Contest Software creates a fun website through which it allows the users to create contests and sweepstakes for your blog, social media page, or website. It enables the customers and followers to stay engaged with each other. It increases the number of customers and followers as it acts as a most effective promotional marketing tool. It has different features which make it work better such as voting management, judging, award management, form submission, etc.

How does Contest Software work?

Contest Software
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It creates an environment of competition which helps to reach out to a huge audience and meet and attract people who hadn’t heard of your business. The competition spreads either online or by word of mouth brings new participants to the business. Hence, increasing the awareness of the brand. 

As you can host the competition through your own platform, it enables you to capture and store the data of the customer. Participants will have to answer a few questions in which they will have to tell if they have ever heard or shopped from your business before.  Data collected by this can be used for obtaining promotional strategies and to inform marketing for your product or service. It is user-friendly for IT users and for marketing. 

Products like contests, Award force, offer sweepstakes, openWater, and Award programs are user-friendly for those participating because it increases the level of interaction and for the business. They also do most of the work when it comes to the distribution of contests through outlets and devices which is incredibly time-saving for the business. 

Top 10 Contest Software that you can use for your Business: –


EasyPromos Is an incredible Contest Software that enables users to create contests and unlimited sweepstakes on different websites and platforms. You can boost your marketing strategy and help you reach your goal faster by using random sweepstakes on different social sites with 21 unique applications from EasyPromos.

You can easily increase your database by collecting data for various participants and also help in finding new leads by using the sweepstakes app. Users can conduct various contests like Writing-based contests, Photo-contest, Video-contest, etc. You can conduct surveys, multiple-choice tests,s and quizzes for your followers and subscribers. 


The VYPER is a Contest Software that increases your followers and email list with a lot of contests that it provides. It enables you to create a viral contest, people can register with their email awards and get rewarded for referring the same and adding more entrants. 

Gives the users to win something, every time with exciting coupon codes and interactive pop-ups. It has a leaderboard and asks your followers to be more interactive and active in order to climb up the ladder and give awards to people who are at the top of the leaderboard to create an environment of competition among the followers

It is a cycle of following referring more and more people and getting more and more followers.


SweepWidget is a powerful Contest Software whose aim is to increase your follower count on different social media platforms by doing giveaways and doing contests. Customers can create competition easily by using SweepWidget, attracting potential customers, and converting them into buyers. 

Businesses can make their own polls, surveys, questionnaires, tests, and custom forms with input fields, drop-down menus, option buttons text areas, checkboxes and add custom fields as required input methods or user login fields. Instant rewards or coupons can be provided to the customers and add rewards to any giveaway and add unlimited milestones.

With Sweepwidget users can gain followers instantly on various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Pinterest, Twitter, and many other social media platforms. The email list can be increased by around 500% by the customers and they can also increase their website traffic. 

Through personalized questions, you can understand the interests of the users. 


Rafflercopter is a tool for the social media page, blog, or website, it runs a giveaway for them. This contest software makes it easy for you to run a giveaway, you don’t have to be a coder to launch and manage your giveaway. With Rafflecopter, it can be done in less than a minute. 

Even if the giveaway is attracting hundreds of thousands of people, its scalability feature makes sure that no problem occurs in the process of the giveaway. 

Giveaways are easily customizable with Rafflecopter and make it perfectly suit your website or brand. The kit has numerous impressive features like flexible billing, a refund policy, and a great support panel that makes it worth a try. 


Votigo gives you so many options to expand your marketing campaign by making it interactive. You can engage your followers on Instagram, Facebook, blog, or website with various UGC contests like Photo contests, Video contests, Essay contests, or Hashtag campaigns. 

You can create online signup forms using its in-built templates that come with attractive design themes. Using its drag-and-drop editor, you can easily customize it in a way that best suits your brand. It lets your users, rate, and votes on various videos or designs, products and also hold interesting trivia quiz that is related to the product of your brand, it keeps the users engaged with your page, blog, or website. 


Evalato is a management and evaluation contest management software for universities and schools to manage Grants, Awards and Scholarships, and other similar programs, Grants such as gift-giving, sponsorships, and funding activities can be managed through Evalato. For awards, users can manage the respective nominations, contests, and competitions right through the tool. 

Users get a feature to put calls for paper and abstracts, review candidates based on various parameters and recognize their staff members for their excellent performance. The programs can be launched within 5 minutes and get the benefit of unlimited testing. Users can sort their primary categories into main groups through individually assigned forms and custom categories. 

For submissions can be created with links, videos, images, questions, or any other input. With every registration, they can choose to give one or multiple submissions. Applications are notified by automatic emails upon registration, cancellation, payment, submission status, and more. 


Judgify helps you to plan everything about your contest. From setting up award rules determining various award categories, submission requirements, and even the payment move. With Judgify, you can customize your awards submission forms, filter your online submission, and view and track all the entrants. 

Users can determine their own scoring formula and create their judging criteria for different categories and award types. You can see an explicit report of your Return-on-Investment (ROI) from these giveaways with the help of its automated scoring and reporting feature. 

In the case of paid awards, users can track the payment status o each submission. 


GiveLab allows brands, influencers, and content creators to organize giveaways for the audience. With its simple drag and drop tool, you can customize your giveaways easily. Any type of giveaway can be created, be it with or without the collaboration of any brand. 

These types of giveaways can support unlimited entries, campaigns, and offer unlimited prizes. Entries of participants are validated on Twitch, Twitter, etc. This enables prize distributors to check if the participants have followed all the requested criteria necessary for getting the chance for winning the giveaway prize. 

You can integrate GiveLab with any website or any blog in the form of a widget that allows easy participation of the audience. The giveaway organizers can communicate with the winners without leaving the website by using GiveLab messenger. It possesses all the important and necessary tools which are required to host a giveaway and it lets the community grow simultaneously. 

Contest Rebel 

Contest Rebel is a Contest Software that is like a digital platform that empowers companies to manage custom and branded Contests, Sweepstakes, and Promotions without coding anything. 

Users can deploy it as a self-service tool as it enables unlimited digital campaigns across multiple devices. There are different types of contests that can include giveaways, simple contests, surveys, and fantasy games. Users get an opportunity to integrate all their needs in a single place. 

It has an intuitive dashboard that is loaded with a simple and clean user interface. Contest Rebel has beautiful and countless customizable templates that enable users to design contests with agency-level designs and brand authority. 

URLs are customizable as well; they pick any URL and can customize them with their custom names and brands. This software offers support for multiple languages with the help of its localization features. 


Socialman is a Contest Software that is a quick, simple, and competent social media tool. It enables the users to run giveaways on various social media websites. Giveaway widgets are provided so that the users can improve the branding of their websites or products. 

It is customizable in a manner that provides giveaways on the social media site the user is using. This can be done on the basis of the website’s layout and works seamlessly for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many other platforms. 

No coding or any software knowledge is required to use this tool, it’s easily accessible. It can be effortlessly integrated via a simple login and it does not limit the number of giveaways the user intends to provide. This software supports 14 languages and no URL copy pasting is required. Giveaways can be targeted to a large population with better conversion rates. 

It has data that provides the analysis and statistical information about the success of the user’s giveaways and all its related information in an organized manner.


Contest Software is a very helpful and everyday need software. Users can create a large number of contests and giveaways through this software. You can increase the number of followers on your social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and many more by using this software. 

It keeps the customers engaged in a fun manner. You can reach out to a large audience within a minute. Businesses are gravitating towards using it because it creates a strong social media platform. It has different powerful features like Award Management, Judging, Voting management Form submission, and more.

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