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SaaS Weekly Roundup

SaaS Weekly Roundup #4

Hey folks! Welcome back to the fourth edition of our SaaS Weekly roundups! Today’s roundup will cover some interesting business articles, industry tips and product stories from Reilly Chase, the Founder of HostiFi. These articles are carefully curated from around the web, to update yourself of the recent SaaS happenings.

SaaS Articles

Qualtrics quits IPO plans to conduct VC's biggest SaaS sale in history

SAP has agreed to purchase Qualtrics for $8 billion in cash, pre-empting the enterprise software company's planned public offering. The $8 billion price tag makes the deal the biggest VC-backed SaaS acquisition in history. Read more

Should I use in-house or SaaS tools to develop APIs?
API is an interface that allows external programs to use services of an application but still shields the underlying application from outside users. It's perfectly viable to approach API development using either in-house or SaaS-provided tooling, but each path has its place. Read more


Why bootstrapping your SaaS business is a great idea

India is a fertile ground for SaaS startups these days and VC Funding in 2017 was around $17.6 billion, which is an all-time high. Even though it looks like VC funding is the only way to Success, Bootstrapping is also a viable alternative which worked for the success of many companies like Zoho, Wingify, etc. Read more


SaaS Stories

 Reilly Chase - Founder of HostiFi

Watch me build my second SaaS business, GhostiFi - Reilly Chase

Reilly Chase is the Founder of successful SaaS startup HostiFi. He shares his ideas about how he is developing his second SaaS business GhostiFiRead more

GhostiFi — The complete MVP database design and pseudocode

Reilly Chase continues to share more details about his new product GhostiFi. Here, he explains most of the database design and technical stuff behind developing GhostiFi. Read more


SaaS Tips

The 8 features all enterprise SaaS applications must have

4 Tools to Reduce Cost for SaaS Customer Support

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Free and Open Source Softwares

5 Best Free and Open Source Payroll Software

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