Reigning the Indian economy since July 1, 2017, GST had been the hottest topic in the nation’s business circle. It replaced most of the multiple flowing taxes levied by the central and different state governments. The characteristic that draws cardinal importance is that GST is a comprehensive multistage tax regime. Multi-staged because it is imposed at every juncture of production, which is meant to be refunded back to all the parties except the final consumer. However, to get a proper and timely refund and to keep government agencies away from knocking your door, maintaining perfect bookkeeping of financial records is the inalienable part of the whole.

There are two ways to maintain account books. The first one and also the primigenial way to do that keep the records manually, either in a register or in a spreadsheet. Whereas, the second and the most efficient method is having a GST software installed in your system. GST being called the most simplified way of taxing goods and services. Hence, it is equally important to choose the right GST software that can ‘simplify’ your bookkeeping the way you want.

Best GST softwares that you should consider


GST Software Payment gateway integration Multi-currency support


ProfitBooks Yes Yes Free/Paid
Zoho Books Yes Yes Paid
ClearTax Yes Yes Free/Paid
Tally ERP 9 Yes Yes Paid
Saral GST No No Paid
Intuit Quickbooks Yes Yes Paid
MARG ERP 9+ Yes Yes Paid
HDPOS Smart Accounts and Billing Yes Yes Paid
Tally Yes Yes Paid
Vyapar – Accounting & Invoicing Yes Yes Paid



1. ProfitBooks

Be it an SMB or a large MNC, ProfitBooks quenches the need of every type irrespective of size and method of work. It is one of the simplest GST tool out there in the market that helps you to manage expenses deftly, track inventories and generate invoices as per GST guidelines. You can create estimates in GST format and can track outstanding payments right on your fingertips. Furthermore, ProfitBooks also equips an integrated payment gateway that enables you to receive payments from customers, which get settled right into your bank account automatically.

2. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is web-based accounting software that helps you to manage your finances and keeping them GST compliant. It offers end-to-end accounting, enabling you to get rid of mundane tasks so that you can focus primarily on the growth of your business. Being GST compliance, you can use it to generate GST invoices, know tax liabilities and also file tax returns right from the app. You can also receive and make payments, have insights from the reports and track inventories, all within a few clicks. On top of that, Zoho Books has a highly integrated platform that opens the door to use all other Zoho apps in the same place.

3. ClearTax

Claiming to file “over 1 Lac invoices a month”, ClearTax is one of the widely popular accounting software that helps you to get error-free returns. It auto-generates GSTR-9 within a few minutes and helps you to file 100 per cent returns. Using ClearTax, you can download GSTR-1, 2A, 3B data for all month in a single click. It also allows you to import your data from Tally using the Tally Connector tool. You can directly import invoices from online marketing sites such as Amazon and Flipkart in order to file returns hassle-free. The sterling part of the software is that it automatically identifies mismatch data to make your record in complete compliance with GST.

4. Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP 9 caters your accounting needs and help you to maintain proper financial records in your system. Being one of the most advanced GST tool available in India, it helps you to manage and generate GST invoices for your customers that includes regular and composite dealers. Besides general functions that you can also get in other GST softwares, Tally ERP 9 also takes care of branch charges, advance receipts, reverse charge scenarios and export invoices as well.

5. Saral GST

Saral GST is one such GST software that caters almost all the accounting needs of a business. It brings a complete GST package that includes billing, accounting and filing returns without any hassle. You can easily file returns for GSTR-1 & 2, GSTR 3B, GSTR 4 and can even compare GSTR-1 and GSTR-2A using its invoice comparison feature. In case, you have been using any other GST tool and need to migrate to Saral, you can accomplish this using the data migration and sync tool of Saral GST.


Making your business GST compliance is not only the need of modern India but also a legal compulsion of the business environment. A GST software smoothens the workflow by doing the repetitive and samey tasks so that you can invest attention and time on important aspects of your business. Using the right GST software will also help you to get 100 per cent returns by maintaining an error-free account of the transactions.

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