We have witnessed the level to which technology has advanced and brought advancement to everything around us. The industries around the world, especially, have made huge developments due to that fact. Not only has it increased the scope for everything in general, but it has also increased simplicity and thus efficiency in daily jobs. Project Management Software is one such example. 

Built to aid, manage, organize, and execute projects, the Project Management Software is another tool that helps simplify complex business activities for competence and excellence. With various software available in the market, understanding which one is the best for you could be tricky. 

The key is to find the software that will bring you more benefit than your average Project Management Software. Monday.com is one such software that has all the qualities in one. They do not necessarily identify themselves as a project management tool because they provide so much more. 

This guide will see what exactly they mean by that and why Monday.com is perhaps your best choice for a project management tool that every business must have. 

How is Monday.com different from other Project Management Software?

You must have heard various providers claiming that their software is the most unique from the rest. However, that truly applies to Monday.com. 

It is complete with features that can be used for ad campaign management, customer project management, CRM, tracking bugs, and video production management. Its versatility allows various teams to use Monday.com in hundreds of ways. Therefore, without further ado, let us break down ten reasons why Monday.com can easily be your top choice for Project Management Software. 

Centers more on the Process than the Task

A project may be task-oriented, but it also includes the processes through which the tasks are accomplished. Most Project Management Software simply lists the tasks. But, everything regarding the process and management is communicated outside the software via other means. What is the point of having project management software if those things are not covered in the software itself? 

Monday.com keeps that in mind and thus focuses more on the task’s process than the task itself. It provides a well-structured system where minute details and information can be exchanged regarding tasks so that everyone on the team is well-informed and aware of the progress. This allows the system to be more transparent, communication to be more smooth, and execution to be more efficient. 

Concentrates on the Bigger Picture 

As we mentioned before, most project management software you find is simply task-centered, almost presenting a list of ‘to-dos.’ But completing a project is more than that. There needs to be more work in between the lines that help in meeting the deadlines. 

Hence, Monday.com focuses on the bigger picture instead of the tasks only. It allows the team to elaborate plans, map out the processes and approaches, and track every action being made. A simple board stacks all the details about the project in question, neatly organizing everything about it for all the members to see. 

Grid-approach for those MAX Productivity Hours

Most Project Management Software operate based on hierarchies that prove to be a challenge as they put up many obstacles in the workflow, causing delays and confusion. Hierarchies are simply a hassle, especially when there is a rush to meet the deadlines.

However, on asking hundreds of managers about their working way, they all had one in common— grids and spreadsheets. They are easy to work on as they are simple and an intuitive way of organizing information. Monday.com takes inspiration from this concept to construct the software in a similar manner allowing the teams to better workflow, transparency, and fluidity in achieving their tasks and goals. 

Visual Stimulation From The Get-go

Software that is all text-based can be a real distraction and challenge to work with because when you are working, you do not have the time or the liberty to read everything on the screen. Therefore, to initiate quick working and impact, Monday.com has favored a visual approach to the system rather than a text-based one. 

Various uses of colored statuses and visuals allow you to quickly locate what you want and understand what you need to without wasting time. 

Stay Informed with Real-time Notifications and Updates

Working on projects involves everyone being on the same page. Earlier, we told you how Monday.com helps you achieve that by focusing on the workflow processes and transparency. However, what happens when a member is not on the software? 

You are covered there, too, as the software keeps your team updated about every project change with real-time updates. Therefore, even if you are not currently on the software or cannot access it, you are still aware of the progress of the project, the information added, and various other statuses. 

Customization? You’ve Got It

Every project will differ from the rest, and every new one will demand customization according to its needs. A sound project management software will allow you to customize the workflow to the max so that your team gets the best out of the process. Fortunately, Monday.com has you covered on that aspect as well. 

Going beyond simple color-coding (which is included as well), this software allows you to create your desired workflow for better management and effectiveness entirely. Not many project management software would allow such flexibility, which this software provides you with. 

Ease in Managing Resources 

Projects can only be completed when you have your team properly organized and regulated. Thus, resource management becomes a very crucial aspect to the successful completion of a project. A software that allows you to maintain your resources for quick results effectively is the ultimate software. 

Talking of that, Monday.com has an elaborate resource managing feature that allows you to keep track of your team’s progress, task responsibilities, and other activities of everyone involved in the project. This allows you better control, allocation of duties, and more meticulous management. 

Automation to obtain the Most Out of your Bucks

Automation is a new trend that everyone finds convenient. Instead of wasting time doing tedious, repetitive work, you would instead hope it was automated. This Project Management Software allows you that liberty. Monday.com allows smooth automated workflows, takes care of recurring activities, and does all that without complicated programming. It thus helps you save time and effort when you can concentrate on the actual project. 

Great Support and Training Aids

Another reason this software is considered to be the best of the lot is its support and training aids. When you install new software for your team to use, you also need to show them how to utilize it to the maximum. Monday.com offers outstanding support so that your team can quickly get in the flow of the software without any hassle. It provides the following help:

  • Video tutorials and guides
  • A complete know-how guide
  • Support video calls

User Interface that Lets You Use Right Off The Bat (No Training Required)

When working on a project that needs to have a detailed course, you would want software that is easy to operate. A complicated user interface will only cause delays and further confusion. Thankfully, Monday.com understands that and has kept their system as simple as software could be. It has all the following details to make your project experience the easiest:

  • An inherent interface
  • Connects to all the apps that your team needs
  • Ready-made templates to quickly start with a task
  • Easy drag-and-drop editing facilities
  • An easy to understand format 

Your All-in-one Project Management Software

With that, we hope to have pointed out valid reasons to make you believe that Monday.com is the ultimate project management software that every business should have. It is an efficient and versatile tool that opens a path to a new way of managing projects. Explore Monday.com and experience the best of this Project Management Software right away.


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