Marketers use Content Builder within Marketing Cloud as a single source of marketing content across all channels, including email, pictures, text, and other documents. Service providers, marketing developers, and third-party developers can make and modify marketing content using Content Builder’s Content Builder REST API. The API employs the term “asset” to describe all forms of marketing-related content. 

The hierarchy of assets is a matter of fact. For instance, an asset may be a communication that contains a template which itself is an asset. Templates can include slots, which are assets. Assets are saved in ElasticSearch as well and ver; ElasticSearch provides rapid document retrieval engines, and SQL Server provides the reliable Salesforfor which Salesforce is renowned for the model for assets that are described in this document to make, edit and delete, search for the assets, and then publish them. Let’s get going.

What is an API?

API, also known as the application programming interface, lets different applications connect and exchange data without the involvement of the end users. When we look at the definition, “application” may refer to apps used on smartphones and other applications you use. 

Developers typically use APIs to create code (code). The words programming and interface refer to how you interact with the software. In addition, because APIs perform everything in the background, the digital user experience is smooth for the users.

How does API Work and Help Marketers & Content Developers?

If it’s about selling a product or product, a marketer can be an individual dedicated to supporting the sales team. The marketer employs every strategy to be efficient in marketing or selling. Strategies will be dependent on analyzing the results of the data and presented to a marketer. 

Content creators create articles for websites and online advertisements. Their responsibilities encompass creating and editing blog posts, articles, advertisements and posts on social media. A content developer can create images, web layouts, or graphic designs. Strong writing ability and expertise using web development tools are essential for content developers. 

You can see that they are two areas that connect. Additionally, two fields rely on data analysis. Thus, there is a need to utilize Data APIs. It is an investment that is optional to be massive. Several excellent and free Open APIs are available that can perfectly meet the requirements of both of these crucial tasks.

How are APIs Transforming Marketing?

Digital marketers use a variety of kinds of APIs to enhance their marketing campaigns. This could be geolocation, audience segmentation APIs, and analytics APIs. SEO APIs, monitoring of social media APIs, messenger APIs, and many more. Companies can communicate continuously with their clients instead of letting them advertise intermittently. As a result, APIs aid brands in getting the correct data to communicate with their customers efficiently. APIs have revolutionized marketing in many ways.

  • Automation: The tools for automating marketing are used when they’re combined with APIs for marketing, which could assist businesses to scale to save time and money and efficiently manage their processes. For example, jobs like email or posting to social media platforms or even designing and managing marketing campaigns are all easily accomplished with these tools for automation.
  • Integration: APIs facilitate integration between different platforms and programs, providing the seamless exchange of information and managing routine marketing processes. In this case, for example, linking your CMS (CMS) and the customer relationship management (CRM) system to Airtable API, ZendeskSell API, and many other APIs.
  • Data Collection or Aggregation: This aspect is crucial for market research and customers. It’s a typical usage case for marketing APIs and REST APIs. Mainly used to perform data queries.

Top 10 Open APIs for Marketers & Content Developers in 2023

Facebook API

The most common use case for the Facebook API is to pull information from and then extract it from Facebook’s platform. Users and developers can gain access to the information of users, their photos, videos and photos, message messages, as well as other Facebook features. Each of the API calls is subject to a rate limit.

Facebook rate-limiting specifies the number of API calls that may be made within a specific time. Each call is counted towards the rate limit, not just specific API calls. If integrated, app users will access information on Instagram accounts. Users can access information in Instagram accounts, incorporate Facebook logins into their apps or monetize their apps with advertisements by Facebook advertisers, and get recognized as the featured app on Facebook.

Google APIs

Google APIs Explorer Google APIs Explorer tool on many API reference pages allows you to test Google API calls without writing codes. It offers a variety of APIs available to make the use of Google’s various tools easier. Connecting to various Google services like Blogged, AMP, AdSense, Maps, and more through a specific API is possible. Since API Explorer uses accurate data, APIs Explorer works with accurate information, be cautious when trying to modify, create, or remove the data.

