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Catch all the latest and best summaries on SaaS Industry from multiple sources presented in a short and crisp format.



November 11, 2018

The 8 features all enterprise SaaS applications must have
Slick UIs and fast setup can make great first impressions, but enterprise managers know that interoperability, reliability and security are the real foundations for any SaaS Applications. According to several experts, there are eight features software providers should include in their enterprise SaaS applications. Read more



November 12, 2018

4 Tools to Reduce Cost for SaaS Customer Support
What’s a huge cost for most companies, regardless of the type of industry? Customer service. It’s a $350 billion a year industry. But you have to be careful when cutting customer service costs because you need to avoid compromising the quality of your service when doing so. Let's go through some tips to reduce the SaaS customer support. Read more


November 12, 2018
Snow Launches First-to-Market Deep SaaS Usage Visibility To Help Businesses Optimize Cloud Investments

Snow Software is the global leader in Software Asset Management (SAM) and Cloud Management solutions. They added an unique capability to its platform, providing businesses with complete picture for hybrid, cloud and on-premise applications. Read more


November 12, 2018

Why bootstrapping your SaaS business is a great idea

India is a fertile ground for SaaS startups these days and VC Funding in 2017 was around $17.6 billion, which is an all-time high. Eventhough it looks like VC funding is the only way to Success, Bootstrapping is also a viable alternative which worked for sucess of many companies like Zoho, Wingify, etc. Read more

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