When you think about the word “community,” what image comes to your mind? Do you think of a community as a group gathering to learn from one another and work together to solve issues? A group of individuals working on a physical or virtual location based around a shared passion like cooking and mountain bike riding? Imagine a room full of business professionals rubbing hands and discussing business plans. 

A community can be defined as an association of individuals who are united in a shared purpose or desire, and one of the scenarios is correct. In the modern age of digital technology, it is no longer necessary for these connections to be required in the same way as they have been in the past. The digital community platform makes it possible for any person to join groups and meet like-minded people regardless of where they may be anywhere in the world. 

There’s a community that’s suitable for any gathering, regardless of whether it’s an author’s group, a fitness class, or an industry professional network. Large companies, too, can make the space to connect and community by establishing a community-based platform. Communities play a crucial part for companies across all industries and sizes. Community forums provide an opportunity for businesses to communicate and connect with the various participants, including employees, customers, or professionals from the industry. Let’s get going.

What are Community Platforms?

Community platforms are software applications designed to help create an online network. These online spaces connect those who share similar desires, interests, professional needs, or objectives. Communities provide a range of opportunities for users to meet, work together, and share knowledge via discussion boards, online meetings, and resource sharing. 

These platforms are an ideal way for companies to promote content, business, and communication channels to an audience of people who have the same interests or are working in the same sector. You can build your community. There are many social networks that businesses could utilize to develop an online community that is their own.

What are the Benefits of Community Platforms?

The community platforms are employed by various organizations, from enterprises to non-profit groups, that help to increase involvement, increase brand recognition, and encourage collaboration. These online spaces can be ideal for creating a source for those needing help as well as advice or networking opportunities. Communities are especially beneficial in helping businesses develop areas for clients. They are referred to as customer communities with a variety of advantages. 

Customer communities not only assist in improving customer acquisition and creating brand recognition, but they can also increase retention rates and offer an interactive channel for customer help. A dedicated forum for your customers to openly communicate could also provide greater insight into their habits as well as their use cases and their pain points. 

If used correctly the right way, communities have an impact on the whole business, not only the success of your customers. A community’s ROI can be a factor in many different areas, including sales, product, and marketing. Here are some direct benefits of it;

1. Speak to you customers directly

It is possible to encourage positive branding and build customer loyalty by interacting with your customers in person, developing content that meets their expectations as well as providing immediate assistance. By doing this, you will be able to assist customers better and enhance their overall experience. 

In addition, you can expand and strengthen the number of your customers who are advocates for your brand by establishing the unique community of your brand for your most passionate customers as well as brand loyalists. By involving them in your customer journey and providing them with an opportunity to share their expertise and knowledge with your business, you will increase the loyalty of your brand.

2. Personalized experience

Remember the last time you went to an event in person? The front door will greet you and then ask you to place the name of your guest in order for you to introduce yourself. You were then given the option to choose between session A or session B based on the area you were the most fascinated by. It was a personal experience and tailored to your specific wants and preferences, indeed. The community platform provides similar personalized experiences and is also available online. 

Suppose a user is a part of a community. In that case, they are generally given the option to personalize their experience, including subscribing to specific channels or subjects they’re interested in or modifying the profile of their members. A few community platforms employ algorithms that personalize the user experience for every user, offering content, events, or members to interact with based on their preferences as well as their behavior in the community. Personalization is a way to create a more personalized experience for the user that ultimately boosts the level of engagement.

3. Improved communication

If you’re trying to create an efficient and engaging method for large groups of individuals to interact using a platform for community, this is an ideal solution. These platforms provide multiple ways to connect asynchronously. This means you don’t have to worry about your users missing important notifications or messages because they are in various time zones. 

Many community platforms offer functions that include private messages, forums as well as live streaming, as well as the ability to create event calendars. Each of these features helps improve coordination and communications within your community — which is particularly beneficial for groups with members situated around the globe.

4. Access to niche-specific content

Many community websites cater to particular interests or niches, like customer service and entrepreneurship or fitness. The platforms let users not just connect with people who have the same interests or passions but also delve further into a subject area through access to specific niche content. Certain platforms also provide experts’ insights since these communities bring together experts or thought leaders, experts. 

Suppose you are organizing an AMA event or participating in the conversations that are hosted through the site. In that case, professionals provide invaluable insight and tips that will assist fellow members in the development of their careers or personal lives. For brands, community platforms can also allow you to publish thought-provoking material that establishes your business as an expert.

Top Community Engagement and Social Impact SaaS Platforms in 2023


Discord has been recognized as the best community engagement platform due to its outstanding characteristics and its ability to build solid connections between various communities. A significant reason for Discord’s high ranking is its flexibility. It was initially popular among gaming communities, but Discord has expanded its coverage to meet the needs of many different types of users and sectors. The voice and video calling facilities, chat rooms, and server configuration options that can be customized create a versatile platform to engage with the community. 

One of the reasons for Discord’s high spot is its focus on community building. By offering features such as role permissions as well as channel management, Discord provides the tools that are needed to establish and maintain vibrant communities. The server’s infrastructure is dedicated to ensuring the reliability of communication creating an atmosphere of community and interactiveness. 


Better Mode is a complete community-based engagement tool that’s created to aid businesses in conversion to, keep, and engage the most customers. It offers an array of community-related features that each online community should have to develop a self-serve online platform, whether you’re a SaaS firm looking to enhance and simplify customer service or service or a consumer-oriented company looking to share information and get feedback. Better Mode is able to be personalized to match your company’s brand and generate results that improve your company’s performance.


Reddit is regarded as among the best communities because of its unique layout and capacity to create passionate and varied communities. It is in the top tier due to the large number of users and its democratic curation of content system. Its subreddit system, Reddit, allows users to form and join communities that are devoted to particular topics relevant to their interests. This will enable users are able to connect with other like-minded people with similar interests and knowledge. 

Additionally, the feature of upvotes and downvotes allows members to control how much visibility posts receive, which ensures that content of high quality is able to rise above the rest. The system will enable members to be actively involved in the shaping of discussion and content within their community. The ability of the platform to foster engaging conversations, give users the most comprehensive information, and instill a sense of belonging to its users is what has made it the top platform for community engagement.

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud is Salesforce’s digital user experience platform that is the most popular CRM power. Community Cloud is Salesforce’s digital experience platform. Community Cloud offers case management and integration tools that have been pre-designed and a knowledge base that can be used by employees or customers, as well as tickets for support, in addition to other options.


Hivebrite is the top platform for community engagement for a variety of reasons. Its focus on associations, groups, and alums networks distinguishes its platform. Hivebrite is specifically designed to cater to the requirements of organizational and professional communities. This unique approach enables Hivebrite to provide a broad array of features designed to create meaningful connections in the communities. 

Furthermore, Hivebrite’s options for customization are a significant factor in the top position it holds. Hivebrite allows organizations to establish communities with their branding, which is in line with their distinctive character and beliefs. The level of personalization creates an ethos of belonging and an exclusive community among members, increasing the level of engagement and ensuring loyalty.


Whatever your community’s goals are, community platforms will help businesses that are of any size and industry to achieve their objectives. The best community platform for your business is a matter of understanding what it is you’re trying to accomplish and the ways a community platform can assist you in this. 

Do you want to gather opinions about your products from prospective and current customers? Start a discussion forum. Are you looking to create a place where your customers can access assistance via self-service? Create a community for customers that is focused on providing support. Improve employee engagement, especially when new employees join the company. Create a database of knowledge that will help facilitate more efficient onboarding and training.

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