Software as a Service (SaaS) has truly become one of the most popular industries in the past few years. Its growth over the years has been massive, and today almost 99% of the companies across the globe use one or more than one SaaS tools. The increase in demand for SaaS products has resulted in the market being inundated with several SaaS products and solutions. Before businesses invest in a SaaS product, they look at several factors, and one of those factors is product design.

It is a proven fact that the first visual impression of a product is absolutely vital. In order to ensure that your SaaS product is picked up, SaaS providers must ensure that their product has an amazing UI/UX design. In this post, we will take a look at some of the top trends and best practices of SaaS product design in 2022.

SaaS Product Design

SaaS products have a set of standard rules and guidelines that should be followed in order to ensure that their website looks and feels user-friendly by default. Though not mandatory, it is highly recommended that SaaS providers follow the below three rules:

  • The company logo should be placed on the screen’s left side.
  • Ensure your product design is mobile-friendly.
  • Use a light-colored background.

SaaS Product Design Best Practices 2022

We have curated a list of some of the best practices for SaaS product design in 2022. Read on to find out more about these best practices.

  • Navigation – One of the most important steps to consider while designing your SaaS platform is ensuring an easy-to-navigate interface. Ensure that your landing page not only displays your products but also helps in quickly converting visitors into customers.
  • Simple SaaS UI Design – Minimalism is a trend that is widely used in designing, and this is true even for SaaS product designing. Having a complex design is a complete no-no as it can confuse your customers. Ensure that you create a straightforward and simple SaaS UI design.
  • Easy Sign-Up – One of the most important SaaS product design best practices to follow is to ensure that you have a simple and easy sign-up process in place. This can be implemented in the form of a highly visible button on the landing page, short forms to collect basic information, and an option to register via third-party services like Facebook, email, etc.
  • Correct Personalization – Personalization is one of the best ways to create an unforgettable user experience. Personalization will enable you to provide all the key information as quickly as possible, thus, aiding them in deciding whether to stay and purchase your product. This will also enable you to target and reach a wider audience.
  • Dynamic Sorting – We are living a fast-paced life today, and customers do not have the time to sort through mountains of information to get the actual information that they require. SaaS providers must include dynamic sorting in their product design so that customers receive only the relevant information. Dynamic sorting will enable the search feature to be more helpful and relevant. 
  • Customer Involvement – One of the best ways to ensure that you are able to meet your customer’s requirements is to involve them in the website design process. This can be carried out in the form of online surveys, communication via social media platforms, etc. 
  • Upgrade your Product Design – As your business scales up, you should also focus on scaling up your product design to ensure that your website reflects your business’s growth and change.

Below are some of the top SaaS product design trends to follow and implement in 2022.

  • Data Visualization – Data Visualization is one of the best ways to convert complex text and numbers into easy-to-understand graphs or other visual representations. Having an interactive data visualization will make it easier for your customers to understand your data.
  • 3D Visuals – Immersive 3D models are the current trend that enables your customers to interact with your product and have an amazing overall experience. In most cases, immersive 3D visuals are a combination of virtual and augmented reality technologies. This provides your customers an experience of physically interacting with your products. 
  • Cyberpunk – In the past few years, the cyberpunk aesthetic has been making a significant impact, and it is making its mark in the world of SaaS product design as well. Used as an amazing source of inspiration by game designers, it is time to adopt cyberpunk aesthetics like neon highlights, holographic elements, etc., in SaaS product designs as well.
  • Fonts – Digital brutality was a SaaS product design trend that emerged in 2014, and it continues to be a trendsetter in 2022 as well. Sharp and brutal fonts in neo-brutalism style are the way to go today instead of quirky logos.
  • Device Synchronization – The digital world has evolved with newer platforms which means that your SaaS product design needs to be adaptable on various platforms to create a seamless user experience. This has resulted in device synchronization becoming one of the top SaaS product design trends to follow in 2022. Examples of device synchronization include YouTube Premium and Netflix. 


Remember that designing a SaaS product is not an easy task. You need to consider several factors and ensure that you are following the standard rules and regulations. We hope the above-listed key trends and best practices enable you to create your ideal SaaS product design.

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