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Businesses use fleet management software to track the data of their drivers and vehicles while adhering to government laws and regulations. Companies rely on fleet tracking tools to learn about the best routes, spend less on maintenance and fuel, and ensure strict compliance of traffic rules by the drivers.

Many software also provide specialized tracking systems for refrigerated trucks or reefers, trailers, and other kinds of transport systems. In this article, we will be looking at some of the top fleet management software that will help you optimize your vehicles to the fullest.

1. TrackoBit

Source: TrackoBit

TrackoBit is based in India and is considered one of the fastest-growing Telematics companies. They are experts in developing real-time platforms that have a solid infrastructure backed by the cloud. The software manages millions of connections that work in real-time and translates raw data into something more meaningful, i.e., insights.

Their software is active in more than 1100 cities, and close to one lakh vehicles are tracked by their tools. Their platform works the best for transport, waste management, logistics, agriculture, field force management, FMCG, rental vehicles, and a lot more like these.

2. Fleetio

Source: Fleetio

Fleetio is a software developed for companies of all sizes to manage their transport systems efficiently using web browsers or their well-designed mobile applications.

Some of the advantages of using Fleetio are –

  • You get a 14-day free trial. This means you can decide whether or not to use the software for the long term after trying it out.
  • The software has mobile apps that can be used by anyone easily. They are not tech-oriented, and it won’t take much time to get the hang of it.
  • Their plans are not very expensive, and your company can easily afford their monthly or annual plans.

Apart from the benefits, there are some drawbacks too. These include –

  • Their reporting features are not very good and have some scope of improvement.
  • There are no specialized vehicle tracking devices, and everything is done with the help of smartphones.
  • Since there are a lot of features, learning all of them might take up some time.

Fleetio’s management software allows companies to follow all compliance norms and constantly monitor their equipment. It has a really cool set of features, such as a drag-and-drop provision.

Their mobile apps are also top-notch, which makes them one of the best fleet management companies. You have the option to use the software on the web or download the Android or iOS mobile app. Both options work equally well, and you can choose one depending upon your requirements.

Some important features of Fleetio are –

  • Check out the vehicle location using the given integrations.
  • Manage fuel requirements, equipment maintenance, and fleet management easily.
  • Execute preventive and fleet maintenance.
  • Assign workers their tasks and remain updated about them.
  • Receive regular alerts about geofence.
  • If you need to add any fuel entries, vehicles, or service entries, simply click the plus sign.
  • Maintain a driver leaderboard to keep your drivers always motivated.
  • Fleetio gives you the freedom to scan any QR codes and equipment barcodes.

3. Fleetable

Source: Fleetable

You can take your company to new heights with this cloud-based transport software. It allows you to connect each of your clients and branches in real-time. It can track the location of the consignment in real-time and produces correct MIS reports of each and every second.

Fleetable is one hundred percent compliant with GST, ensuring that you have an uninterrupted and smooth workflow. Your fleet management tasks are handled without any hindrance by Fleetable. Manage all the tips and expenses efficiently and stay updated about all your staff activities with this software.

You get a holistic overview of all your vehicles and drivers owing to the dynamic and interactive MIS provided by Fleetable. All these factors make Fleetable one of the best fleet management software in 2021.

Fleetable is suitable for all types of fleet owners who do not wish to devote a lot of time managing their fleet and want to spend more of their time on business operations. The software enhances collaboration within the team. It also leads to reduced expenditure and more efficiency.

Some notable features of Fleetable include –

  • Proper billing and invoicing procedures.
  • Standard management of carriers.
  • Proper cost management and expense tracking.
  • Excellent customer management.
  • Management of all kinds of discounts.
  • Management of each dispatch.
  • Fuel tracking and management.
  • Management of inspection and inspection-related procedures.
  • Tracking the live location and status of the driver.
  • Maintenance management.

4. Momentum

Source: Momentum

The point that makes Momentum different from other fleet management services is that it provides a tracking device at cheap subscription rates.

