You can get your mail and packages redirected to you without lifting any finger, no matter which location. It’s as simple as a couple of clicks. The delivery of physical mail and packages can be not considered when beginning a new venture, mainly if your company is online or is distributed globally.

It is essential to present professionalism to your clients as an online business by linking your company’s address to a commercial address and establishing a professional appearance, increasing the trust of existing and future customers. The virtual mailbox service’s permanent address can also help clients locate your company and reach them. It’s also the best part that you’ll never change your address!

If you have internet connectivity and an electronic device with a digital mailbox, a virtual one can access and manage your mail from any location. You will be notified via push notifications once your mail has been scanned and accepted through your accounts. You can decide what you’ll need to do with the mail like you would when you opened your mail. This feature will reduce time and stay in the loop with crucial information like bills and other client-related documents.

That’s why we’ve made the top 5 Virtual Mailbox Software tools on the market in 2022

 Let’s get started.

What is Virtual Mailbox Software Tool?

Virtual Mailbox Software
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In short, a virtual mailbox is an online service where users can view their mail that has been scanned. They also sort them to separate unwanted mail.

In the present, we’ve been too busy with our professional and personal obligations, and we tend to forget essential duties. Anyone can lose a crucial envelope or file.

A lot of times, you’ll have to replace your mail envelopes. Virtual mailbox services ensure that you will not lose mail envelopes. They can be stored and scanned digitally in PDF format to last as long as possible. Virtual mailboxes permit users to transfer their email to an alternative address that can be captured with software for document capture and uploaded to an app that allows users to access it at any time.

These services are popular with frequent travelers looking to gain access to their overseas mail and companies looking to reduce their mailboxes while conserving their mail. 

Some virtual mailboxes can deliver checks to recipients if provided with the appropriate clearance. For companies, users have the option of an individual or shared logins to access their company’s email.

To be eligible to be included within the Virtual Mailbox category, a product must meet the following requirements:

  • Offer solutions for shredding packages, mail shredding, and check-to-deposit for relevant items.
  • Scan received a message and uploaded it to a portal for users.
  • Give an alternative address at which users’ mail can be sent.

That’s why we’ve made the top 5 virtual mailbox software tools on the market in 2022.

Let’s have a look.

Top 5 Virtual Mailbox Software tools in 2022.

Here’s a list of the top 5 virtual mailbox software tools on the market in 2022. We’ll also list their top features, the most utilized features, and the full description of each one below.

Anytime Mailbox

Our list starts with Anytime Mailbox. Anytime Mailbox is a Cloud-based platform that lets businesses build and manage their digital mailboxes with scans of labels, lead generation, and more. The software allows mail center owners to provide customers with an online mailbox. 

Anytime Mailbox offers mailing addresses located in around 900 places. They list every website as an address within the network via their site. 

The independent business centers or mail center owners choose which features and services they will provide and what price to cost. Address providers can modify the price and features of their plans anytime since it is a cloud-based mailbox service. You can select one of 1,308 locations worldwide, choose a pricing method, and start using the service.

  • Deployment – Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based.
  • Platform Android, iPhone, iPad
  • Top Features – Barcode/Ticket Scanning, Intelligent Mail Support, Signature Capture.
  • Free Trial Available 
  • Prize Price not provided by the vendor.
  • Best for – Mailroom Management Software.
  • Support – Chat.
  • Overall Rating – 5/5 Stars

Direct Mail

The second that comes on the list is Direct Mail. Direct Mail is an email marketing tool for Mac that allows users to make and send personal emails to their customers. 

The app was specifically designed for freelancers and small businesses. It comes with customized email templates, live previews, image editing, and custom subscription forms. Auto and manual subscriber lists segmentation, email tracking subscription activity reports, etc. 

An in-built iOS application also lets users see information about their campaigns while on the go. Its email templates are responsive to mobile devices and optimized for various email clients. They can also be modified with videos, images, buttons, text rearrangement, etc. 

Images can be drag-and-dropped to drop directly in emails, and users can edit photos within the app, including trimming, removing backgrounds, and applying filters. Emails can be customized with recipients’ names, first and last, and other fields. Conditional logic lets users create specific content sections.

  • Deployment – Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based.
  • Platform iPhone, iPad.
  • Top Features – Archiving & Retention, Auto-Responders, CAN-SPAM, Compliance Customer, Surveys Drip Campaigns, Dynamic Content, Event-Triggered, Actions Image Library, Landing Pages/Web Forms, List Management, Mobile Optimized Emails, Reporting/Analytics, Signature Management, Spam Blocker, Subscriber Management, Template Management, Allowlisting/Blocklisting, WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Free Trial Available 
  • Prize $15.00 /month Pricing Model: Usage-Based 
  • Best for – Email Management Software, Email Marketing Software.
  • Support – Email/Help Desk Knowledge Base Chat
  • Overall Rating – 4.8/5 Stars

PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail is third on the list. PostScan Mail gives users the capability to provide virtual mailboxes to clients. The software allows users to upload scans of packages, mail magazines, postcards, and packages into the cloud. 

