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Top Alternatives To Dafont For Downloading Free Fonts

Dafont is probably the first name to flash across the mind each time there is a need for free fonts to be downloaded. However, Dafont isn’t the only free font gallery as there are many others that the users can give a try.

Fonts need to look appealing to the eyes for capturing the attention of the readers and should be readable enough to sustain the attention. Too large, too small, too complex artwork designs, etc., to style the font can be stressful to the eye and readers might discontinue going through the content mid-way. There is thus the need to download some suitable fonts. However, if the fonts can be downloaded for free, it would leave a broader smile on the users’ face.

What is Dafont?

Dafont is probably the first name to flash across the mind each time there is a need for free fonts to be downloaded. It allows users to download over 1,70,000 free fonts to be utilised wherever needed.

However, Dafont isn’t the only free font gallery as there are many others that the users can give a try. These tools are good enough to offer a slew of fonts that would keep the readers absolutely glued to the content that the users make.

Feature comparison

Here is a crisp feature comparison that would help you better understand more about what alternatives the users have.


Free commercial fonts

Custom font designing

Total fonts

Font Squirrel




Adobe Edge Web Fonts



Over 500

Google Fonts



Over 900

Font Space

Yes (Limited)


Over 32,000

Font Library





Yes (Limited)






Over thousands


1. Font Squirrel

If you are looking for 100% free font download facility for your commercial use, Font Squirrel is the probably the best option for you. It has free commercially-licensed fonts that can be easily downloaded from this gallery. It features a webfont generator to allow the users to design their own custom fonts, something that not many other font markets would offer.

Every font displayed on Font Squirrel has a free desktop license so they can be used in commercial images without incurring a single penny for the charge. Once you are on the website, you can browse through the list of fonts using the categories’ tags or the search bar.

2. Adobe Edge Web Fonts

Adobe Edge Web Fonts is a very reliable name that you can trust on for finding good quality and attractive-looking web fonts that come for free. Edge Web Fonts is actually a free commercial font service from Adobe, which makes it quite a good alternative to Dafont.

It features a web font library that is the house for over 500 fonts contributed by Google, Adobe and many other skilled designers across the globe. The users do not need to sign up or subscribe for using the fonts on their websites. It is powered by Typekit and all of the users can get access easily to the commercial fonts library of Typekit.

3. Google Fonts

Google Fonts is probably one of the most trusted and widely known fonts’ gallery, especially because of the brand name. It is the repository of over 900 font families of diverse types, including ‘sans serif’, monospaced and other handwriting fonts that can take care of all the digital as well as print design requirements of the users. The fonts are downloadable as well as the license option is open-source. The font library is a collection from many sources, thanks to the distribution from Adobe’s Edge Web Fonts, Monotype’s SkyFonts and Typekit services as well.

4. FontSpace

FontSpace is an ideal alternative to Dafont to download fonts for free as it boasts of a massive collection that figures over 32,000 free fonts that are contributed by over 2,100 designers across the globe. This huge number of themes easily make it one of the biggest storehouse of fonts available for use.

FontSpace tool is basically suitable for the use in personal projects since it comes with limited licenses. Hence, the users will always have an exhaustive list of commercial fonts. The users can download the fonts from FontSpace for both Windows operating systems and MacOS.

5. Font Library

Font Library is a free database of fonts and has been proven to be a suitable option and ensures free font downloads even for commercial purposes. The Font categories that are available on this gallery include Serif, Sans-serif, Handwriting, Monospaced, Blackletter and many more stylish and professional ones.

Font Library supports multi-language, which assists businesses in dealing with vernaculars too. These fonts can also be included in the website design and visual. The users have the option of sharing them for free. And if you want to test a font, Font Library opens the option for you to preview the font design and features before going ahead with the download.


Creating a stunning website or a wonderful layout on the print media is important. But even after doing the hard work, an out-of-place font can put off the readers and have a negative impact on the readership. This is where the importance of a good and professional font comes into the picture.

If you have been thinking that Dafont is the only way to go in search of a good online downloadable font, give it a second thought. The alternatives are pretty amazing and offer a similar number of features, including free commercial license.

However, Befont and FontSpace do not really have unlimited access to commercial fonts and you would need to pay for them. The other options, however, have unlimited free commercial downloads and you won’t have to worry about the availability and new fonts are added almost every day.

In terms of sheer numbers, Google Fonts and FontSpace are the best bets in the category, where the former also offers great goodwill.

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