Some advantages of using Momentum are –

  • You do not have to pay anything extra for using the tracking hardware.
  • You get robust equipment trackers.
  • You do not have to enter a contract to use their services.

There are some disadvantages of using this software as well. They have been listed down below –

  • They do not provide many self-service resources, which leads to lower rates of customer satisfaction.
  • You do not get any phone support.

Momentum provides you with a platform that lets you have complete knowledge of your costly assets using IoT. You need not pay any upfront cost, and the pricing is transparent and won’t be heavy on your pocket.

Momentum is one of the best fleet management companies since it provides the best value for money as compared to other transport management systems. You can use this software on any device irrespective of the operating system.

Your drivers and staff do not have to put much effort while using Momentum. The tracking devices are also robust to handle extreme conditions and are not damaged easily. You can also get the GPS device for a free trial to see if it works in tandem with your requirements.

Some amazing provisions of the software have been listed below –

  • An enriched GPS telematics dashboard.
  • Options to group and customize assets.
  • Extensive reports of mileage and real-time trips. You can download these reports as Excel or .csv files.
  • You receive alerts if the device has a low battery or the speed is too high. Alerts have also been enabled if the device gets disconnected or the vehicle is idling.
  • Can locate the vehicle seamlessly.
  • No wiring is required since these are plug-in devices.
  • You can also track pumps, air compressors, and generators.
  • You get notifications on text, in-app, or email.

5. Vamosys

Source: Vamosys

Fleet managers go through a lot of problems, and Vamosys tries to address each of them through its new-age technology. It has superb transportation, supply chain management, and logistics management. This allows fleet managers to plan and execute extensive trips.

Vamosys also has a universal driver app that enables drivers and managers to manage the various costs of driver and truck expenses so that business growth stays on track. They also provide excellent GPS tracking capabilities, SIM tracking software, fuel management solutions, and fuel tracking and monitoring.

The Vamosys FleetOS app works the best for companies in the domain of supply chain management, logistics, and transportation. The software provides ample features for these companies, such as driver tracking and management, trip planning, and management of expenses.

Here are some important features of Vamosys –

  • Tracking of all essential assets.
  • Management of dispatches.
  • Management and tracking employees.
  • Recording and tracking of all fuel expenses.
  • Full-fledged GPS functionality.
  • Reporting of all incidents.

6. Onfleet

Source: Onfleet

Onfleet allows you to seamlessly assign deliveries by car, bike, or truck. Some advantages of using Onfleet include –

  • You get a 2-week trial that allows you to learn whether the software is a good match for your company or not.
  • It has amazing reporting functionalities.
  • You get a modern user interface that lets you dive in right away.

After going through the pros, now we will have a look at some of the cons of using Onfleet –

  • If you opt for a lower plan, you get only email support.
  • Its cost is a bit on the higher end.
  • It does not have many vehicle data tools as compared to other free fleet management software.

Onfleet gives you robust logistics software that has been used to track more than one hundred million deliveries and counting. Big companies like Sweetgreen and Kroger also use it for their transportation needs.

Delivery businesses choose Onfleet because it has very good route optimization functions, and its design is more focused on delivery. The company takes customer satisfaction very seriously and responds to all reviews on the Play Store and App Store. Its driver apps have an amazing rating of 4.9 out of 5.

Some exciting features of Onfleet are –

  • The entire task management process and driver management are map-based.
  • You get a live view of the traffic.
  • You can integrate the software with Zapier to access your favorite tools.
  • There are a variety of feedback collection tools for your customer base.
  • If there are any announcements, they can be shared easily.


You can combine all the data about your equipment and vehicles into a unified dashboard with the help of fleet management software. Fleet managers have the necessary tools required to optimize and plan routes, allot tasks and effectively plan for maintenance.

You can check out the best transportation management software in case you need additional services for managing your transport systems. They will allow you to further boost your logistics.

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