Choose a plan and mailing address to start. They provide PO boxes as well as street addresses. They’ll accept packages and mail, scan both the label on the front of a package or envelope label and inform you of its arrival. Log into your mailbox and ask to open, check, recycle, or forward the packaged item. 

For one month, it is free. It provides users with an address for business mailings and an app for Android and iOS users that allows you to view the mail, forward it, or recycle all mail received with just a click. PostScan Mail can be a massive help for those who receive many emails from the postal service. With their assistance, users can check their emails anytime and from anywhere and then order the following action to be done with their mail.

  • Deployment – Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based.
  • Platform Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad.
  • Top Features – Alerts/Notifications, Barcode/Ticket Scanning, Delivery Tracking, Direct Mail Management, Duplicate Management, Intelligent Mail Support, Labeling Package, Tracking Shipping Management. 
  • Free Trial Available 
  • Prize Price not provided by the vendor.
  • Best for – Mailroom Management Software
  • Support – Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, Chat.
  • Overall Rating – 4.7/5 Stars

Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail is the most prominent virtual mailbox and address service within the U.S., allowing customers such as Zapier, Reddit, and Lyft to send their postal mail without paper.

Earth Class Mail has processed over 10 million mail pieces and paid more than $1 billion in check deposits in the past four years. 

Their clients increase their security and flexibility by scanning their mail, automated deposit of checks, and cloud integrations for individuals and enterprises.  Customers can access secure, searchable, and straightforward to forward PDFs, automatic check deposits, and connections with popular cloud-based apps such as Google Drive and without using an envelope. 

Their HIPAA-certified staff convert papers and other documents into searchable, high-resolution PDFs that work with other cloud-based software. Customers can pay for checks, deposit checks and bills, and even share documents online without touching an envelope.

  • Deployment – Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based.
  • Platform  
  • Top Features – Alerts/Notifications, Barcode/Ticket Scanning, Billing & Invoicing, Collaboration Tools, Communication Management, Document Imaging, Document Storage, Full-Text Search, HIPAA Compliant, Intelligent Mail Support, Job Management, Monitoring Point of Sale (POS), Purchasing & Receiving, Third Party Integrations. 
  • Free Trial Available 
  • Prize $19/Month Pricing Model: Per Feature.
  • Best for – Billing and Invoicing Software, Business Management Software, Cloud Storage Software, Direct Mail Automation Software, Document Generation Software, Document Management Software.
  • Support – Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, Chat.
  • Overall Rating – 4.7/5 Stars

Zoho Mail 

Zoho Mail, a secure business-oriented, business-focused email service, is designed to meet the needs of all users in an email. It’s an integrated email solution for modern companies and comes with a calendar, notes and Tasks, Contacts, and Bookmarks.

Zoho Mail offers much more than just your standard mailbox with the best communication and collaboration tools. A unique and customized email address. Enhance your brand’s recognition and credibility with your email address by using your domain’s name. Through Zoho Mail, you can create several domains and users and alias address addresses for one user, all of which are part of the same company. It is essential to ensure that your email messages appear professional.

Extensive Integration alongside integrations into Zoho apps, Zoho Mail supports third-party integrations with every one of your favorite apps.

  • Deployment – Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based.
  • Platform Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad
  • Top Features – API, Archiving & Retention, Auto-Responders, CRM, Chat/Messaging, Collaboration Tools, Commenting/Notes, Contact Management, Data Recovery, Email Management, Email Monitoring, Inbox Management, Response Management, Routing Shared.
  • Free Trial & Version Available 
  • Prize $1/Month-Pricing Model: Per User (5GB per User).
  • Best for – Email Management Software
  • Support – Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, 24/7 (Live Rep), Chat.
  • Overall Rating – 4.4/5 Stars


At this point, you will have a clear concept of what you’re searching for. Each of the programs listed here is designed to aid you in finding an effective online platform for scanning and forwarding your email. There are many options for virtual mailbox services, and it’s essential to review the advantages and pick the best services for your particular needs. 

For forwarding your mail, scanning virtual mailing addresses, and other great features, ensure you adhere to the guidelines and recommendations in this document. 

Check with them to determine if the software is compatible with your current budget and plans. This will allow you to determine whether the software suits your requirements. This article will provide the details you require to determine the most suitable software to meet your needs.

If you are looking for a similar, kindly connect with us at SaaSworthy.

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