Shutterstock API

Shutterstock API provides access to the Shutterstock media library and data about the accounts of customers and contributors who supply the media. Customers can use their platforms to search for media, browse information and previews, and use the API to download and license media. The free plan offers a variety of pictures from Shutterstock’s most popular collections across various types. 

When you have a free account, it is possible to browse and look through the library of media using the API, make collections, and browse previews and thumbnails of the media. You cannot, however, be able to license or download all pieces of media. Business API subscriptions may apply for up to five platform licenses within a single application. The other subscription types must apply for platform licenses, each at a time.

Mailchimp API

MailChimp offers two APIs to the developers: one for marketing and the other for the Transactional API. Use Mailchimp’s Transactional API to send rapid, personal transactional email messages. The Mailchimp Marketing API gives access to Mailchimp information and functions. Developers can build customized features that sync the email activities and data from campaigns to their databases, control the campaigns and audiences, and more.

LinkedIn API

LinkedIn lets developers connect their apps to LinkedIn via their self-service offerings or by registering to join one of their business programs. The free APIs provide an easy, uniform display of individuals, businesses, and jobs. Utilizing the latest Token Generator tool making the first steps to using LinkedIn APIs has always been more complex. It will set up your app to generate access tokens for you.

Mapbox API

Mapbox is a location-based data platform that is the basis for many top apps’ maps and location services. Mapbox’s technologies provide a range of localization capabilities, grouped into the following primary services: Maps Service, navigation service, Search service, and Vision service. Pricing is based on the possibility of a complimentary plan covering the typical use during development and cost-based services to meet the needs of applicant production applications with active users.

Skyscanner APIs

Skyscanner is an engine known as a metasearch (or search aggregator) that allows travelers to look for hotel and flight tickets with the lowest prices from the prices it has compiled from several companies. Airlines’ websites contain information that is relevant to their customers. This is how Skyscanner operates: Skyscanner utilizes APIs to gather rates for hotels and flights from hotels and airlines. It connects to the supplier’s websites, accesses their database, and views the prices, availability of flights, time to fly, routes’ popularity, etc.

Skyscanner APIs are available to our strategic business partners via the terms of a commercial contract only. It cannot be made available to the public. Partner selection is based on a case-by-case considering the traffic they receive, their market position, and alignment with our business strategy. Access tokens are required to authenticate an account upon request. By using the API, It asks for data from these sites and then combines flight information to provide. Skyscanner utilizes APIs to verify that it is with the company the data was sourced from when you book reservations.

The New York Times API

Times APIs let you access New York Times data for commercial use within your apps. NYT offers ten public APIs: Top Stories, Archive, Geographic, Article Search, Books, Popular Semantic Times Newswire, Community, and TimesTags. These APIs employ a REST design and resource-oriented structure to support various applications, ranging from customized link lists to complicated visualizations. HTTPS requests perform the API calls. API

Wayback Machine is well-known as Internet Archive. has APIs that allow access to the metadata of books and complete text. offers a range of official APIs and the experimental Labs APIs to access metadata for items download and uploading of contents, as well as performing searching and full-text search.

OpenSky API

OpenSky API is an open API that allows you to retrieve real-time information about airspace for non-commercial research purposes and research. It is compatible with Java and Python and with any other language compatible with Java-based REST APIs. OpenSky has specific documentation available regarding the REST API.

Additionally, it provides access to the aircraft database. The API is free to use API to access personal or non-profit applications. Commercial use is subject to approval. OpenSky API allows accessing its API with no credentials required, but there are some limitations. The anonymous user can only access the latest state vectors. They can also only retrieve information with a resolution of 10 seconds.


Marketing APIs help companies increase customer retention and outreach while streamlining the marketing process. APIs can make it easier to collect data to automate routine marketing tasks as well as allow integration of data to save your time and energy trying to reinvent the wheel.

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