app or the website and can learn through games designed specifically for each subject. They are constantly innovating to make e-learning available to everyone. 

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8. Coursera

Coursera is based in California and is one of the major EdTech companies, connecting students to more than 150 universities. They have courses in different subject areas so that students can learn from the best of the educational institutes. 

They offer on-demand video lectures and community forums. They are also one of the biggest startups dedicated to imparting education via e-learning. 

9. Simplilearn

Based in India, Simplilearn is one of the very few startups that offer professional education. They provide certifications for professional courses and help employees learn more about their domain. This EdTech platform is empowering professionals to look and perform better in their jobs and get better job prospects. 

10. Unacademy 

Unacademy is based in India and is one of the fastest-growing EdTech companies now. They have enrolled 300,000 students so far, teaching them through video lessons and more. The courses are for students of all ages and for all subjects. Educators are enrolled on the basis of their education and teaching capacity and are empowered to share video lessons for students. 

Unacademy is one of its kind EdTech startup that imparts personalized lessons to students of a single subject or stream.


EdTech platforms have enhanced the learning and performance of students and teachers alike. These platforms are imparting practical education that holds the potential to create an experience that can change the way the education industry has been functioning till now.

For an educator, EdTech has changed time-consuming processes to better options like lesson planning, reporting, and record keeping. This industry has the potential to create more engaging, more specific, and inclusive content, focusing on a great learning experience.

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