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Top Alternatives to MailChimp for a Better Email Marketing Programme

MailChimp Alternatives. MailChimp provides very few basic templates and your account might also get suspended if there are too many unsubscriptions.

MailChimp is an email marketing software developed and launched by the Rocket Science Group in 2001. Initially, this software was launched as a paid service but later on, the free version was also introduced.

MailChimp, one of the best free and open source email marketing software, provides email services that can be incorporated into small and medium companies for marketing their services. This email service provider allows to send a maximum of 12,000 emails in a month but limited up to 2000 subscribers.

However, it provides very few basic templates and your account might also get suspended if there are too many unsubscriptions. In order to overcome these difficulties, there are some alternatives to MailChimp that can be tried for gaining better email services.

5 Alternatives to MailChimp



Emma delivers a flexible email marketing service and allows to create well-established email campaigns. Users can make use of the range of default templates and can design efficient mobile emails. This software is made with an easy user interface and provides real-time analytics feature.

Emma is a paid software that can be integrated with famous e-commerce and CRM platforms. This software is available in three versions namely Pro, Plus and Enterprise and the cost varies based on the features offered.

Constant Contact


Constant Contact is a marketing application software that has an experience of over 15 years and has a loyal customer base of around 650,000 across the globe. The software is equipped with collective templates and allows to upload contacts in multiple ways.

With Constant Contact, contacts from multiple databases can be gathered together as a single unified list. It allows the user to enable mobile email marketing and also has an image library along with list-building tools, which is an added advantage for the users. Customers can make use of the free trial version which is available for a period of 60 days in order to get a good idea.



GetResponse is a simplified email marketing application by which you can create professional emails in a simpler way. Email intelligence is one of the best feature available in GetResponse and it can help you enhance the impact on campaigns.

Moreover, this software allows you to track your efforts by which performance can be measured. GetResponse can be integrated with third-party solutions such as Google and Zendesk in order to provide subscribers list. There are four versions available for GetResponse such as Email, Pro, Max, and Enterprise, based on your estimated email contacts, you can choose one among these versions.

iContact Pro


iContact Pro is an advanced and automated marketing suite that makes your email marketing much more effective. This is a cloud-based software that integrates social media management and provides automated marketing along with robust analytics. Email campaigns can be easily managed by deploying iContact Pro.

Moreover, this software can be integrated with SalesForce by which sales processes can be managed efficiently. On the other hand, robust analytics allows the user to make effective strategic planning by which resource allocation for marketing can be decided. Depending on the number of subscribers, it offers three plans such as Email Marketing, Pro Automation and Premiere and offers better service in comparison to MailChimp.



AWeber is an email marketing solution which delivers personalized emails to your customers and is very much suitable for small businesses. The software also lets you integrate with platforms such as WordPress, Magento and much more.

The Autoresponder feature in Aweber makes customer interaction easier and allows the user to create personalized messages. Moreover, the software allows subscribers segmentation by which subscribers can be listed and grouped together in a database. Based on the number of subscribers, you can select any one the available plans and make use of Aweber to improve your email marketing programme.

All of these software are cost-efficient and highly reliable with a bundle of additional features available with them. When compared to MailChimp, some of them provide you with more built-in templates and allow you to develop a more effective professional marketing strategy.

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